Montrail Enduro-Sole LP


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The only way to make your favorite footwear even more comfortable and supportive is the Montrail Enduro Sole LP, a heat moldable insole that flexes with your foot's natural range of motion and provides support through the entire gait cycle. Ideal for lower volume shoes or higher volume feet, the Enduro Sole LP is a great alternative to worn out insoles and can customize the fit of a new pair of footwear. These insoles are unisex and come only in whole sizes. If you are between sizes, size up and trim the insole to fit your shoe. When ordering for women, order one size down and trim to fit.


  • Molded base flexes with your foot's natural range of motion while providing outstanding medial arch support
  • PRFRM™ thermo-moldable foam molds to the unique bone structure and shape of each foot, offering more surface area contact and dispersing pressure points
  • Synthetic abrasion resistant top sheet wicks away abrasion
  • Weight: 1.2 oz, 34 g


  • These insoles are unisex and come only in whole sizes. If you are between sizes, size up and trim the insole to fit your shoe. When ordering for women, order one size down and trim to fit.
  • Unisex 4, 5 and 6: package labeled as Women's 5, 6 and 7
  • Unisex 12, 13, 14, and 15: package labeled as Men's 12, 13, 14, and 15

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Review Summary

4.7 out of 5

25 Reviews

  • Ease of use: 9
  • Build quality: 8
  • Great design: 6
  • Great value: 6

  • discomfort: 1
Quality: 5 / 5
Comfort: 4.8 / 5

25 Ratings & Reviews

Comfort: 4 / 5
Quality: 5 / 5

January 21, 2012

I already own montrail unisex endurasoles, which I bought for running shoes, found that they were not a good match for those shoes but were perfect for my Blundstones, which have zero support. I got a pair of casual shoes that needed some support, so I thought I would try the LP version, as I thought the lower profile would be nice with these particular shoes. Unfortunately for me, the LP version is significantly narrower--I can feel the edges of the insole on my outside toes, which is not comfortable. I am going to get another of the original endurasoles for these shoes. I think the LP's are good quality, I just wanted to warn others whose feet tend to run wide about the narrow factor.

Pros: Build quality, Ease of use, Great value

Love these insoles
May 20, 2010

This is the only brand I buy. They mold well to my feet and are very comfortable.

Comfort: 4 / 5
Quality: 5 / 5
from Marysville Ca
25-34 yrs

Enduro-Sole LP
March 08, 2012

I have tired many insoles that are on the market, the ease of use to have custom insoles for the price .Could ask for any more, these insoles will be my new insole for all of my insoles for my shoes and hiking boots.

Pros: Great design, Build quality, Ease of use, Great value, Lasts forever, Performance
Comfort: 5 / 5
Quality: 5 / 5
from Oregon
35-44 yrs

Increased comfort
December 16, 2010

Insoles are very difficult to buy and seem to always have pro's and con's. Simply put these are very nice probably because you can mold them to your feet. Overall comfort is good and the price at Altrec cannot be beat. For me the low profile and arch support is very good. Definitely worth trying out.

Pros: Performance, Ease of use, Great value
Comfort: 5 / 5
Quality: 5 / 5
from Arkansas
55-64 yrs

Best Insole Ever
January 28, 2011

I originally bought this insole for walking shoes to get some more life out of them. They worked so well for me that I now have put them in my Keen leather laceups. I highly recommend this insole. I've tried lots of other insoles and this is the only one I'll ever buy as long as it is available.

Pros: Great design, Build quality, Performance, Ease of use
Comfort: 5 / 5
Quality: 5 / 5
from Vancouver, BC
25-34 yrs

Enduro Sole LP -- Great Support
November 28, 2011

I love my new Enduro Sole LP. The product is great and really provides great back and arch support. I find it really comfortable and makes my shoes and boots feel custom made. In the past I have purchased Montrail sandals which I LOVE and is the reason I chose to go with insoles from the same company. When doing the heat moulding, just follow the directions and you will have no problems at all. The sizing for women that the site recommends (one size smaller than mens) is pretty accurate. The quality feels great but I haven't used it for very long so I wouldn't know how it stands up to the test of time. Overall, I am really satisfied with the insole.

Pros: Great design, Build quality, Ease of use

Great replacement insole, cheaper than new shoes.
January 08, 2010

My shoes felt like they had worn through to the floor, the old insoles were very worn in. I got these and warmed them up. Had to redo the fit because I realized how much I spread my toes when walking. Second time made all the difference, feels like new shoes, glad to get more life outta these. And I can slip them into my other shoes I don't wear because of their discomfort.


Better than $300 orthotics
July 14, 2009

I developed Plantar Fasciitis a few years ago and at times would wake me up with my left leg in extreme pain. I had purchased some $300 custom orthotics that didn't seem to help at all. My first pair of heat formed insoles were from Sole' and they worked well enough over time for me to want to get other insoles for other pairs of shoes. I found the Montrail insoles just as comfortable and a little less expensive than the Sole' and since I was buying over 20 sets the price difference were significant. I hate to have to transfer the insoles from one shoe to another,I want to just be able to put my shoes on! I had tried Superfeet in green and other colors, I'd tried over the counter rigid orthotic insoles and nothing worked as good as these Montrails. My pain is completely gone and it's like I don't have Plantar Fasciitis anymore. The LP is for low profile and these I have in shoes like Merrell Chameleons and bike shoes and I use the regular Montrails in thicker boots. The sizing is a little confusing as I have had to return insoles twice to different stores because I ordered the wrong size. They are unisex sized and are usually listed as like mens 9 womens 10 so make sure which 9 or 10 the store is talking about in their listing. I have put these in every pair of footwear I have except my Chacos,Birkenstocks,and Acorn sheepskin boots and am concerned as it looks like they are being discontinued here and at other stores I've purchased them so getum while you can!

Comfort: 5 / 5
Quality: 5 / 5
James Burwell

from Bend, OR
45-54 yrs

June 25, 2011

My previous pair of Montrail Enduro Soles footbeds outlasted many pair of running shoes. I was a bit worried about parting with my old pair because my feet have been so comfortable for a long time. But this new pair stepped-in where the old pair left off and my feet still feel great. They just make my feet feel so much more supported than when relying on the footbed that comes with the shoe. Whenever I get a new pair of running shoes I always try running on the factory-installed footbed. But after just one run I switch to using the Montrail Enduro Soles.

Pros: Build quality, Ease of use

shoe inserts
November 17, 2008

Just wanted to tell you that the Montrail shoe inserts are fabulous. I bought four pair. My husband's foot has stopped hurting and I am walking much better with my inserts.

Comfort: 5 / 5
Quality: 5 / 5
from Portland, Oregon

March 10, 2012

I have used Enduro-Sole supports for many years. They are the best and last longer then others on the market. Altrec is the best price on the Web or available in any store.... They arrived in less then 48 hours from ordering... Who could ask for anything more?...

Pros: Great design, Build quality, Lasts forever, Performance, Ease of use, Great value
Comfort: 5 / 5
Quality: 5 / 5

25-34 yrs

Great insoles!
April 19, 2012

I have always wondered about adding insoles to my boots, but never pulled the trigger. I tried to convince myself that if a company was going to sell you a pricey boot, they would put some appropriate insoles in them. I recently was able to get these on a Deal Of The Day for an amazing price and now my only regret is not buying 3 pairs! They are amazing. They have transformed the way my boots fit. I put them in them in the oven according to the directions, and put them in my boots and stood on them while carrying a full pack for 2 minutes, then I walked around in them for 2 minutes up and down some stairs. They are very supportive and comfortable. They plastic shank that molds to your arch also helps (along with the shank in your boot) discomfort when walking on very rugged rocky terrain. Highly recommended.

Pros: Great design, Build quality, Lasts forever, Performance, Ease of use, Great value

perfect inserts for your running or hiking shoes
July 08, 2009

It was suggested that I try the Montrail shoe inserts instead of my usual superfeet insoles because Montrail provides the extra support due to their ability to mold to your feet. Super easy to warm in the oven and customize and has a great price.

Comfort: 5 / 5
Quality: 5 / 5
from 0hio
55-64 yrs

Grear insoles
February 21, 2011

I love to hike and and had been having some problems with my feet especially during long hikes. I switched to the enduro insoles and they are wonderful. I have noticed a big difference and am now ordering them for all of my shoes.

Pros: Great design, Build quality, Performance, Ease of use, Great value
Comfort: 2 / 5
Quality: 5 / 5

45-54 yrs

Trouble fitting
April 04, 2012

I was excited as soon as I took these out of the package and thought they were going to be perfect. I put them in my boots and trimmed them down a half size before I heated them up per the instructions. I then heated them as instructed and got them inserted into my boots, although that was tricky as they get floppy when hot. I stood in them for the recommended two minutes, and then walked as directed. I could tell something wasn't quite right, so I pulled them from my boots and there were wrinkles and ripples throughout the toe area. I could see where my toes had been, but the areas on the insoles between my toes were so wrinkled that they were annoying. When I walked, the slightest shift of my toes caused them to come in contact with the wrinkled and "pokey" areas. Although I am returning them, I was very impressed with the build, and comparing the padding on these to my stock Asolo insoles convince me to keep looking, but maybe for me not a heat customizable pair.

Pros: Build quality, Cons: discomfort

Review: great!
March 30, 2010

I can always tell a difference in comfort with the Enduro-Sole. Just ran a half-marathon with them in my shoes, and they felt great the entire race!

Favorite insole
February 07, 2010

I've had problems with plantar fasciitis and am always very careful with my feet. These are the best insoles I've used. I have several pair and use them in my running shoes, everyday shoes and hiking boots. This past summer I backpacked 300 miles with these in my boots and my feet did great! I even have several friends now using the Montrail Insoles.

best insole for me
December 31, 2009

fits well, great support, lasts a long time, I've tried others and this is the best I've found

June 23, 2010

I've used these insoles before and found the best price on the internet from this company. Highly recommend for expediency and affordability.


Best insole for the money
March 04, 2010

I love this insole. Saved my feet when running the trails. Highly recommend.

Great insole
May 06, 2010

I tried the Sole Moldable insoles, these were much more comfortable!

Comfort: 5 / 5
Quality: 5 / 5
from Bend, OR
35-44 yrs

Can't believe the difference!
March 16, 2012

I have a great pair of Montrail hiking boots that just needed a little more cushion in the insole. Thought I would try these as they are from the same manufacturer. Baked them as directed at 225 degrees for two minutes then dropped them in and stood on them for 2 minutes. BEST FIT EVER!! I honestly can't believe how much better they feel. It's almost like they are attached to the bottom of my feet with a little suction. See you on the trail....if you're way out there!

Pros: Great design, Build quality, Performance, Ease of use, Great value

Montrail Insoles Solved My Problem
September 28, 2009

During the Spring of 2008, I was suffering with achilles tendonitis in both feet. A salesperson in a shoe store recommended Montrail Insoles, along with ASICS GT-2130 shoes, so I purchased both and began wearing both everyday. I was amazed at how comfortable these shoes and insoles felt. Within several weeks, the achilles tendonitis in both feet disappeared. I have been wearing these everyday ever since then and have not had any pain in my feet. I am now 62 years old and I am able to continue to work as a basketball referee which I enjoy between October and March usually four games per week without any foot pain. The Montrail Insoles solved my problem. They are great.


Didn't work for me
April 06, 2010

These insoles require a high-volume toe box. Thus, it made my shoe fit a little too tight. I prefer to be closer to the ground and felt that these insoles elevated me too much. Also, I noticed that when I ran my shoes would squeak. I have since removed them and placed them on a shelf. They simply were not made for me.

Very good Insoles
August 21, 2010

I ran 16 miles with these insoles and my feet were pain free. Very stable and cushioned insoles. They do not take much space in your shoes.

Also Available

Montrail Enduro-Sole LP Photo

Black and Yellow.

Available sizes, while supplies last, include size 4, size 5, size 6, size 7, size 8, size 9, size 10, size 11, size 12, size 13, size 14, size 15, size 16 and size 17: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17.

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