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4 items

The articulated Performance Fit in Dakine gloves are achieved using a two-step design process. The shape of the palm pattern is developed with a hand situated in a relaxed position. The forchettes (sidewalls of the fingers) are also patterned in this manner to meet the true natural articulation of the fingers. The end result is a glove shaped with the perfect blend of an open and closed hand. It is the optimal fit for non-restrictive blood flow to the fingers, resulting in both a dexterous fit and warm hands.

Girls Specific Fit Gloves
Girls will be the first to tell you their fingers are not the same as Guys. For that reason Dakine Girls gloves are designed with a specific Girls Performance Fit that is based around a Girls hand. These designs incorporate a shorter and narrower palm to insure excellent dexterity. The fingers have been constructed with less volume for thinner fingers. It is the optimal fit for non-restrictive blood flow to the fingers, resulting in both a dexterous fit and warm hands.

Dry Inserts
A performance membrane that insure your gloves will be waterproof, windproof and breathable. The insert is a complete moisture management system that moves water vapor from your hands while at the same time keeping the elements out.

Gore Tex 3 Layer Insert
Provides ultimate durability and protection from the weather in demanding backcountry expeditions or days at your local hill.

  1. Layer 1: Durable nylon nonwoven
  2. Layer 2: Gore-Tex membrane
  3. Layer 3: Same as layer 1

Dakine Glove Insulation

Synthetic insulation that retains loft in the harshest conditions providing warmth and comfort. Non-bulky for a comfortable fit.

Primaloft insulation products offer superior performance for high quality cold-weather gear. Primaloft is lightweight, breathable and is proven to repel water better than any other synthetic or natural insulation, so you remain dry, warm and comfortable even under th emost extremem conditions.

Dakine Palm Materials
Rubberized Clarino Palm
A premium palm material for all riding conditions. Constructed with a superior rubber compound that is bonded to synthetic leather for the ultimate abrasion resistant, waterproof, high grip palm.

A polyester fabric with a PVC based non-slip surface treatment applied to it. In addition to being waterproof, it has excellent abrasion resistance and provides protection for the hands

Leather Palm
Dakine uses premium cowhide leather for the ultimate in dexterity, comfort and breathability. Pretreated for waterproof protection and long lasting performance. Gets better with time as it breaks in.

Clarino Synthetic Suede Palm
Performance and value wrapped into a palm material that provides solid grip, dexterity and waterproofness.

Removable Liner
The removable liner in Dakine gloves allows for versatility in climate adjustment and is extremely quick drying when removed from the glove or mitt. Run the fleece liner when it is cold and when the temperature rises, pull the liner out.

Fixed Liner
Fixed liners provide superior dexterity and comfort due to minimal bulk inside the glove or mitt.

Dakine Backpacks
Smooth lined packs ready to roam in search of the best surf. Sealed wetsuit compartments, stealth security and pockets that center everything in its own space. Paddle out for misty morning dawn patrol or take that soulful pilgrimage south.

Dakine school daypacks will allow you to tune out the boring routine with clean street style. They have pockets for essential electorics, and lots of usable space for materials. Stand out at school or blend in downtown while staying true to your own program.

We have a full selection of backpacks for snow, winter hydration, biking, skating, surfing, and street use. Dakine also makes a great school backpack, although many of their packs are made tough for the extreme outdoor conditions. Dakine backpacks are built strong and are backed by an Altrec Guarantee. Shop with confidence and call 1-800-369-3949 for assistance with any questions you may have on Dakine gear and apparel.

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