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Laptop Backpacks

From your weekday commute to work, to a long day on campus lugging books, to a day hike on Saturday, you want a backpack that is not only built protect your laptop, but is designed to be versatile. Lucky for you, Altrec has an enticing assortment of the best laptop backpacks you'll find. Our buyers comb the market each season, looking for the packs that not only get the best reviews, but meet their high standards for technical prowess, durability, and especially style. No matter how well the best computer backpack is built, it's something you'll be carrying everyday – so it better look awesome and feel comfortable when you load it up to carrying capacity.

If there's an outdoor brand you love, chances are, they make an excellent assortment of packs too. Whether it's lap top back packs you're looking for, or you're on the hunt for good backpacks for school that can carry books, a binder and your notebook, check out what these favorite brands have to offer:

Able to carry between 20 liters and 40 liters of stuff, these packs all have a dedicated laptop sleeve. Sometimes padded, sometimes not. Check the laptop sleeve dimensions before you decide on one, but for the most part, these packs will hold at least a 14-inch laptop, making them the perfect Apple Macbook backpacks. Some of these daypacks will even hold a larger 17-inch laptop on the bigger end of the spectrum.

All have a roomy main compartment with a few of these details to help keep you organized:

Most of these bookbags are in basic solids and patterns that will work for anyone. If your style is more sleek and streamlined, take a look at the Arc'teryx and Oakley packs – these designer packs are perfect for the urban jungle. If you like a pack that looks good with some trail dust on it, The North Face and Jansport packs are outdoorsy and modern all at once. Or if you want a sweet pack that has slope-side style to bring snowboarding next winter, Burton won't disappoint. While most of these packs are unisex, you can sort our site to show you some good laptop bags for women or for men.

Made with sturdy fabrics, burly zippers and weight-tested straps, these packs will last you for many years of wear-and-tear. If you like to geek out on counting ounces, you'll want to check out a few of our ultralight laptop bookbags like the sweet and simple JanSport packs -- offering high quality construction without the weight burden of unnecessary features and fluff.

Ah yes, the joys of the free market. So many laptop haulers to choose from, you could make your own Top 10 Latptop Backpack list and try them all out! If you take one of these packs out for a test drive, let us know what you think by posting a review on our site, we'd love to hear from you.

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