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Whether you’re an urban skateboarder, weekend snowboarder, freestyle skier, bike messenger, whitewater kayaker, rock climber, or roller derby chick, chances are you’re either already wearing and loving your Bern helmet, or you’ve been noticing their sick style on the slopes and you’re looking to try one on for size. Bern Unlimited specializes in making head protection for non-motorized sports, innovating new technology, optimizing comfort and leading the pack on the style front. The history of Bern Unlimited Helmets starts with Denis Leedom who founded the company back in July 2004. He assembled a team of partners to join him in his 500 sq ft barn and began designing an all season helmet that could be used for multiple sports  --  which would save ski bums money and space in their closets. Bern started with a slow burn, but shot into the spotlight when Seth Wescott won the 2006 Olympic Gold in Snowboard Cross in Torino, Italy. These days Bern does all their design and development in Massachusetts and you can find the Bern Helmet Official Website at

Bern helmets are made with 4 different combos of technology and materials:

Bern Helmet vs. Hard Hat:
Keep in mind that Zipmold and EPS helmets meet action sports head safety requirements, but Hard Hat helmets do not. Hard Hat helmets are meant to protect against multiple lower force impacts. Take a look at the Bern helmet safety rating before buying to make sure you get the protection you need.

Bern makes All Season helmets, so each one comes with either a summer or winter liner that easily snaps out. You can play the Bern helmet liner upgrade game when you buy the other liners separately. Snap in a different liner when the season changes and you want to wear your snowboard helmet to the skate park or your bike helmet to the ski slopes.  Easy to remove, you can always wash your Bern helmet liners to keep ‘em fresh.

The Bern Helmet Sink Fit offers low-profile style, a deep surround fit and a lightweight feel. They make their helmets in multiple shell sizes to ensure the right balance between profile and fit. The Bern Helmet visor and or vents can be found on some styles, but all Bern helmets have that unmistakable classic skater helmet shape. It’s easy to get a seamless fit with your Bern helmet and goggles, the snow helmets come with a removable goggle clip in the back.

Now that you know your options, it’s time to shop, and Altrec is ultra proud to be an Official Online Bern Helmet Dealer.

If you’re looking for a Bern skate helmet, a Bern bike helmet, or even a Bern roller derby helmet, check out a few of our favorites:

If the fresh snow in the mountains has you drooling but you know you need to get a Bern ski helmet or Bern snowboard helmet first, pick one of these Bern winter helmets to pull on your dome:

If spring melts are giving you the high water levels you need to finally hit that line in the river you’ve been waiting for, or if your buddy invited you out on his boat for some wake boarding, take one of these Bern Water Helmets out with you:

Bern Helmets for Women are designed specifically for the ladies, with smaller shell sizes and feminine details:

The Bern Kids’ Helmets are just as cool:

Upgrade your rig with Bern Electronics, some helmets come with their 8 Tracks Audio system to keep the playlist pumping through your ear pads. Or you can get headphones and earbuds separately that are designed to fit with your Bern helmet:

If you’re about to go big you might need more than head protection, so pull on some Bern Protection for your body:

Looking for a Bern Helmet Fit Guide?
The most important part of choosing a Bern helmet is to get the right size for your head, so take a minute to measure around your dome and then check out our Bern Helmet Sizing Chart:

Men’s Zip Mold and Thin Shell:
S-M: 54-57 cm
M-L: 55.5-59 cm
L-XL: 57-60.5 cm
XL-XXL: 59-62 cm

Men’s Hard Hat:
S: 54-55.5 cm
M: 55.5-57 cm
L: 57-59 cm
XL: 59-60.5 cm
XXL: 60.5-62 cm
XXXL: 62-63.5 cm

Women’s Zip Mold and Thin Shell:
XS-S: 52-55.5 cm
S-M: 54-57 cm
M-L: 55.5-59 cm

Women’s Hard Hat:
XS: 52-53.5 cm
S: 54-55.5 cm
M: 55.5-57 cm
L: 57-59 cm

Boys’ and Girls’ Zip Mold:
XS-S: 48-51.5 cm
S-M: 51.5-54.5 cm

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