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Keen Men's Newport Sandal Reviews Page 2

Review Summary

4.8 out of 5

188 Reviews

  • Great design: 31
  • Build quality: 30
  • Ease of use: 22
  • Performance: 22

  • Cost: 11
  • Bad design: 1
  • can get sweaty inside: 1
  • debris grabbers: 1
Quality: 4.8 / 5
Durability: 4.7 / 5
Protection: 4.7 / 5
Comfort: 4.6 / 5
Fit: 3.3 / 5

188 Ratings & Reviews

Great Sandals
February 20, 2008

My husband got these for his birthday right before we left for Disney World. He put them on and wore them every day and loved them.

May 21, 2006

One of the best sandles that I have had in a while now. Comfortable, and versitile. I bought them for the waterproof feature, and I am more than please with their function so far in the water and around the water environment of a swimming pool.

Great Shoes
May 28, 2008

My Keen sandals are the greatest shoes made!!! Feet feel supported, fit like my golf glove. Thanks

Super comfortable and perfect for wide toes...
March 03, 2007

My husband loves these sandals--he has hard to fit feet--very wide in the toe area but fairly narrow heels. These sandals are extremely comfortable for him and seem to have a lot of flexibility in the fit. We found we had to size up one full size.

Super shoe!
May 19, 2006

I love Keens, any style. Have numerous pairs, some for winter, some for summer. These are my first Newports, however-- have Jamestown slides and sandals, Bronx shoes, etc. Love the color on these-- seems true to size, very comfortable for those with foot problems!

very comfortable shoe but the
May 28, 2006

These are very comfortable shoes that fit more likes shoes than sandals. My wife has 3 pairs of Keens and loves them. She raved about the "no sweat, no smell" aspect of them, but honestly, I don't think that applies to men. I think my feet are just as sweaty and smelly in these Keens as with any other type of shoe. But overall, great summer, water shoe, very comfortable, great support.

best sandals
July 27, 2006

I bought them for my husband,he loves these sandals, They are the best. Altrec service is also the best.

Pete 2008-08-12
August 11, 2008

Best sandle I ever owned. Extremely comfortable with no problems with rubbing. I got an excellent price and am waiting for other Keens to go on sale.

Can there possibly be a better sandal?
July 08, 2007

Keen Newports are my new top favorite shoe. And living in Phoenix, wearing socks and shoes is a pain in the summer. These let your feet breathe really well, especially protect your toes from rocks, and even look good enough to pass as casual dress shoe. You can take them through water, over rocks, and through the woods if you want. Whether you're out for a walk or just lounging around the house. On my latest multi-day fasthiking trip, it was nice to take off my hiking socks and boots at the end of a hard day, slip these on, and get things done around camp without having too worry to much about. What a great shoe, can't say enough good things about them.

love them, they are my 3rd pair.
April 10, 2008

I don't need my orthotics when I wear Keens Yhey are by are the most supportive and comfortable sandals I have ever worn.

June 03, 2006

bought newport keen sandals on sale about two weeks ago and find them very comfortable. i find no odors coming from footbed as stated in previous reviews.Good purchase for the money.

Fantastic Sandals!
July 16, 2007

These have been everything I've hoped for. Extremely comfortable, do great in water, keep most rocks out of them, and no matter how much you wear them, they never get stinky! Highly recommended. You simply can't go wrong with these!

Very comfortable sandal and excellent service
September 09, 2009

Now have 4 pairs of Keen sandals. They are very comfortable for hiking and look great as a casual shoe

Terrific so far
July 15, 2008

The sandals arrived today, and I have worn them for most of the afternoon. It may be too early to say how long they hold up, but so far thsi is definitely the most comfortable and secure sandal product I have ever worn. You do get what you pay for!

Very comfortable shoes
August 22, 2005

I highly recommend them.

The most comfortable sandles I've ever bought
June 14, 2008

These Sandles are so comfortable, I can wear them all day and my feet never ache. Altrec service was smooth and hassel free too.

Best sandal I've worn
February 10, 2007

These sandals are the most comfortable that I've worn in a very long time. They are great for walking or biking. There is enough enclosure of the feet that normal swelling of the feet with extended wearing isn't an issue.

Sizing caution
September 22, 2005

great goofy style and function. Following others' comments regarding size, I thought I would add my own experiences. I bought a pair of mens 7s, which pinched a little between the 3rd and rear straps on the outer side of right foot. The left felt fine all round. Both were fine for length. Trying some 8s I could feel the contoured ridges at the toes (not good) and there was also too much movement. The shop had no 7 1/2s butmanaged to get me some to exchange. Strangely, as soon as I put the 7 1/2 on, there was still a little bit of notable 'pinch' in the same place on the right (though less-so). However, I risked it and swapped them. My point is, the 7s were fine as far as length goes and so the 7 1/2s must be longer than I need, but to get the slight improvement on width I had to go this way. I may have odd feet(?) I guess I am supporting the buy-a-1/2-size-up theme here, but I would say it is essential to try before you buy just to be certain. hope this helps.

Keen sandal
March 02, 2008

Good fit overall although a bit wide. But excellent arch support and toe protection.

Keen Sandals are awesome
June 07, 2006

I love em, they are bombproof, stylish, and I can wear them on hot days and be totally comfortable. Keen sandals also are non-marking, so I can wear them on my boat.


can.t take them off
August 03, 2007

i've been wearing these the past 2 months and they without a doubt the best sandal i've ever owned. comfort,style,functional, they have it all. not 1 complaint

Great pair of Sandals
May 17, 2006

I think these are the best sandals I own but I must admit they look better from the side than the front. The fit is good and the sole has just the right firmness. I like that fact that there's good toe protection for the hard hikes. Well thought out design.

Very Keen indeed
May 27, 2006

Very comfortable. Keeps my toes dry when walking through wet grass.

Tends to run 1/2 size smaller, so order up
September 10, 2007

I couldn't find them in half sizes here in NYC, hence the mail order, which was great. First I tried them on in 11 here, which rubbed against the toenails, then I felt confident in getting 11.5. I was disappointed that they were't available in a wider size. Otherwise, they live up to their hype--well constructed, and definately great when using your sandled foot to push a door open. Wish they made lots of colors in the men's shoes or made up to 12.5 or 13 in woman's!

Third time's the charm
May 13, 2008

This is my third pair of Keen's. After wearing my Newports for ten minutes, I forgot I had them on. Keen is the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn. My feet, ankles and knees have never felt better.

June 27, 2007

My second pair of identical shoes.

Comfortable and Tough
January 19, 2008

Gentle on the inside, rugged on the outside, the Keen Newport Sandal is the ideal do-it-all shoe. I wear mine just about everywhere,from strolls along the beach to casual dinner engagements. A little bit hiking boot and a little bit sandal, the tread makes for sure-footed travel while the gaps between the straps provide plenty of room for your foot to breathe on warm summer days.


October 12, 2008

Comfortable, but they fit big - I usually wear 9 1/2 everything and the size 10 sandals are large. Fine for light hiking & the beach. Look like new after six months.

A perfect shoe
September 05, 2007

I gave these to my husband as a gift, and he has been wearing them everywhere. They're comfortable and durable, offering a lot of protection where regular sandlas don't. Our only complaint is that they don't come in any light colors.

Another Great Keen Design!
April 12, 2009

Unlike some people I started with Keen shoes and then bought these Keen sandals. What can I say that hasn't been said? The footbed is great right out of the box, comfortable and as of yet odor free (can you say no Teva stench). The tension straps were a little long as I have a medium volume foot. Nothing a little trim of the straps didn't cure. The fit is exceptional, but I upsized a half to full size compared to other manufacturers. The color I got Khaki/Forest Night has a slight morphing ability. Though beige with a slight green hue when worn with khaki, brown, or blue, they definitely take on a more green hue when worn with green. I think this is pretty cool, just wanted to inform potential buyers. As for the "Waterproof" claim of these shoes, I put my trust in Keen as I have yet to test them. My wife's have held up well through a summer of concrete, blacktop, forest duff, lakes, and streams. If you are really looking for a dedicated water shoe, go for the H2's my daughter's have held up wonderfully and dry fairly quickly.

Perfect sailing shoe!
August 19, 2009

About the third time out, I had to jump in the water when a wind gust pushed us off course! Shoes dried perfectly, no stretching! They do the job!

great sandals
August 25, 2008

I have been wearing a pair of Newport H2s day and night for three years and still love them. Finally decided it was time for a second pair. Since I bought my first pair my wife and kids have all gotten them and feel the as I do about them them. You can't beat Keens for style, comfort and durability. Great service from Altrec, received order in two business days with no problems.

I love mine
June 02, 2006

I have loved my Keen's. I broke them in on a hike in Southern Utah hiking in the canyons. They worked great and held up very well. I like having the leather, and they didn't give me any problems, however the leather doesn't dry as quickly as fabric will. But it held up well, even when it was soaking wet for hours. The foot bed wore a little bit because I was in the sand so much, the sand between my feet and the sandal rubbed it like it was sandpaper. So now I question if its antimicrobial properties are as good anymore. I have noticed that my feet will start to smell if they get sweaty and sit in the sandal too long, but just my feet, the sandal itself really won't smell. So maybe that is just a down fall of not wearing socks! Overall they are the perfect sandal for me and I wouldn't trade them for anything else. The toe protection is so nice to have, its what makes it possible to actually hike in them and wear them in the outdoors instead of just around town like most other sandals.

Worth the money
February 17, 2008

These sandals were comfortable right out of the box. They are great for bumming around town. The quality of the construction of the shoe is top notch. The Newports look great with long pants as well as shorts; and they protect your feet much better than flip-flops. They are as comfortable to wear as a pair of running shoes.

Smooth Buying Experience
February 11, 2008

Everything worked as it should. Price was good, Customer rep was great, shipped in time, reached in time..what else u want..and the was a KEEN...THUMS UP!

Great sandal
October 10, 2007

I love this sandal. Totally comfortable, good stability, excellent in water and rocky environments.

Great Sandal
March 21, 2007

Outstanding foot support with great traction. Fits like a quality walking shoe with the advantages of a topnotch sandal. Very stylish as well!!

Very good footwear
February 01, 2008

I have feet that are hard to fit and am diabetic to boot. These sandals were just about the only sandals I tried out of 10 different kinds that worked. I use them for just about everything. They are rugged sure footed and comfotable and the only sandal I can wear without socks.

Definitely the best sandals yet.
August 23, 2008

Living in South Florida, I wear sandals all year long. Since I wear size 14 my selections locally are limited. These sandals fit like a glove with no break in necessary. The leather uppers are very soft and comfortable. The only down side is my wife wants a pair. Altec you will be getting my order for her pair forthwith. Fast shipping and great service from Altrec. You have another faithfull customer. Thank you.

amazing shoe
May 16, 2006

My wife ran out of room in her yoga class last night so I went for a run instead. The only shoes I had were my Keen sandals and I was not sure if they would be ok for the run (an hour of mixed terrain street, hill and trail running). To be blunt...they were amazing, as good as my Teva trail runners....and these are SANDALS. They covered rocky ground, broken farm road and even "muddy" cow paths will real style. I'm am totally impressed and am ordering a pair for my son.

Awesome sandals
February 09, 2008


Great sandal for sailing!
May 12, 2009

I bought these sandals for my boyfriend to use on our sailboat - they are perfect! They fit true to size, were comfortable from the very beginning without needing breaking in, and have great gripping, non-marking soles! If Keen sandals are comfortable for you otherwise, you'll find these fit really well.

Wear them all the time!
September 11, 2006

If you love the outdoors, on a 1450cc motorcycle, flying in the club cessena, or riding the 6:am train down to Chicago, you will love this sandle. With or without socks, they look great and wear great too. Shorts or geans, good to go, like I said, I wear them all the time. great with geans and short's,

Great for long distance walking in summer! Good support
July 09, 2006

Great shoes! Replaces walk/run shoesin summer

awsome sandals
September 21, 2008

My first pair of Keens but definitely will buy again. Great fit and comfort. I wear them casually and for boating; they grip the deck without fail.

Overall, Awesome Sandal, Keen is a Great Company
October 10, 2007

First pair of Keens. Great fit. Feels true to size. Was looking for a do it all sandal. The Keen Newports fit the bill. Great for hiking, yard work or just kicking around town. Use alot during outdoor activities such as camping and boating. Best features, toe protection and tread design. Well made and look to be extremely durable.

Great Trail Sandals
April 10, 2009

These were my first pair of keen sandals but I since purchased another pair. These are sturdy and provide great protection and support.


Great Sandals
May 31, 2009

I ordered these sandals for my husband in the khaki/forest night 3 weeks ago. He had tried them on in a store but they didn't have the color he wanted in his size. Altrec came though for us as they had both the color and size he needed. We were leaving on vacation in 6 days so had them 2 day air. My husband has multiple problems with his feet. He took several pairs of shoes along but these were the only pair he wore for 11 days! Great comfort/style and worth every penny!

The most comfortable shoes he's ever worn!!
September 23, 2008

My husband recently had surgery on both legs, and had had pain in both legs since, these are the only shoes he has worn and can wear all day and not have any pain or swelling. He thought they were so great he bought the hiking boots and casual dress shoe as well!!

August 18, 2007

Gave them to my son as a gift and he fell in love with them.

Warm Weather Trail Shoe
February 09, 2008

I like these shoes for clear trails and for urban hikes. The toe protection and is also great for bike riding. Great fit and durable.

Favorite Summer sandal
May 16, 2006

this is my third pair of keen newports. Having a covered toes is such a huge beneift for me as i had gotten away from sandals because i was always cutting my toes on rocks etc. the comfort and it work well me and i have found the linig to be non-chaffing.

Shoes are not created equal
April 25, 2007

Wear them almost everywhere and appreciate the toe protection offered. This being my third pair of KEEN's in different styles I think that im hooked.I have lots of different brands of water shoes and sandals but my KEEN's are by far the BEST!!!

Great Sandals!
September 07, 2008

I bought these Keen Newport Sandals specifically for white water rafting the Arkansas River through Brown's Canyon. They were extremely comfortable, true to size, and gave me superior foot support. They gripped the wet raft well and dried quickly during wear. I will only consider Keen for future purchase. Thanks Altrec!


May 19, 2007

everything went great! Had to order two sizes to be sure but, the second one was free return and a fast credit back.

Wet, Dry, Hot - Great Sandal for Active Wear
August 20, 2009

Excellent sandals; wider-than-normal; dries quickly if/when it gets wet. Lacing works good--nice and snug. I have not done any uphill rock climbing with these, but in all other areas, the cushion and grip are above-average.

January 09, 2008

Like all the other Keen footwear I have, these are an excellent fit for my feet. Great design and construction. Outstanding!

Great Sandals!
August 24, 2008

My second pair of Keens; very comfortable and easy to slip off and on when going through airport security.

First pair DEFINITELY not the last.
January 09, 2009

I work 16hr shifts in a very busy C.T. department and these shoes proved themselves worthy of they're reputation. The person who told me about the sandal is a avid sailboater and a CRNA at one of the hospitals I work at, could not thank her enough. I have worn everything from running shoes too Danskos too Crocs NEVER again. These Newport sandals are by far the best and most comfortable shoe/sandal that I have ever worn!

August 20, 2006

Great sandal. Will probably buy another pair.

Great Father's Day Present
July 02, 2009

My father-in-law needed a pair of lake sandals because he is a diabetic and continued stubbing his toes. He loves the sandals and now wears them daily. Great buy.

Keen Newport Sandal
February 08, 2008

Great sandle. Works for many applications. Water, rock, sand, and I have even worn mine in the snow. Best footwear I have. Cold/wet out put on a pair of micro fleece socks.

Out of the box comfort!
February 09, 2008

Great with sox or bare feet. The stretchy web of straps over the instep are a huge improvement in comfort over traditional scandals - they flex with the movement of my feet. Tough enough for the trail and stylish enough to wear to school.

excellent quality and comfort
June 26, 2009

I find this model more comfortable for everyday wear than the H2 model due to the different insole.

Damn good shoe
August 22, 2005

Pros- great styling, good closure system, innovative and very functional, excellent materials Cons- same as any sandle that is semi-closed, can trap dirt and grim but it washes out great.

A great all around shoe!
August 06, 2009

I had a pair of Keen Newports for 3 years and hardly wear anything else. Just got a new pair and they are just as fantastic!

Great fit
October 07, 2005

These sandles fit snuggly on your feet and provide great traction.Like all Keen shoes the feel great right out of the box and have quickly become the shoe of choice on a day to day bases.

Love these shoes
October 02, 2009

My husband has been a die hard Teva fan for a decade or longer. I finally bought him these shoes and he said he's now found the perfect outdoor shoe. He lived in the Teva Dozer for the past two years and says these are so much more comfortable. They are true to size but do require a little break in time. We have loved everything we've ever bought from Keen (from kids to adults)

Great shoes for before and after training
September 25, 2009

I love the Keens for pre-trainig and pre-race footwear. They are always easy on my feet before workouts and great to slip into after! These are my 10th pair and I wouldn't wear anything else. Highly recommended!!!!!!!!!!!

Just a great all-around Sandal!
July 04, 2009

Not only are they so comfortable on pavement, their water-proof texture makes them ideal for the Beach. They are making Myrtle Beach much more "Foot-Friendly" this year. No more "shell scratches" on my feet while walking in the surf.


So good I bought two pair!!!
August 23, 2008

Having had back surgery, I was looking for a comfortable, toe enclosed sport sandal, and bought these by chance. From the moment I put them on I knew I made the right choice. After a month, I liked them so much I decided to order another pair from in another color. I recommend ordering a half size larger than your normal shoe size. Keen and are simply the best.

Good Fit
September 25, 2006

Good arch support and toe protection, comfortable with or without socks. My wife and I both have 2 pairs each. Wash and dry up nice.


Great sandal
October 10, 2007

I love this sandal. Totally comfortable, good stability, excellent in water and rocky environments.

February 09, 2008

Great shoes,worth every,comfort and toe protection all-in-one.I have wanted a pair for a very long time and at the price Altrec had them for was unbeatable.Expect great service with this company,because this isn't my first transaction with Altrec and I sure it won't be my last.

November 28, 2007


Keen Sandals Awesome but so is Altrec
January 28, 2008

I first saw Keen sandals during a recent vacation. My brother had a pair and used them on the beach, in the water, during walks and day trips. He convinced me to get a pair. Since the temperature here is -25C and there is 25 inches of snow on the ground, I haven't been able to wear my Keen's much except in the house. However, my brother swears by them. I also would like to commend Altrec for such fantastic service. I would give them five stars as well.

Great sandals
July 17, 2009

It is waterproof and very comfortable. Very light as well Size is a little bit smaller but OK

Good investment
January 03, 2007

These shoes are very comfortable, and sizing was right on.

Tonka trucks for the feet....
August 22, 2005

As a self professed gearhead, I'm always looking for the best made gear available. In the sandal category, KEEN is the clear winner. Rugged, functional, comfortable. Pricey? Yeah... but you get what you pay for.

November 04, 2006

Comfy and functional, but the looks could use some help.

Great sandal!
July 30, 2009

Previously a Merrill fan. These sandals rock! I find them as comfortable as a bedroom slipper! A real winner.

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