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Whenever you're camping, backpacking, spending several days at a music festival, or otherwise leisurely passing time in the outdoors, one of the most coveted luxury items you can have in your pack is a hammock. Whether you string it between coconut trees on a beach in Thailand, between Volkswagen buses at Sasquatch Music Festival, or hang it from a couple of oak trees overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains, the opportunities for relaxation are endless.

Peter and Paul Pinholster, brothers and creators of Eagles Nest Outfitters, understood this concept back in 1999, when they traveled the East Coast in their minivan, making and selling hammocks out of the back of their van along the way. As you might imagine, business was booming, and the brothers moved out of their van and settled in the hip, outdoorsy town of Asheville, North Carolina, and developed Eagles Nest Outfitters.

Eagles Nest Outfitters is all about producing the best, most comfortable hammocks and accessories for outdoorsy folks across the globe. One of our favorites, the Eagles Nest Outfitters SingleNest Hammock, is made from lightweight, breathable and extremely durable nylon micro fiber fabric, supporting up to 400 lbs, yet weighing in at just 16 ounces and compressible down to the size of a softball. It will be easy and well worth it to find room in your pack for this delightful treat, and while you're at it, you'll want to squeeze in the ENO ProPillow, a lightweight and soft support for your head and neck that compresses to less than 25% of its full size, making it a great accessory for backpacking, camping and long flights.

Lounge comfortably in any climate with the array of Eagles Nest Outfitters thoughtful and well-made hammock accessories. The ENO DryFly Rain Tarp protects you as you drift and doze to the peaceful sound of a spring rain shower at camp, and it's roomy enough to cover your gear and allow you to cook while sitting in your hammock. The ENO Guardian BugNet is your best friend in the whole world if you're thinking about camping in the Pacific Northwest in July. When you're sleeping in cooler nighttime temps, you can forego the tent in lieu of the ENO Ember Underquilt Hammock Liner and enjoy the nighttime sky in cozy warmth. The Ember blocks the chilly wind and insulates the space beneath you and around your sides where the loft of your sleeping bag is compressed and less effective, keeping you wrapped like a warm little taco in hi-loft synthetic insulation.

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