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Snowboarding jackets and parkas don't have to look like leftovers from a military surplus bargain bin. Burton apparel features innovative clothing styles combined with weather-resistant technical fabrics and down and synthetic insulation in a range of vapor-permeable materials. Whether you're hanging with the local gang or going big for the cover picture of a magazine, this is quality gear that feels as good as it looks. Variations of the Ronin, Shield and Amp jackets include iPod wire integration for tunes without any tangles.

Burton Jackets and Snowboard Coats
Finding a Burton jacket or coat with the right combination of waterproofing and breathability to meet your exact riding needs is crucial if you want to stay warm, dry and comfortable. To help you navigate the outstanding range of choices present in the Burton line and find the fabric that's perfect for you, Burton has created a six-level rating system for waterproofing (represented by numbers) and breathability (represented by letters). The relationships we build with the most advanced fabric manufacturers in the world coupled with extensive year-round development and testing by their team make the 2006 line stronger than ever. Burton's untouchable technology provides something for everyone, regardless of the terrain, style or weather you choose to ride in it.

2-Layer Jacket Fabrics
Burton's 2-layer garments feature a DWR (Durable Water Repellent) finish on the exterior shell of the fabric, which beads off water and repels it from the fabric's surface. Burton applies a waterproof, breathable coating or lamination to the backside of the material, which keeps water out and allows perspiration to escape so you stay warm and dry from the inside out.

3-Layer Jacket Fabrics
Our 3-Layer garments feature a DWR (Durable Water Repellent) finish on the exterior shell of the fabric, which beads off water and repels it from the coat's surface. Next, Burton applies a waterproof, highly breathable laminate to the backside of the material, which keep water from penetrating your inner layers and allows perspiration to escape. Then Burton will bond a lightweight, protective lining directly to the backside of the laminate to increase its overall durability.

Jacket Coatings
Simple waterproofing can sometimes do more harm than good by trapping moisture inside of your jacket and preventing it from passing through to the outside. To avoid this, Burton applies a microporous coating directly onto the inside of the shell fabric. Water drops are too big to penetrate the micropores so the coating makes the actual fabric waterproof and wind-resistant. However, because your sweat vapors are super tiny, they can pass through the micropores and out into the elements. Think of it as a one-way door-moisture can exit, but it can't enter.

Jacket Laminations
The laminate is a thin, non-porous, waterproof membrane that is heat-bonded to the back of the Burton jacket shell fabric for improved wicking and weatherproofing without added bulk. You get foul-weather protection that is lightweight and efficient for comfort all season long. Burton coat laminations are a must have for intensive snowboarding.

Gore-Tex 3-Layer Softshell Jackets
Gore Tex softshell coats deliver the same legendary rugged weather protection of a 3-Layer Gore-Tex fabric, but with a softer, more comfortable feel. They are the only durable waterproof softshell pieces to come with the Guaranteed To Keep You Dry promise. With mid-layer comfort and mobility and the waterproof, windproof and breathable protection of a Gore-Tex outer shell fabric, Burton's Gore 3-Layer softshell offers versatility, confidence and freedom in a rugged package.

Gore-Tex 2 Layer Jackets and Coats
Gore Tex 2-Layer fabric is incredibly durable, waterproof, breathable and totally windproof. A single square inch of this fabric contains 9 billion microscopic pores - each 20,000 times smaller than a raindrop but 700 times larger than a molecule of water vapor-so while water can't pass through the fabric, perspiration can. Extremely soft, versatile and weatherproof, Gore Tex 2-Layer is perfect for snowboard riders who know that the best days can happen in the most awful weather.

AK Fabric
For more than 20 years, Gore-Tex fabric has been the leading technology in high-performance outerwear. Burton has forged a powerful relationship with GORE to help push the boundaries of weatherproofing technology and construction. In addition to their excellent Storm-lite fabrics, Burton has incorporated Gore Tex into the AK line for riders looking for high-end materials that always come through in the clutch.

Burton Jacket Insulation
Many snowboard riders choose insulated jackets to help retain core warmth. Burton uses a variety of different insulations in many of their jacket pieces to help you maintain a constant, warm and comfortable thermal environment on the hill.

Goose Down Insulation
To measure the fill power of down, one ounce of down is placed in a cylinder, compressed and allowed to fully loft. The cubic inches of the lofted down represent its fill power. What you really need to know is that the higher the number, the higher the quality. Burton uses premium goose down jacket insulations to keep you warm and tasty in the coldest temps for the ultimate mid-winter comfort.

Thermacore Insulation
Synthetic Thermacore insulation traps escaping body heat in order to keep you warm. It's low-bulk composition makes it ideal for people who need insulation without restriction.

Naming Convention (X/X)
Wetsuit warmth ratings, based on the thickness of the material, relate to the amount of insulation necessary to keep you warm. The insulation level of some Burton jackets can be referenced easily: the first number represents the amount of insulation found in the body while the second number stands for the amount found in the arms. Choose the level of warmth based on your riding style, conditions and layering needs.

Burton Jacket Linings
To aid in moisture transport, especially with 2-layer fabrics, a variety of linings are utilized to enhance breathability, support wicking and keep your body from getting wet, clammy and cold.

Spaceloft by Aspen Aerogels Insulation Zones
Straight from NASA to you, Spaceloft by Aspen Aerogels Insulation is considered to be the most efficient insulation material known to man. Used extensively in aerospace applications, Spaceloft is the warmest insulator in existence - panels only 3mm think can insulate your body in temperatures as low as 50 degrees below zero. Spaceloft is also the lightest solid material on earth. If left uncontained, Spaceloft particles will actually float on air. Weighing just a fraction of conventional insulation, Spaceloft free you from additional bulk so you can snowboard with unhindered mobility. Burton has incorporated Spaceloft into its outwear utilizing anatomically aligned, zone-specific panels to deliver superior insulation and protection to your vital organs. You stay warm in the harshest conditions imaginable, preventing fatigue, wear and exposure so you can ride hard no matter what.

ALS Lining
The Active Lining System (ALS) utilizes different materials within the lining of a jacket to provide an engineered level of breathability, warmth and comfort. Burton places a closed-cell mesh in the core for lightweight wicking and a tighter-celled mesh in the sides for added defense against win and cold. In high-heat areas like a jacket's armpits, Burton incorporates and open-cell mesh for maximum ventilation.

ALS Lite
ALS Lite uses two different open-cell meshes. We put a strategic ultra-light mesh in the pits for efficient ventilation and a cool, open mesh with smaller holes in the core.

ALS Warm
ALS Warm beefs up your core jacket insulation with microfleece in the body and open-cell mesh in the coat pits.

Coat Mesh Lining
Made of 100% polyester, the mesh lining is a key part of a 2-layer coats ability to wick away sweat and built-up moisture. It also protects the coating to ensure top-level performance day after day.

Microfleece Lining
Taking advantage of the legendary moisture-wicking properties of fleece, microfleece linings combine warmth, comfort and the ability to keep you dry in low-bulk package. It's ideal for riding in milder weather or whenever you don't feel like adding layers.

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