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With a focus on a dedication to athletes who are passionate about the exhilaration and challenge of sport, CWX Performance Condition Wear is a Japanese company, beginning global distribution of the technically advanced running and sports apparel and the world's best sports bras in 1991.

Combining in-depth scientific knowledge of human anatomy and a rich history in complex material fabrications and apparel design, CW-x designs, manufactures and distributes the world's first anatomically-engineered high performance sports clothing and apparel for both men and women.

Before making claims of performance for CW-X product, CWX product engineers and scientists performed a number of studies. In Kyoto Japan scientists measured electrical pulse activity of human muscles while engaged in activity. The tests revealed that unsupported or partially support leg muscles quickly showed signs of fatigue, while muscles supported by CW-X showed greatly reduced fatigue. A study in France measuring VO2 oxygen uptake levels showed that runners wearing CW-X Conditioning Tights have 26% to 36% lower oxygen usage compared to runners wearing regular tights. The lower oxygen usage indicated lower energy expenditure while wearing the CW-X tights.

Time and time again, CWX tights, shorts, running tights, sports bras, bike pants, and baselayers have been proven to reduce fatigue, increase endurance, and heighten the athletic performance of athletes.

Some of the most popular CWX Mens and Womens Performance Wear Styles include:

CW-X Performance Conditioning Wear shorts, tights, sport bras, and pants are sold across the globe, at online retailers and at specially retailers. Learn more about CWX on cwx.com and buy right here at Altrec. When you buy from us, enjoy FREE Standard Shipping available on most orders shipped within the lower 48 U.S. !

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