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Fjallraven (pronounced something along the lines of, "Fyahl-rahven"), began with an innovative framed backpack in Northern Sweden in the 1950s. The framed backpack was followed by a lightweight, waterproof tent in the 1960s, and sleeping bags in the 1970s that were designed based on studies of how people sleep. Throughout this time period, Fjallraven also began designing expedition jackets and outdoor clothing. In this way, Fjallraven, founded by Ake Nordin, slowly grew into a well-respected, renowned and well-rounded outdoor company.

Fjallraven focuses on functionality, durability and timelessness in its designs. Fjallraven jackets, equipment and clothing are made with thoughtful designs and top quality materials. In this way, your outdoor gear becomes a means to a successful adventure; it lasts, sometimes literally, a lifetime, and it's designed simply, so that it transcends fleeting trends. Valuing versatility, functionality and user-friendliness, Fjallraven continues to pave the way with innovative solutions to the challenges of adventuring in the great outdoors. Some of our favorite items from Fjallraven's current clothing line include:

As avid outdoor enthusiasts, Fjallraven designers seek to minimize the impact of their products on the environment that motivates and inspires them. Central to this effort is creating products that are well-made, durable, dependable and functional, with a style that goes beyond fleeting trends. In additional to these measures, Fjallraven does not sell real fur but instead uses a synthetic alternative, Arctic Fur. Fjallraven also uses only mulesing-free merino wool, and high-quality Fjallraven down comes from farms where the geese are slaughtered for food (as opposed to plucked while still alive). Fjallraven also supports the endangered arctic fox and donates money toward their protection and awareness.

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