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Most assume Eagle Creek invented the travel gear category - not according to Eagle Creek. As they see it, the consumer creates and defines the category and the their mission is simple, �Make travel easier.� This is the mission and the philosophy that has guided Eagle Creek to the top of the travel bag, travel backpack and travel accessory market.

That the consumer defines the category and not the manufacturer is a philosophical approach that translates to better products that are better suited to serve the people that are actually traveling. The customer plays a fundamental role by driving the creation and design of Eagle Creek products. And the crew at Eagle Creek are seasoned travelers - to �make travel easier� is a passion and is self serving.

All Eagle Creek travel gear is designed to be smart, indestructible and comfortable. Every step of the process is scrutinized to ensure durability, longevity and economy � from zippers to buckles to fabrics, Eagle Creek gear is guaranteed. With one foot in the travel world and another in the outdoor world, their products are at once travel savvy, minimalist and backcountry tested.

Perhaps most well known for their travel luggage, rolling luggage and travel bags, Eagle Creek also produces a bevy of travel accessories that will keep your travel documents secure, your belongings organized and your lower back pain-free. At Altrec, we carry a long line Eagle Creek gear. And to be sure, Eagle Creek packs fly out the door but many of our top sellers are accessories and reflect the most relevant and travel tested of the Eagle Creek product line:

As a group of world travelers, Eagle Creek is also a group of world and environmental stewards: Eagle Creek bags and gear are manufactured with the least environmentally impactful fabrics, trims and packaging materials. Eagle Creek also partners with organizations that make a difference in the community and in the wilderness. They contribute to food banks, support wilderness experiences for at-risk youth and created the 'Gimme Shelter' program that gets Eagle Creek luggage into the hands of the homeless.

Through the design of traveler inspired gear and by participating in community and environmentally protective endeavors, Eagle Creeks makes the world a bit smaller and a bit better. And we can all get behind that. When you purchase your Eagle Creek gear at Altrec, and enjoy FREE Standard Shipping available on most orders shipped within the lower 48 U.S. .

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