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Arc'teryx Men's Gamma MX Jacket Reviews Page 2

Review Summary

4.8 out of 5

130 Reviews

  • Lasts forever: 7
  • Great value: 3
  • Build quality: 29
  • Great design: 25

  • Cost: 2
  • Wears quickly: 1
Quality: 5 / 5
Comfort: 4.9 / 5
Durability: 4.8 / 5
Wind Protection: 4 / 5
Water Protection: 3.2 / 5
Fit: 3 / 5

130 Ratings & Reviews

MensGamma MX jacket
January 19, 2005

This jacket kept me warm in windy Baltimore and I did not over heat when I went inside. The pockets are handy for cell phones. The jacket is also not too bulky and makes you feel fit!

Best all-round Softshell
February 15, 2005

After reading far too many of these reviews on every soft shell on the market, I decided to put up the extra money to purchase the Gamma MX. I'm really pleased with this decision. I haven't been able to try it out on the slopes yet, but it has exceeded my expectations in every situtation I have tried it in. The only flaw I have found is that it lacks a collar drawcord, but the collar is high enough that it isn't a big drawback. Overall this is by far the most versatile and best jacket I own, and the best softshell on the market.

Highly Recommended 4-season active/3-season casual
January 11, 2005

A great, light, thin, and mobile softshell. Excellent fit and attention to detail. Solid water repellency and nearly impervious to the wind. Size: I am 5'11" about 170 pounds... I cycle, so my weight is not in my chest, I think I measure around a 42. I also have longish arms. The size large fits me comfortably. There is a little bunching in the sleeves, but that ensures that my wrists arent exposed and the waist doesn't ride up when I stretch out. There is comfortable room in the torso for a sweater underneath. I may have wanted to try a medium if I was really after a purely athletic fit, but I enjoy a little extra room for layering. I bought this jacket because I wanted something warmer. than my wonderful (but very light) GoLite Kinetic to wear around town and on backpacking trips when the temperature dips. I made a bad choice. This is not a particularly warm jacket. However, the jacket fits so well that I am keeping it anyway. (damn do I look good in this jacket). I have owned Arcteryx in the past, so I know that their products are top notch. I hope that I do not experience the same problems with fabric durability as the other tester has... but the construction of the jacket is great. It is very light, easy to move around in, and suprisingly warm for its lightness. Had I done a little more thorough research I would have realized that this fabric is not enough for the fourth season without a thick base layer and/or some cardio exertion to keep you warm. As it is, even close to 35 degrees I can stay tolerably warm with a thick sweater underneath on my errands, and it repels the rain and wind excellently. When I walk the dog in this jacket, and I am running around, it quickly becomes sufficient insulation at the currently just above freezing temperatures here. I have decided to pull out all the stops and order a down jacket to find that toasty winter warmth I am looking for, but I couldnt bear parting with this awesome shell.

The best.
January 26, 2006

This jacket is absolutely the best. I love Arc'teryx because every product has gotten an all around consideration and this jacket is no exception. Comfort, fit, and unparalleled craftsmanship. I have yet to find a situation that this jacket doesn't preform exceptionally in. Skiing, trekking, climbing, running, whatever you can throw at it. Worth every penny. *Arc'teryx is usually cut for an athletic built, and aims to be form fitting. Buying a size up is worth considering if you want a little extra room in your softshell. The sizing chart is pretty much dead on, and worth looking at before a purchase.

Durable, Comfortable, Versatile.
October 28, 2003

I've had this jacket for over a year now and it has been great. I've been able to wear it from about October to May comfortably. In normal activity, it is warm down to about the low 40's/upper 30's by itself. When it is colder, I usually wear a warmer underlayer. It is also comfortable to wear in temperatures as high as the 70's. It does a pretty good job keeping you dry when it is wet. I've never worn it too long alone in a deluge, but under light to medium rain it does good. It looks very stylish and is very lightweight with hardly any bulk at all. The stretch fabric makes it very easy to move around, and the sleeves don't make your arms feel trapped. The only problem I've had are some abrasion problems on the waist under where my belt from by backpack goes. The plastic on the belt rubbed the material against the pull tabs of the waist elastic cord, but it only looks slightly worn, no real damage. That came from nearly daily use of my hip belt. I highly recommend this jacket.

The best softshell I've had
May 30, 2005

Arcteryx clothing is not cheap but you get what you pay for. The Gamma MX fits me like a glove. Others may find the sleeves too long but for my build they are perfect. I really have found nothing that fits quite so well. The quality of materials and construction is second to none. I have the Sangria model. It's quite flashy and while some people think it's great others say I look a bit like Spiderman when I'm wearing it. If you don't want to stand out so much get the fog or black color.

Great jacket
June 27, 2005

The Arcteryx Gamma MX is outstanding. Great athletic fit, good looking, excellent breathability & water resistance. It is very warm & confortable. I first tried the Mountain Hardwear Alchemy and the Syncho but sent them back because they were not what I was looking for.

very thin, warm. high perfomance
April 27, 2006

very thin, warm. high perfomance

Excellent soft shell jacket!
March 11, 2005

Excellent soft shell jacket. Really well designed and constructed. Very light weight and breathable. Surprisingly warm for its weight. My new favorate hiking jacket for spring and fall. The azure blue is a really intense, vibrant color; I like it quite a lot but I'm not sure this color will be to everyones liking.


May 23, 2005

This is really Great. I think everybody should buy this. and I really like altrec's Customer service. It is really fast! Thank you.

April 22, 2003

excellent garment, Lightweight, multipurpose, never use my gore-tex again. A must have

Good but not lasting
June 19, 2004

First off, this jacket molds to your body thus the fit is excellant. However after wearing this jacket for a 3 day winter backpacking trip I've found that the fabric on the back at the seams is slightly worn down and furthermore the fabric which houses the hem cord is also slightly frayed. Powershield is an excellant material but I don't have much faith in the Powershield light. One thing I don't like about Arc'teryx's jackets are their collars--they desperately need a cinch. The gamma mx is good for light activity or wearing around town but I consider the Gamma SV a warmer and sturdier jacket.

Must have!!!
August 16, 2005

This jacket is bomber!!! Very light weigth. Althletic cut. The collar is a bit larger, but nothing to worry about. Very comfortable. Not to mention it is the best looking softshell around. Gotta buy it.


excellent jacket
March 10, 2006

Excellent jacket for all around use

Awesome Jacket
December 26, 2003

This is one great jacket. Good down to about the lower 30's (with a warm under layer). Almost windproof and does a great job repelling the wet.

Nice Jacket
March 30, 2006

I do a lot of snow shoeing. Wear soft shell primarily as an outer layer. My main problem with this coat is the fit. If you wear it to layer get your true size. (Mine is Arteryx is a large.) The large fits me great everywhere but the length is really short (just covers my belt) I had to size up to XL to get some extra length. Problem there is not a great fit in chest and sleeves. Love Arteryx fit, its the best in the business, just think about what you will primarily use it for when choosing size.

Great All Season Jacket
September 20, 2005

This is a great 4-Season jacket for the Pacific Northwest (Washington). Expect it to provide you with lasting protection from the elements. I have been abusing my origional for over a year and it works as good as new. Though the label says "water resistant" I live in Washington and have never gotten wet in it. Over the summer I took it into the Hoh Rainforest and it kept me dry during a torrential downpour. One piece of advice is to not put it through the washer/dryer. If you need to clean it or get any funky smells out just wipe down the outside with a wet rag and hang it somewhere to air out. I have taken it on extended hikes in the Olympics (7-10 days) as my only coat and found it perfectly suited to the task. In the winter it even functions as my ski coat during and apres-ski. I love this coat so much I recently bought another just for about-town.

superior soft shell
June 21, 2005

The fit is trim. The detailing is superb. The chest pockets are perfectly placed for wearing a backpack and still providing access. This is my favorite soft shell.

Best jacket I've ever owned..
February 26, 2005

This is the best jacket I have ever had.. Great for any winter outdoor activities you can dream up ....except that Polar Bear Club thing..

December 23, 2003

best fitting jacket i've owned

Quality, comfort & design
February 02, 2005

The Gamma MX Jacket really lives up to my expectations, Quality, comfort & design.

Smokin! Jacket!
March 13, 2004

I'm a high-tech, outdoor, fabric freak. Always looking for the latest, lightest & greatest. Last year I purchased the Gamma SV and absolutely love it. The SV is warm enough for most all winter activities, but for early fall and spring it sometimes can be a bit warm. Because of the quality and performance of this product I bought the Gamma MX. This jacket has filled the gap and then some. Finally there's a Manufacturer out there who truly knows and understands how to make a piece of outdoor clothing that is designed with proper form, fit and function for someone with an athletic cut. I have seen and tried other jackets that were less expensive and looked similar but in my view are nowhere near the same. Stiff & bulky. By the way if my wife ever finds out how much I paid for this jacket (Great value, but not a lot of fabric on this thing) she would kill me. Some people just don't get it!

Truely a great garment
February 11, 2005

Love the thin yet Durability of powershield. Pretty lightweight, might felt cold initially but once my furnace warm up, the thin layer of this shell is just perfect and doesn't require me to take it off.

Can You Smell What This Jacket Is Cooking?
March 01, 2005

This jacket is Rock solid. Already it has survived rain, wind, sleet, and snow; all the while keeping me warm as a fleece 3 times as thick. A great buy!

One of the best light weight jackets you can buy!
June 23, 2006

Great material,incredable stiching, fantastic fit, just goes to show why Arc'teryx is number one.

Fantastic jacket!!!
December 15, 2005

I just have to rave about this jacket. It is one of the finest articles of clothing I've ever owned. The warmth, fit, and build quality are just incredible. Regarding warmth, I can't believe that a jacket this light and thin can be so warm. I've worn it with light and mid-weight underlayers in temps down to 10F, and it is fine. People see it and ask if it is warm enough. Kudos to Arcteryx and Polartec for the PowerShield material. Regarding fit, I'm 6'3" 195 lbs and usually have to buy XL to accommodate shoulder width and sleeve length, but then the garment is quite loose in chest (43" chest)) and torso (36" waist). With Arcteryx, the fit of the L size is just perfect for me and I have full range and fit in the shoulders and sleeves. Now I have a new problem -- most of my underlayers are XL and bunch up under the trim fit of this jacket. So, off to get some Arcteryx underlayers in size L. Note: these pieces are athletic/trim fit, so if you want loose, they are not right for you. Finally, build quality is excellent. It's obvious that Arcteryx takes the details seriously; for example, the waist drawstrings are operable from within the side pockets and the loose ends are contained, and the pocket zipper pull tabs are nicely hidden but also easily accessible with gloves. Small things like these make a difference, and expectations are high at this price point. You're paying a lot, but isn't it better to spend $250-300 on a jacket that you'll love and wear all the time vs. $150 for something that you don't like and leave in the closet?

Nice Jacket
September 26, 2005

Arc'teryx: Men's Gamma MX Jacket is a nice jacket which is very light. I had a couple of the similar jacket from other brand, this is by far the best. You paid for what you have! Highly recommended.

best yet
January 01, 2004

the Arc'teryx Gamma MX Jacket is quite impressive. I am very happy with it's ability to keep me warm, dry and block the wind. The only thing Arc'teryx needs to do is take into consideration tall folks like myself. Their jackets, I have discovered, run a little small. I recommend taking this to heart when purchasing their products. I am 6'4 and would love to see them offer tall or larger sizes for more of their products. Other than that, this jacket holds it's own against the elements.

100% value for money
March 21, 2006

This Jacket is absolutely fantastic! It does everything that the makers of the jacket promises. It is nearly warerproof, and your body breathe extremely well in it, you can move as you want without the jacket crawls up your arms, or leaves your skin exposed to cold in any other places. It Has a beautiful way to fit the torso, and as an extra goodie, my friends says it looks like a million, The fabric that the MX is made of is just fantastic(stretch 4 ways), and the details on the jacket is just perfect. A lot of people who write rewievs, say that they wish they could wear the gamma mx every day...I'm totaly addicted, I wear it EVERY day. 100% value for money.

March 04, 2006

It is light, warm and easy to pack


September 22, 2005

The Gamma MX is lightweight and offers an amazing warmth-to-weight ratio in a breathable, wind-resistant package.

Amazingly versatile piece of equipment
February 03, 2005

I took this jacket boarding in Utah, with the idea to wear it as a mid-layer under my hard shell. I ended up using it as an outer layer with only a mid-layer and base layer underneath. With a changing weather ranging from snow to sunshine, and temps between 16-27, I am very, very satisfied with this jacket's performance. It virtually eliminates the wind, is very breathable, repels snow and retains the body heat like nothing else I've had. I was quite amazed how advanced modern fabrics have become. Great gear, a bit on the expensive side, but if you find it on sale go for it.

A good all around soft shell.
March 23, 2004

This jacket is extremely lightweight and very windproof. The lack of any venting does make it a little stuffy in hot conditions but otherwise this is a good buy overall. Arcteryx jackets are a little more expensive but the quality is very good.

versatile layer
March 20, 2006

This jacket in a medium fits my 5'10" 165lb frame just right for active outdoor activities. It cuts the wind very well, and is just warm enough to be comfortable in winter conditions while moving. At the same time, it breathes well enough to keep me dry. I'll be using this jacket often, as it provides an ideal combination of function and light weight.

Favorite Soft Shell
February 08, 2005

Great fitting jacket that is both light weight and warm. Without having tried one on previously it fits like it was tailored for me. Just wish I could wear it every day.

Amazing garment
April 13, 2003

Beautiful garment. Warm and lightweight. Very comfortable, even as tempature varies dramatically. Superb craftsmanship.

October 24, 2005

Worthy of all the superlatives which an arcteryx product typically earns.

Just excellent
September 11, 2005

I previously had a Patagonia coreskin softshell that got stolen. I went looking for a replacement and stumbled across the gamma mx. It was much lighter compared to the coreskin and seemed nearly as warm. Also it appears that the water repellant coating on it is a little more durable than patagonias. The fabric around the collar is awesome and it's very comfy. I really haven't had a chance to use it in really cold weather but I'm sure it'll stand up.

February 02, 2005

Great Jacket did some midwinter skiing here in Michigan last weekend, about 30 degrees outside, and I wore the Gamma Mx with just a mid-weight base layer and was very comfortable. Tons of mobility, breathe-ability and hardly any weight. I highly recommend this well made jacket. Problem is now I'm totally hooked on the brand; as for the competition? "Chirp...chirp... chirp" (Crickets)

Great Jacket!
March 12, 2005

This jacket is great! It's versatile, light and can take a beating. Just what I need.

Fantastic Jacket
February 13, 2005

This jacket fills a very nice niche since it is not too light and not too heavy and looks great too. It is more form-fitting than other similar jackets that I have tried but will still accomodate layering. Overall, a great choice in the crowded field of softshells.

Amazing quality & workmanship
January 28, 2004

Arcteryx cares about quality and design and the Gamma MX Jacket is a perfect in between jacket. Super warm when layered with a fleece. It has just enough stretch (give) when hiking or skiing. Pockets placed perfectly and sealed against weather.


March 13, 2005

Great jacket. Super light and a full range of motion.

The Best Softshell
February 03, 2004

The Gamma MX is the best softshell ever. I know because this is the third one I've tried. I started with Mountain Hardware then Marmot. Both were very nice but not equals to the light-weight, packability, or freedom of movement the Gamma offers. It's so suprising how warm this light jacket really is. I was hesetent at first to spend this much money on a softshell; but now I couldn't be happier with that decision. I haven't had it long enough to take it out to the mountains or on a trek; but it will defenity be going with me. It's the only jacket I wear now. And all of my friends that have tried it on love it too. I hope I've convinced the internet-savy research buyers on this one. You won't be disappointed.

Does what it claims to do
January 20, 2005

This is simply a great jacket. I find that I never wear my Burton coat any more because the MX is often just as warm with a nice thermal underlayer. I was skeptical about the high price before I bought it but you really get what you pay for. There are a good number of roomy pockets, all of the zippers are waterproof, and the jacket breathes without sacrificing wind protection. Just today I shoveled two driveways in it in about 27 degree weather while it was snowing and I was extremely comfortable. The jacket allows for a very good range of motion for any kind of activity. I will be taking it with me next week to repel the weather in DC, and then later this winter to Ouray, CO for ice climbing. Also, depending on the weather, I would even consider snowboarding in this jacket, and definitely using it as a layer underneath a hardshell. The only drawback I found was I would have liked to have a removable hood on the MX, because the permanent version would get in the way, but sometimes a hood is needed. I recommend the MX to anyone who is looking for a high-performance water-resistant polartec, if they are willing to spend $240-280 on one.

Great Jacket. Well made
October 29, 2005

Really like the jacket but wish is was a little longer.

good quality and fit
February 05, 2006

I usually wear size Med, but small fits me best due to its low profile and stretch. A great high mobility, breathable, high-activity piece. This is a great item for ice climbing as well as my standard insulation when winter hiking.

fabulous body armor
October 27, 2003

A fabulous piece of incredibly versatile body armor. Handles temp fluctuations well. Empty your piggy bank and get one!

I'm hooked, this is a great brand.
December 04, 2004

This is my first piece from this company and I was somewhat skeptical about buying something this pricey and this thin. This piece exceeds a lot of the other brands out there who don't pay attention to the details such as zipper garages so nothing gets caught, high collar for windy days, and strategically placed pockets. The fit is excellent, too, without the extra bulk along the sides. Come to think of it, the price is quite reasonable for something that performs, looks good, fits well, and will last long. Thanks, guys, for your positive comments, it helped make my decision.

Best softshell jacket!
March 30, 2005

This is the best softshell jacket I've owned. It's quite warm for the light weigt and allows great mobility. The fit is perfect and looks very nice. Super quality.

Never regret~~~
March 21, 2006

Well~ How can I say? The best soft shell I have ever had. This is my second Gamma MX. Strongly recommended!!!!! AQQ

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