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Twenty years later and the MSR WhisperLite Stove is still a favorite of backcountry hikers, skiers, campers and climbers the world over. This liquid fuel stove has an extremely reliable design with a Shaker Jet™ self-cleaning valve for simple field maintenance. It may be heavier than ultralight canister stoves out there, but nothing cranks like a whisper light and there’s a certain pride that shows in the eyes of those adventurers that have the priming routine mastered. The WhisperLite comes with a windscreen, a heat shield, a small parts kit and a stuff sack. It folds up and bends to fit inside a cook pot, taking up a small amount of space in your pack. Choose which size fuel bottle fits your needs (sold separately) and make sure to carry it outside you pack to avoid leaks. Whether you’re replacing your old model that got confiscated by airport security or you’re a newbie looking for a tried and true stove for some winter camping, there’s nothing like the power of a WhisperLite when it comes to melting snow or boiling water in a jiffy.


  • Awards: tied with the MSR Pocket Rocket stove as Backpacker Magazine Readers’ choice for the best camping stove in 2005
  • Includes: fuel pump, windscreen, heat reflector, small-parts kit, instructions, and stuff sack (fuel bottle not included)
  • Stainless steel and brass construction
  • Flexible fuel line folds small and fits in most MSR® pots
  • Shaker Jet™ technology and smart engineering allows complete cleaning and maintenance in the field
  • Made in Seattle, USA
  • Performance tested at sea level in 70F conditions
  • Burn time (white gas) per 600 ml / 20 oz of fuel: 136 minutes
  • Boil time (white gas), 1 liter: 3.9 minutes
  • Water boiled (white gas) per 100 ml of fuel: 5.1 liters
  • Water boiled (white gas) per 1 oz. of fuel: 1.5 liters
  • Minimum Weight: 11 oz, 305 g
  • Packed Weight: 14.5 oz, 410 g

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Review Summary

4.8 out of 5

17 Reviews

  • Build quality: 5
  • Lasts forever: 5
  • Performance: 5
  • Great value: 4

  • inability to simmer: 1
  • needs regular cleaning: 1
Durability: 4.8 / 5
Quality: 4.8 / 5

17 Ratings & Reviews

MSR sets the standards
November 16, 2008

Just bought stove number 2, I already own the whisperlite internationale but could not pass up the deal on this one. I hike and camp with the wife and kids so having 2 stoves is a welcome option. Overall you cannot beat an msr stove, hands down!

Durability: 5 / 5
Quality: 5 / 5
from Boonville, NY
18-24 yrs

Can't wait to take to Hawaii
December 26, 2010

I bought this for several reasons: Im planning a trip to Hawaii and I don't have a backpacking stove, I live in an area that always gets snow and this is great for a winter stove, its lightweight, simple design, and durable. It takes liquid gas which is ideal for cold temperatures and is simple in cleaning. It is a little difficult to figure out at first use but this is my first stove I have experienced with so I'm sure it will be easy to get the hang of.

Pros: Great design, Build quality, Lasts forever, Performance
Durability: 5 / 5
Quality: 5 / 5
from Alabama
35-44 yrs

Longest Lasting
March 04, 2012

I began backpacking in 1994 and have purchased numerous items over the years from water bottles to tents and everything in between. Throughout those years, I've upgraded nearly every item that I still use. I'm currently on my third backpack, third tent, fourth sleeping bag, numerous sleeping pads, second cookpot set, etc, etc, etc... Some of these items have worn out, some were not sufficient for my uses in other ways; however, one item that has stood the test of time and occupied my pack through these 18 years has been the MSR WhisperLite Stove. First of all, the stove breaks down to occupy an odd shaped sack roughly the size of a softball. It quickly hooks up to an adapter on your fuel bottle. The stove always fires right up after priming. If not, the Shaker Jet self cleaning valve does the job for clearing the fuel lines of any built up grime, and only a few times have I had to take the fuel line apart to clean it, which is a very easy and quick task. The only down side, if any, which is common among cook stoves, is the relative inability to vary the heat: there's little opportunity for simmering when cooking directly on the stove, with no buffer. Otherwise, as I again set out to replace some items for my upcoming backpacking expedition, I don't spend any time looking at cook stoves - that's a base I seem to have covered for any future excursions. The cost and value of the MSR WhisperLite stove are unparalleled in my opinion, since it is one of the cheaper in the MSR line, and it obviously lasts as long or longer than any other in its class.

Pros: Great design, Build quality, Lasts forever, Performance, Ease of use, Great value, easy cleaning, Cons: inability to simmer

good stove
September 08, 2009

I like the stove it is vary small and great to cook with

Durability: 5 / 5
Quality: 5 / 5
from New Mexico
35-44 yrs

The Backpackers Liquid Fuel Stove Standard
April 03, 2011

This is my second Whisperlite. I gave the first to my daughter after nearly 20 years of use with only a pump replacement; it is still working fine for her. For boiling and simple meal preparation it's hard to beat this stove. Don't expect simmering though, it burns hot and fast but it is very fuel efficient. One 11oz MSR fuel bottle will last me for three days of soups, noodles, tea and coffee on winter trips. Besides fuel efficiency the Whisperlite ,as with most liquid fuel stoves, is an excellent cold weather stove. I've awoken to 0-10F temps and made coffee without any trouble priming the stove (except holding the match steady :). Gas cannister stoves don't operate well at freezing temps without warming but I do use one from late spring to early fall just to keep things lite and convenient. When hiking with a partner we will bring a Whisperlite and a cannister stove so we can get the best of both worlds -simmering and fast boilng time. The stove weight with a full 11oz fuel bottle is ~21oz. A hint about Whisperlite priming: I take a 2oz bottle of denatured alcohol for priming. It won't soot up your stove and doesn't stink when burning. Just be careful because it's hard to see lit alcohol. Another thing to do regularly is clean the stove fuel tube by pushing the cable back and forth then flushing with raw fuel. The manual will have this procedure. Once or twice per season will suffice. Since the fuel pump is mostly plastic the fuel eventually breaks it down. On my first Whisperlite the pump became kinda soft and small bits of plastic were always in the valve seat but this was after nearly 20 years. It might help to make sure the pump isn't stored in a filled fuel bottle for extended periods. Some might consider owning this stove a bit fussy but with reasonable care it will never let you down and last a lifetime. I was also pleased to see it is still Made in the USA. Have fun out there!

Pros: Build quality, Lasts forever, Performance, Great value
Durability: 4 / 5
Quality: 4 / 5

Works great!
October 13, 2010

Very nice stove. Works well and boils water fast! Very efficient on fuel too. The legs could be a little easier to use but they work.

Pros: Build quality, Great value

Mountain Safety Research: WhisperLite Stove
May 20, 2006

Well it finally happened my whisperLite stove kicked the bucket. I bought it in 1990 or 91 and never had a problem until the feed line formed a crack while camping last weekend. Funny it still cooked its last diner and breakfast shooting an orange flame out the side. My new one just arrived today hopefully I'll get another 15 years out of this one. They look identical I guess you don't fix what ain't broke is the motto hear.It is a little testy in heavy winds but I built a wind screen that I always use with it. Never failed to light, cook or blow out. Why can't they build tents to last this long?

top of the line ITS GREAT
December 02, 2009

just the thing i need . Its Great

Great Stove, Lots of heat
April 15, 2008

Cooked BIG pot (10 quart) of chili for camping program. Very hot, need to constantly stir and scrape bottom of pot. Small, light, easy to clean. Tricky to start sometimes, but one gets used to its quirks.

Bomb Proof Backcountry Stove @ a Competitive Price.
November 13, 2009

The MSR Whisperlite aided myself and two others through a 200 mile trek in the Bridger National Forest. Worked well in every condition thrown at us. It's efficient enough to provide hot breakfast and dinner to three for 10 days with the 30oz. fuel bottle. Rugged and simple design sets up and packs easily when crucial alpine daylight is burning. Altrec has got a sweet price on them especially with the free shipping. Saved at least $20.00.

packs extremely light and preforms exceptionally!
December 29, 2009

the summer before last i lived at a cottage that had a re-occurring gas leak and i relied on this little stove for over a months worth of regular cooking. it served me very well. takes a little getting used to but after that easy as pie. i even cooked lobster dinner for four on this stove (all four at once!)! i would recommend this stove to anyone.

Best Stove Ever
May 06, 2005

Not just the best but it has proven itself time and time again. Never once have i ever had a problem. i've gone on long trips with this thing and used a reasonable size bottle, the mid size, and didnt run out of fuel tell the last day, it was a 7 day adventure. Also its lightwieght and adapts well for those who want to put big pots on it, great for group hiking. Its one of the must have stoves i will encourage people to buy.

Fantastic, same stove for 19 yrs, still works great
May 18, 2008

For those of you who find the wisperlight throttle a bit digital, you are probobly overpressurizing the fuel bottle, I have found as little as 3 pumps gives good temp control as wells as blazing heat, longer term cooking might require an extra pump or two as fuel pressure drops off, but for one or two I have not found it needed. All in all a true long term value for your pack.

Durability: 5 / 5
Quality: 5 / 5
from Wyoming
25-34 yrs

Replacing an old WhisperLite
March 01, 2012

I bought this stove to replace our trusty old WhisperLite, which finally sprung a leak in the fuel line after 13 years. We had used it on two to three five-day trips per year (for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and coffee). Obviously I think it's great or I wouldn't have bought the same one again. The main limitation is its inability to simmer. We bought a simmer/"flamespreader" plate to use when we need slow cooking, and it works fine. I didn't want to go with the SimmerLite stove because I usually only need to simmer for dinner prep--at every other meal, I'm just boiling water for rehydration and this stove will do that in five minutes. Make sure to clean it after every trip, because the fuel line clogs if you don't, and it's a pain to clean in the field.

Pros: Lasts forever, Performance, Ease of use, Cons: needs regular cleaning

great stove can be testy to start
August 30, 2007

First the stove is great. Only two items of takes a little practice to get the burner heated so that it cooks properly. A large flame that starts the stove must preheat the burner prior to cooking and may cause you to panic if you don't expect it and have not closed the fuel off just after lighting it. Second small concern is the in ablity for the stove to simmer. Any food must be stirred/watched at all times or it will burn. All in all a great stove. Hint: I recommend 3oz of fuel/perday/person. DO NOT USE INDOORS.

Durability: 5 / 5
Quality: 5 / 5

from Fort Worth, Texas
35-44 yrs

Packs nicely
September 28, 2010

This stove is very easy to use, ignite and cook on. You can avoid the initial flare up by using Heet to prime it! Otherwise, it is light weight and the 22oz white gas canister I use, easily lasts through a week of cooking. From what I have read, I can expect this stove to last a long time due to it's extreme durability.

Pros: Great design, Build quality, Lasts forever, Performance, Ease of use, Great value

Fine stove, lights easily and burns hot but quietly.
September 10, 2010

Altrec went out of their way to get me this stove in time for my trip. Thanks for the great customer service.

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