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It's been 40 years since ECCO began its quiet footwear revolution in the small Denmark town of Bredebro. Daring to make shoes that conform to and empower your feet, ECCO shoes are now known the world over for their dreamlike comfort, speed-inducing performance and sleek, European design. Even though ECCO Footwear sells millions of shoes in over 90 countries, they are still staying true to their founder Karl Toosbuy's philosophy that "shoes must follow the foot" and not the other way around.

To guarantee such a fine end product, ECCO owns and manages almost every step of the production process – from tannery to shoebox. What started as simple, casual shoes has now spawned a well-rounded lineup of shoes that will enhance any branch of your life – from a dewy morning on the green, to an afternoon of seaspray, from an international trip to visit business partners, to an evening out in the city. Offering shoes for men and women, ECCO has an amazing lineup:

If it's clean lines, confidence-inspiring quality, and easy-wearing comfort you desire, has put together an ECCO Style collection that is hard to resist. From delicious summery sandals to supple sneakers to handsome bike toe tie shoes, we love ECCO's Scandinavian versatility.

Running a 5-miler on your lunch break, walking for fitness with your book club friends, or backpacking a via ferrata in Italy, ECCO's Performance collection will keep your feet happy. ECCO hiking boots and shoes are made with durable yet supple leather uppers, removable moisture-regulating insoles to keep your feet from pruning-up, and well-lugged outsoles with as many contours as your topo map. ECCO sport sandals are rugged and protective, without making your toes endure the claustrophobia of sweaty shoes when the sun is out and the lakes, rivers and walking paths are calling.

Following the chain of evolution up the athletic shoe ladder, we're all beginning to discover the sheer perfection of the ECCO Biom collection. We love the "natural motion" feel, ultra supple and lightweight comfort, and the sleek, modern aesthetic of these walking, running and cross-training shoes. And the glowing ECCO Biom shoe reviews our customers post are showing signs of beautiful lifelong love affairs with this footwear. From the casual runner who wears the Biom C shoes to the pro athlete who's on their third pair of Biom A shoes, ECCO has the perfect model for your activity. And they've even introduced the casual Biom Lite shoes for everyday wear when you can't bear the thought of taking your Biom running shoes off.

The sun is out and the fresh air is intoxicating. Whether you're wandering the back alleys and parks of a new city or you're getting some miles in on dirt, let your feet enjoy your time outside as much as you do when you're in a pair of ECCO shoes.

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