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Lucy Activewear® was founded in Portland, Oregon in 1999 by a group of active and energetic, like-minded women who were tired of dressing for the gym as if they were going to a 9th grade P.E. class. These ladies decided that their workout wear should reflect both their athletic pursuits and their feminine style. Designed for active, passionate women from yogis to tennis players and martial arts experts, lucy offers performance apparel that's will fit and flatter you, your life and your passion.

"Lucy" comes from the Latin word "lux," meaning light, and lucy's mission is to ignite your passion and illuminate your life. Whether you're practicing your Scorpion pose on your lucy yoga mat, training for the Boston marathon or booking plane tickets to go explore Iceland's glaciers and thermal pools, Lucy brand seeks to help you shine as you pursue your dreams. As you outfit your wardrobe for your active, feminine lifestyle, check out some of the sweet styles that lucy Activewear® has to offer:

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