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The slim-profile, 24-ounce Nalgene Next Generation (N-Gen) Bottle has a narrower diameter than the big 32-oz. Nalgene bottles, making it just the right size for the side mesh pockets on your day pack. An easy-grip, rubberized cap facilitates fast beverage breaks, especially when your palms are coated with perspiration from running or hiking. The N-Gen Lexan Bottle features a 53-mm. opening that allows convenient ice cube refills but doesn't dump excess fluid down the front of your triathlon jersey like some wide-mouth bottles. A sturdy carabineer loop makes it easy to secure the N-Gen Lexan Bottle to the outside of ascent packs and haul bags and the material remains highly impact resistant even at sub-freezing temperatures. An array of cool colors makes it easy to separate your water from your sport drinks and fit right in at the office--especially when you're trying to re-hydrate after spending your lunch hour at the gym.


  • Rubber carabineer loop cap with screw closure
  • 53-mm. opening allows cubes without excess overflow
  • 24-oz. capacity

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Review Summary

4.8 out of 5

37 Reviews

37 Ratings & Reviews

Cool, but no big deal.
December 20, 2004

You can get the 32 oz. narrow mouth for the same price. Granted, the N-Gen holds more than 24 oz. (closer to 28 when topped off) has a sleek design with a cool cap, but I don't like how the cap doesn't have the option of staying attached to the bottle when off. The mouth is a wider than the narrow mouth but narrower than the wide mouth, a nice in between but I still prefer the narrow mouth.

January 23, 2005

Well, this is our first Lexan water bottle and so far so good. We wish the opening was a bit larger as we like to pop ours in the dishwasher and I would just feel better about it coming out clean if I knew the jest sprays from the dishwasher could get in there and do the job via a larger mouth opening. Plus, it'd be nice if there were more colors. And, it be nice if the lid had some way of being attached to the bottle so that we wouldn't have to worry about dropping it when drinking from it (especially important when bouncing around on a run on the treadmill). I was thinking about GSI's .75 but the shipping from REI pushed me towards altrec instead. If you can get it ship to store then maybe you should go with the GSI as it's cheaper and doesn't have the "brand name" mark-up. Otherwise, we like the bottle and the price from altrec is the best around, especially if you get in on a free shipping deal.

As good as ever
January 31, 2006

Smooth new design, bombproof materials, and a solid new 'biner-compatible lid make this a sweet evolution for the classic Nalgene. It's actuallly a little taller than the old-school 32-ouncer, but the smaller radius lets you tuck it in a few more places for H2O on the go. Nice work, Nalgene!

Handy container!
June 10, 2008

This water bottle is quite handy...I find myself using it to carry extra water for myself and the dog on adventures. It's not as easy to use as the one with a straw, but the cap goes on and off with ease, which makes it nice to use.

absolutely great
January 17, 2005

I love this bottle. It's much better than the old nalgene bottles. 5 STARS!!

Best bottle you can buy
October 06, 2004

This is the best water bottle I've ever owned. It is easy to grip, carry, fill, and drink out of. It looks cool too. For the ounce-cutting backpackers out there, you may want to stick with the original nalgene because it is lighter. For the rest of us (or the backpackers with stronger backs) the lid is very nice. It spins on and off with the greatest of ease and it simple to grip and hold. It is also nice that the measurement on the side is part of the bottle rather than printed onto the bottle.

like it
October 15, 2005

I like the new design, the loop is better than the old loop bw the top and bottom. Sleeker design.

Great new design
May 26, 2006

This bottle comes with the quality performance of the original wide mouth, but features a narrow mmouth, multi-functional lid.

Very Satisfied With This Purchase
March 29, 2005

This is an excellent water bottle for work and gym. The pros: -looks good -very convenient size and shape -extremely sturdy -plastic has no taste, unlike some water bottles -great value The cons: -you have to be pretty diligent about washing it or it will start to smell a little -the opening does not accomodate hand scrubbing

One Tough Bottle
February 11, 2006

I dropped this bottle about 20 times already, and it still strong and durable. I love the engine red colour, but I have the parrot colour which looks great too. The only thing I disliked about the bottle is the size of the bottle opening. It's not small enough to drink steadily if you're in a car or running on a treadmill, so I had to buy a bottle cap thingy to make the opening smaller. Besides that, the bottle is great and it will definitely last a long time.

great bottle
June 09, 2005

This bottle is great. the finger loop is much better than the old strap to the lid. if you love to carry around a drink this bottle will surely do!

Best Nalgene available
August 12, 2006

This new generation nalgene is great. I bought one when I acquired my new job in construction. I have dropped, crushed, just about everything you can do to these bottles and it is still in great shape.

December 27, 2005

Another great product from Nalgene. Great design for attaching via carbiner (better than breaking loops on the original bottle) on any pack or other piece of equipment.

Greatest Bottle
February 19, 2005

Greatest water bottle ever. One goes with me to work every day and into the dish washer every night. Seals well enough for soda on day trips and won't stain with berry juices. Ordering more of them today.

The best price I've seen!
October 22, 2004

I like the new cap on the N-Gen bottles. Several times the rings have slipped off my older Nalgene bottles from tethering them so much :) The website photos aren't nearly as vivid as the actual bottle colors-I love that!

Solid durable water bottle
April 02, 2005

This bottle is great, nice slim design. The cap is not attached like other nalgene's, so keep track of it! Also, if jostled around too much, the cap can loosen and leak in your gym bag, like it did in mine!

N-Gen is GOOD!
November 15, 2004

The next genereation nalgene are much better than the older ones because the top is much more secure and doesn't break easily. The smaller mouth is much easier to drink out of than the wide mouth but easier to put drinks in than the narrow mouth bottles. I think I will buy another one when they come out with new colors!

Large Water Bottle
June 30, 2006

Excellent!! I love it!

One of the best investment I have ever made
September 25, 2004

I love the new design. I can throw it, hang it, drop it, anything. Nothing gets damaged. It's mauch easier to carry than the old nalgenes. This one has much better hand holds. It also holds a grand total of 32ozs if filled to the brim.

December 18, 2004

Excellent improvement over first generation Nalgene bottles--24 oz capacity, narrower opening at top and carabineer loop.

Nalgene bottles are great
March 19, 2005

This is a great product. I have several Nalgene bottles and I use them all the time. If you are looking for a good sturdy bottle get a Nalgene.

The Great One
October 20, 2004

Great bottle! Easy to drink out of. Hard to break. Easy to hold. It looks cool too.

buy it, worth it
October 10, 2005

Great bottle, nice cap, good opening, excellent materials. Nalgene quality all the way...

December 19, 2004

Finally! A nalgene water bottle with a carabiner hole!!! perfect!!!

Some features I like, some I don't...
March 27, 2006

I love that this bottle fits in my cup holder! I do,however, miss the attached lid. And if you get the lid screwed on tight, it's a bear to get off. Otherwise, it's a good quality Nalgene!

nice bottle great colors
June 28, 2006

I love this bottle, the opening is not too large so I don't accidentaly pour water down my shirt but still large enough to fit small ice cubes. Great colors.

fits in car cupholder!
January 06, 2005

This bottle not only looks great, it works great too, as do all the Nalgene bottles. The bonus with this size is that is fits in the cupholder of my car.

Best all around bottle
March 04, 2005

I have been using the N-gen Bottle for about a year now for various activities. I dig the fact it has a wide mouth and sturdy lid. The only downer is that it does not fit in (my) car cup holders or mountain bike water bottle cages. Nalgene has addressed the water bottle issue for standard cages with another product line.

Nalgene Quality with new design.
September 18, 2004

This new Nalgene bottle has the same great quality of all bottles with a great new design. I really like the rubber on the cap for easy grip. It's also easier to hold than a big bottle and has a good sized top for easy drinking.

Very Nice
December 06, 2004

No oder or taste, unlike the bottle on my mounatin bike.

April 04, 2005

No one compares to the great Nalgene! I`ve already dropped this little baby (full, might I add) twice and of course, no breaky. Stylish, practical and sturdy- all you could ask for in a water bottle. This is the cheapest I`ve found it for on

Cool look, good size, Nalgene quality
October 08, 2004

I was looking for a new bottle for work and for the gym, and settled on the N-Gen by Nalgene. The look of the bottle is great: sleek and stylish, you'll definitely get comments carrying it around. It holds 24 oz. of water and then some, has a widemouth, and a sturdy, detached, rubber screw-cover with a finger-hole for holding. I definitely recommend this bottle. The only question is which color to get (I bought one of each!).

April 03, 2005

This water bottle is the best i have found yet,and the cabiner hole on the lid is just to convinient.LOVE IT!

April 17, 2005

Another great Nalgene product! This bottle looks good, is easy to hold and is as tough as nails! The carabineer loop cap means no more lost water bottles! Buy this bottle – you can’t go wrong!

September 25, 2008

It holds a lot of water and I love the color.

it is ok, it starts to smell
January 24, 2005

The bottle is ok - I like the shape, the opening - but it does start to smell very quickly.

love it and the design
June 18, 2008

I love the amount of water it holds, the new design, great colors, holds lots of water!!! Also, it has a narrow mouth to drink from which is easier to drink from so fewer spills on my shirt!

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