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Sunglasses fall into two primary categories: Casual and Sport. Oakley, arguably one of the premier makers of sports eyewear for men and women, also has a full line of casual sunglasses that utilizes the same level of performance and durability found in their sports line.

Oakley has built their reputation for quality eyewear around performance fit, quality optics and attitude. Oakley address fit with their unique three-point fit protocol that actually helps to maximizes optical performance, too. Equally as important, their approach to fit ensures that your glasses stay where you want them, covering your eyes.  You will find styles designed for small, medium and large faces.

Oakley uses a variety of frame materials throughout their line of casual glasses including:

  1. O-Matter® - A lightweight synthetic material designed for durability and comfort
  2. C-5™ Alloy – A lightweight alloy that pairs durability and lightweight design
  3. Titanium – Ultra-lightweight and indestructible frame material

Oakley’s frame materials are integral to their lightweight, durable construction, as well as to their comfortable fit. The C-5™ frames are designed to adapt to you head for the perfect fit. The popular Square Wire model offers cutting edge Oakley optics and casual style in a lightweight, metal framed style. Oakley’s larger composite framed models utilize the O Matter® frame materials to keep the bigger glasses lightweight and comfortable. The popular Oil Drum and Fuel Cell styles offer all-day comfort.

The company was founded on making eyewear for professional athletes, and they maintain a high standard in their optics to this today. Oakley lenses meet the highest ANSI standards for optical precision and impact resistance. Lens technology includes:

  1. Optimized peripheral view
  2. Glare reduction and tuned light transmission
  3. UV protection
  4. Lens tints
  5. IRIDIUM® coating

Most of Oakley’s eyewear is available in various lens styles and treatments including polarized lenses. Polarized lenses are ideal for fishing, skiing, mountaineering and any water related activities. Polarized lenses block glare produced by water, snow and bright surfaces that reflect the sun. They improve clarity, depth of field, contrast and overall vision. Polarized lenses also make it difficult to view smart phone, GPS and digital camera screens, but this is easily remedied by lifting your glasses to view your electronics. Polarized lenses are also typically darker, blocking more light than non-polarized lenses and making them ideal for sensitive eyes and bright sun applications.

When it comes to sports and performance eyewear, Oakley is a leader. Their line-up of glasses with interchangeable lenses is impressive. The best selling Flak Jacket and Half Jacket styles are quintessential Oakley. Interchangeable lenses and lightweight O Matter® frames make these perfect for running, cycling and skiing. Oakley has new hydrophobic lens technology that permanently repels, skin oil, rain, and sweat for improved vision and clarity at all times.

Whether you are looking for casual metal frame styles or high performance sports styles, Oakley’s commitment to the best optics, comfortable fit and durable construction means that you will find a wide variety of the best sunglasses available.

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