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7 items

If you haven't heard, the added support of compression tights, tops, sleeves and socks improves athletic performance and helps reduce fatigue and injuries. Studies show that muscles use less oxygen and fatigue less when under compression. Endurance sports demand a lot of your body. Give yourself every advantage you can to perform and stay injury free. has the latest in CW-X compression apparel including:

CW-X combines in-depth kinesiology research with their long history of technical fabric design to make a large selection of performance compression apparel for men and women. Their patented technology provides targeted support through 2- and 4-way stretch fabrics used to make their tights and shorts. Improve your running performance with the best in compression tights from CW-X including:

CW-X uses a blend of proprietary 2-way stretch Conditioning Web™ fabric and 4-way stretch CoolMax®. Flat seam construction enhances comfort and fit, while technical fabrics wick moisture away from the body to keep you dry and comfortable. The performance enhancement comes through the stabilization of large muscle groups, so that your body can better absorb the impacts associated with active sports like running. Compression shorts, for example, target quadriceps and hamstrings. Well supported muscles equate to less fatigue and more efficient use of energy.

Perform your beast with CW-X compression shorts and tights. Whether you are running, hiking or playing ultimate Frisbee, your body will benefit from compression technology.

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