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7 items

Set yourself up for lightweight adventure with an MSR tent. You may recognize the MSR name from their awesome camp stoves. Well, they make great tents too. From lightweight tarp systems to full expedition quality tents, MSR has you covered for your next backpacking, mountaineering or road trip adventure. Check out MSR for the following freestanding tent styles:

Why pack more weight than necessary? MSR will help you reduce your pack weight with their lightweight designs. They reduce weight with full mesh wall construction and an all-in-one hub pole system. Add the rain fly and MSR tents are weatherproof too. You can even set up the rain fly as a standalone shelter. That's right, you can set up the fly without the tent to create a quick sun or rain shelter. Similarly, the tent can set-up without the fly for a super well ventilated shelter with an awesome view of the night sky and full protection from the mosquitoes.

MSR also has a great selection of lightweight tarp shelters for the minimalist. Why carry a full tent when a technically designed tarp is all you need. Minimalist shelters are great for cyclists and through hikers trying to reduce their pack loads. They offer shelter from rain and sun, and when used in conjunction with a bivy bag can be used for any adventure.

You will also find a full selection of ground cloths and tent footprints to match MSR tents.

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