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8 items

About Montrail
Montrail is an eccentric brand. While we live in a marketplace dominated by mainstream products, trends, and fashions, Montrail devotes itself to the fringe cultures of ultra-running, adventure climbing, superlight trekking, and playboating. Why pour so much energy and thought into such a tiny niche? Because adventure is the spice of life in our sitcom world! These are the passions that inspire and motivate our friends at Montrail, the experiences that shape and color our lifestyles.

Montrail's chosen specialties demand the most out of their shoes. They must pay rigorous attention to fit, quality, and technology. They build all products with their IntegraFit system for better comfort and performance, and they continually research new materials and innovative designs and technologies. This gives them the satisfaction of providing every one of you who is out there getting after it, with better products to better pursue your passions.
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