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4 items

Let’s take a moment first to go over a little Arbor snowboard history. The Arbor Collective began as an eco-friendly snowboard and skate company back in 1995. They wanted to design skateboards, snowboards, and skate and snowboard gear that used greener materials and methods, while still delivering performance and style that could compete in the mainstream marketplace. Arbor snowboards look like wood because they ARE wood. Not only are Arbor snowboards striking with their wood grain finishes, they feel amazing on the mountain thanks to their natural wood topsheets and full wood cores. Today Arbor is headquartered in Venice, California and they still strive to step up their game every season, bringing new artists, designers and friends into The Collective, delivering a beautiful, environmentally friendly line of wood snowboards, skateboards and apparel.

Looking to buy an Arbor snowboard online? Altrec is proud to be an official Arbor Snowboard Online Dealer, and our buyers have gathered a sweet set of Arbor Collective snowboards for your shopping and riding pleasure this season. Check out some of our favorites here in the Arbor 2012 and 2013 lineup.

Arbor snowboards with reverse camber, also known as rocker snowboards, are great beginner snowboards for riders who don’t like catching an edge, and they’re also ridden by advanced all-mountain freeriders who charge the big lines. The Arbor boards in the True Rocker Roots Collection are designed with a rocker shape that’s awesome for slicing powder, carving groomers, and killing backcountry kickers:

Looking for an advanced snowboard with a traditional camber so you can carve groomers, thread trees, and punch through deep powder with precision and control? Check out the boards in the Arbor True Camber Roots Collection:

If you’re a misty-eyed backcountry rider who likes to slap on the skins and find some untouched pow with your pals, then check out the Arbor splitboard:

For the ladies who like to freeride the big mountains on a rocker board, there’s an Arbor snowboard for women offered in shorter lengths with ultra pretty graphics:

Arbor snowboards are always recognizable with their gorgeous wood grain topsheets, vivid graphics overlaying the natural wood, and striking designs built into their bases. Their wood and bamboo cores give them fun, springy pop and rebound, and enhance their durability and weight. When scoping out the Arbor snowboard reviews, you’ll find that fans are riding Arbor boards in the parks, on the groomers, in the backcountry, on steep big mountain lines and on hard driving mixed condition laps at the resort.

If you need help deciding on the best Arbor snowboard length for your boot size and height, we’ve provided an Arbor snowboard size chart on each product page (click on the “Sizing and Fit” link) that helps you determine the right size snowboard for you.

The more time you spend on the mountain, the more you’ll want to do your part to protect the environment and preserve this way of life. Join forces with some folks who really care, and can also shred a sick line, when you ride Arbor Collective Snowboards.

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