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For over 130 years, explorers, adventurers, workers and athletes have put their trust in the Helly Hansen name and the product Helly Hansen designs and manufactures. Delivering high quality, technical apparel; for sport, survival and work, Helly Hansen knows we work and play in the harshest environments on the planet and they develop, design and test their gear accordingly.

Each item in the Helly Hansen collection has been technically engineered and thoroughly tested, in the demanding conditions of the real-world. All Helly Hansen garments come with a full warranty against defects in workmanship and materials. If any garment should fail due to manufacturing defects, Helly Hansen will repair or replace it for no addition charge.

One of the oldest performance outwear companies, Helly Juell Hansen started producing oilskin trousers and jackets, made from durable, course linen soaked in linseed old in 1877; selling more that 10,000 pieces to seamen seeking an alternative to cotton and wool. At the Paris Expo in 1878, Helly Hansen won a diploma for excellence and began exporting his products.

In 1914, Helly Juell Hansen died, passing this company down to his son, Leiv Helly Hansen, and under Leiv's leadership, Helly Hansen developed a number of fabrics that were revolutionary for their time and offered workers and adventures waterproof, lighter weight protection.

Helly Hansen continued to push the envelope and a huge product breakthrough came for the company in 1949 with the release of the Helox fabric, a lightweight, translucent sheet of PVC plastic that was sewn into coats and hats to provide excellent waterproof protection for the adventurer. Along with Helox, Helly Hansen also developed Plarex, a heavier weight version of Helox. With this development, Helly Hansen began providing work wear; durable, reliable, waterproof apparel for industry.

On the cutting edge of fabric technology, Helly Hansen continued to explore the possibilities for warmer, lighter, more durable insulation and waterproof protection, developing Fibrepile, a synthetic insulation and LIFA, a polypropylene baselayer fabric that keeps the user dry by moving moisture away from the skin.

Layering was now a concept on the forefront of every type of outdoor apparel user. Helly Hansen created their own unique system: a LIFA base layer, Fibrepile insulation layer, and introduced in 1980, Helly-Tech, a waterproof, breathable shell.

With the safety and survival mindset that has transcended the 130 years Helly Hansen has been providing product for work, survival, and sport, they have developed and employed a long list of technologies, designs and features to help users excel during sports and recreational activities in the harshest, most rugged conditions.


LIFA® Stay Dry Technology™ is the unique ingredient in Helly Hansen baselayers. It's simply the best moisture management system in the world! The key to staying warm is keeping your skin dry. While traditional baselayer fibers hold moisture next to your skin, Lifa® Stay Dry technology moves the moisture away, keeping you warm, dry, and comfortable.

FLOW MIDLAYER Collection: Helly Hansen's patent-pending technology puts you in control of your temperature. FLOW insulation uses air pockets or channels to provide warmth and airflow ventilation to cool you down when necessary, allowing you to perform your best under any condition.

HELLY TECH® OUTERLAYER Collection: Helly Tech® waterproof-breathable outerlayers provide extreme protection in the harshest conditions. These are your armor to protect you from the elements. Using a membrane with microscopic holes small enough to keep water molecules from getting in, but big enough to let moisture molecules escape, Helly Tech® will keep you dry from the outside and comfortable on the inside.

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