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8 items

Field tested by some of the most adventurous athletes in the world, Mountain Hardwear products offer high quality performance and known quality. Their comprehensive line of outdoor gear includes sleeping bags for every level of adventure. Whether you are pursuing a lifelong dream to summit Denali or need a lightweight summer bag for weekend car camping, there is a Mountain Hardwear sleeping bag for you. From their cozy cold weather down mummy bag styles to warm weather semi-rectangular synthetic models, Mountain Hardwear sleeping bags use leading materials including:

Sleeping bags can be broken into two broad categories: down insulation and synthetic insulation. Down insulation is best known for its incredible weight to warmth ratio. Nothing compares to goose down when it comes to being light, compressible and warm. The lightest and warmest bags use down insulation, but down is not just for cold weather camping. Mountain Hardwear's Phantom 32, for example, weighs 1 lb. 7 oz., well under two pounds and is an ideal all-around bag for bag. Rated to a modest 32 degrees, it is a lightweight 3-season bag. The Phantom 32 uses premium 800-fill down and compacts down for easy packing in your backpack. Regardless of temperature rating, if you are looking for the lightest bag you can find, go with a down mummy bag.

The flipside to down is that it is higher maintenance than synthetic and does not stay warm when wet. Synthetic insulation rivals down for warmth, but a comparably rated synthetic bag is generally a little heavier and a little bulkier. The advantage to synthetics is easier care and they stand up to wet climates better than down. The Mountain Hardwear Ultralamina 32 is a great all-around 3-season synthetic model. It is warm enough to keep you cozy up in the hills without adding unnecessary bulk in your pack. It still weighs less than two pounds!

Almost all of Mountain Hardwear's sleeping bags are mummy bags, meaning that they taper from head to toe. The comfort mummy cut is a little roomier than the performance mummy cut. The comfort cut is designed with normal recreation in mind, while the performance cut helps keep bags a little trimmer for better compressibility and packing.

A good night's sleep is a key ingredient to any camping adventure, and a quality sleeping bag with a temperature rating that meets your needs is your first step to sleeping well. Mountain Hardwear puts high quality craftsmanship into every sleeping bag that they make. Be sure to check with an customer service representative with any questions about sleeping bag temperature ratings or to confirm a specific bag is the right choice for you. All bags come with nice stuff sacks and long-term storage bags.

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