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Thank God for Northwest River Supplies (NRS). If you are unfamiliar, just know they�re the river people. They make everything you need for getting on the river and a hundred other products you've never heard of. But when it comes time to get the gear to make a river an adventure, they're your guide, your best buddy and your mother rolled in one. And if that makes no sense to you, we simply mean their products inform, support and provide safe passage for river adventures.

Why thank God? The paddle sports category is an incredibly varied lot and NRS has somehow made sense of it, upgraded it and laid it out in consumable bits. At Altrec, we carry over 500 NRS products. Rafts, kayak paddles, neoprene wetsuit (in every form), dry bags, kayaks, whitewater kayaking and sea kayak pfds, oars and oar locks are among the product quiver that is well too long to list.

While NRS specializes in the gear-intensive world of whitewater rafting, they also provide a comprehensive product offering for whitewater paddling, sea kayaking, recreational kayaking and canoeing.

When buying river gear, simplify by breaking your needs into soft and hard gear categories. Soft gear is literally soft and is specific to clothing, footwear and outerwear. Hard gear is the vessels themselves, as well as paddles, pfd's, first aid kits and the like. The list is long but the essentials to consider, depending on river condition, are:

Soft Gear:

Hard Gear:

Regardless of river endeavor, NRS has you covered. If you have questions or concerns about any of the gear or what it is used for, call or chat with our customer service staff, they are river enthusiasts and get a schooling from NRS every year.

We love NRS because they cover the paddle sports gear universe and do it with fair prices. Take it from the found, Bill Parks: �I've always been a budget boater, and NRS was founded to provide quality equipment without wiping out the wallet.� NRS has held true to this mantra since 1972 and we can all support that.

And another thing we can all support: Buy your NRS gear and apparel at Altrec and we will guarantee it for life.

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