Black 36 Hurley

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6 items

Hurley founder, Bob Hurley, a renowned surfboard shaper in the late 70s, decided to take his industry skills world-wide by forming his own (along with partner Bob Rowland and Business Manager Joe Knoernschild) surf and clothing company, Hurley Surfboards/International Pro Designs. Fast forward 30 years, and Hurley boardshorts can be seen worldwide. Their influence in other realms of the alternative lifestyle is catching on as well. Starting with their promotion of Blink182 and continuing with their current sponsorship of the popular rock band Avenged Sevenfold, Hurley continues it's involvement in more than just board shorts, shirts, tee shirt designs, shoes, hats and clothes. If you surf online, say at, you'll learn that their involvement in the skate, surf and alternative board sport world is more than surficial�it's an experience. The emphasis that Hurley places on fun, cool, unique fashion design is still paramount, as seen in the one and only Phantom board shorts and the Puerto Rico board shorts. They not only sport the Hurley logo, but they encompass the style and cutting edge sportswear design that the brand embraces.

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