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"I just wanted to surf longer." – Jack O'Neill

Pioneer, inventor and first and foremost, surfer, Jack O'Neill set up his first surf shop in 1952 in a San Francisco garage near the dunes. At first he sold surfboards, wax and a few primitive wetsuit vests – made from gluing pieces of neoprene rubber together. Surfing in the warm waters of Hawaii is easy with just swim trunks, but surfing in Northern California? Pretty darn frigid. When he and other surfers realized they could stay out longer thanks to these rubber suits, Jack expanded his efforts, business picked up, he moved his shop down to Santa Cruz, and the rest, as they say, is history.

60 years later O'Neill is still the most recognizable surf brand around the world. Surfers are riding waves in oceans they never thought possible, from Antarctica to Iceland. O'Neill has expanded to include not just surf gear, but multiple collections all centered around the board-riding lifestyle. From surf to skate to snowboarding, check out all O'Neill has to offer:

Not only are their swimsuits and boardshorts designed for performance, they're made to look awesome on the board and on the beach. Their Superkini tops and bottoms for women are surfing bikinis for superheroes with a confidence-boosting, stay-put fit thanks to a grippy lining that won't shift and slide around. Now you can surf in a skimpier suit with total peace of mind.

And don't even let us get started on the O'Neill boardshorts… Super fast-drying, ultra light, hyper stretchy, awesome colors and graphics… you get the point. You may have to forgo a few burritos to save up your cash, but these shorts are worth the investment:

If you're a Superman type who likes to be ready to jump in the water at a moment's notice -- and then jump out and go straight to town -- well then, the O'Neill Hybrid Shorts will be your business suit / tie / spandex and cape. They're styled like walkshorts, but are water-ready with mesh pockets and fast-drying fabric.

When you're not in the water, you're living the laid back bohemian lifestyle of a surfer. And O'Neill has you covered when it comes to fashion. From hoodies and trucker hats to dresses and flip flops, O'Neill clothing will keep you casual, comfy and looking like you're living the dream -- whether that dream is an endless summer of surfing Australian breaks, or exploring Eastern Europe in a VW bus before you buckle down for 4 years of college.

Kindergarten, Grammar School, High School, summer vacation… if only those kids knew how good they have it. The O'Neill kids' collection is just as awesome as the grown-ups' gear. From T-shirts and shorts for boys, to bikinis and skirts for girls, O'Neill likes to hook up the little rippers too.

60 years and still going… wait a minute, that means Jack is how old? And he's still riding waves? Yeah, we all know surfing is good for mind, body and soul. Friend, it's time to get your board and get out there.

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