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6 items

Burton is a key pioneer in snowboard and snowboard binding design, but it took a few years before the company had resources to develop essential snowboarding accessories like pants, jackets and backpacks. Considering the quality and huge consumer demand, the wait was worth it. Whether you're up for a long day of recreational snowboarding or seeking out hidden chute openings on unnamed summits, Burton's snowboarding backpacks are some of the best, but the company also makes excellent hike, school, skate and commute backpacks too.

Hardcore backcountry experts automatically assume that Burton's AK series snowboard backpacks draw the most attention, but the urban-oriented iPod-compatible Burton Amp Backpacks actually steal the show. The new Solar Amp Pack features a hideaway solar panel and integrated iPod control system that not only gives you full control of your iPod tunes from a flexible SOFTswitch built shoulder strap, it also recharges your iPod in moderately sunny conditions. Burton's Solar Amp Pack is a great solution for travelers (especially those bound for remote locations) who want their iPod tunes but can't afford the space or money to bring along their laptop computer for recharging through a USB connection.

If you're more in tune with nature than iPod play lists, Burton's AK Assault Pack is one of the best designed backcountry backpacks for snowboarding and skiing. With over 2,800 cubic inches of carrying capacity, the AK Assault Pack features a smaller mini shuttle pack that's excellent for quick hikes and runs up the side of a slope without leaving your avalanche essentials inside the main pack.

For those who like to party, few packs combine fun and functionality better than Burton's Liquid Lounger backpack. Other skate and snowboarding backpacks have offered stereo speakers on the shoulder straps, but the Burton Liquid Lounger has a complete weather-resistant AM/FM radio with speakers and even an auxiliary input for your CD or MP3 player. There's also a removable chair, flask, shot glass, stirrer, wine opening tool and even a deck of cards with dice. A lined cooler compartment keeps your beverages at a proper serving temperature until you're ready for the party to begin.
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