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Outdoor Research Seattle Sombrero Hat Reviews Page 2

Review Summary

4.9 out of 5

168 Reviews

  • Great value: 8
  • Build quality: 25
  • Great design: 25
  • Ease of use: 22

  • Cost: 9
  • Bad design: 1
  • brim flips up in slight wind: 1
  • inner fabric soaks up water: 1
Quality: 4.9 / 5
Durability: 4.9 / 5
Comfort: 4.8 / 5

168 Ratings & Reviews

everyone should have one
December 06, 2004

I've had my hat for about three years to my complete satisfaction -- including torrential downpours and slapping seas fishing for tuna in the deep water off the eastern seaboard. It kept me completely dry, then and always, in the forests of PA or the canyons of NYC. It travels extremely well (about the size of a pair of socks) and it's warm. I agree with other poster(s) that the OR logo upfront is too much, and I hope the folks at OR read this and tone it down. 3 years ago, I got mine for $35 and see that the hat I now want to give as a gift has... much appreciated...!!!


Not What I Wanted!
October 07, 2006

The hat looked "cool" in the photo and with the possibility of velcroing up the side of the brim it was "less geeky." However, the crown of the hat is always wrinkly and collapsed and despite its great gore tex water proof material, it looks simply awful. I carried it all over Europe for the past 25 days and luckily it never rained once.

worn it almost every day
January 27, 2006

I work outside and this hat is great. No wet head. No rivets digging into the side of my head like some hats I've bought. Really nice brim size with especially nice slope in the back to keep the rain running off my head and onto the ground instead of off my head and down my back! And the tie sinches up real nice in the back to keep the hat on even in the wind. I'm going to buy one for my partner who also works outside now that I've test flown it and found it to be excellent.

Great hat!
March 26, 2006

Having lost my boonie hat from not-so-sunny Southeast Asia a long time ago, I've always tried to find something to match it. The sombrero actually provides more protection from the rain because it's got a larger brim than the jungle boonie hat I was issued. I bought an XL but should probably switch to an L because the band is adjustable. I tried on an L at a local store and it fits fine. You should be able to adjust the band to accomodate and even larger than a 7 5/8ths, which is my size. Beats a hood because it keeps the rain out of your eyes and off your face.

April 22, 2004

This sombrero is awesome. My head never gets hot with this hat on. My friends have to tell me when its raining because I can't tell with the sombrero on. A lot better than most Sombreros, combination of awesome weather protection and style.

I finally broke down and bought one.
May 01, 2006

Great hat.. I should have purchased it sooner! I thought that I would be a little techno geeky with it but we just returned from a "weekend" trip and I may have sold 3-4 more.. Kept the rain and sun off of me very well.

A wonder hat
November 12, 2006

Bought my first Seattle Sombrero Hat 10 years ago and wore it out to the last. Even in Texas there are weeks to use it daily. It is a great and warm shield in inclement weather, even a pour down just does not reach you and the dark rim works protective wonders when the sun returns. Ideal for travel as it always stays in shape Just got another one to last for years.

great fitting, rugged lid
March 05, 2007

Hat fits great w/ the adjustable velcro strap inside. Bought it for kayaking in the N-East (RI). Gets pretty snotty here in the spring and fall. Haven't had the opportunity to put it to the test but the gore-tex is solid..May be hot in the summer...we'll see. Heading to the FL Keys for some fishing in a few weeks....i'll try it in the baking sun there & see how th ventilation is

July 28, 2004

This is the only hat I will ever use for comfort, fit & durability when kayaking or hiking. Not only does it protect from the sun, but it's lightweight, drys quick and always looks good. It's a real keeper!!

Perfect fit and usage
August 12, 2006

I have 3 of them in different places I use to go! I find it so good, I would not like to be under the rain without it.

Works well in snow too!
December 03, 2005

I got my first hat while living in Portland, Oregon. I have also found it works pretty well in the winters of Colorado during snow storms. It does nicely in terms of sheltering the face from falling and drifting snow. I generally wear a light wool cap underneath for added warmth, especially during tea breaks amongst the trees.

Solid Hat
January 04, 2006

Works well against rain, snow, and high winds. Brim wide enough for protection against sun, & side velcro straps very convenient.

Outstanding hat
June 05, 2005

The hat that I bought was exactly what I thought it would be and at a very fair price.

Pretty Darn Perfect
January 23, 2006

This hat is lightweight, waterproof, windproof, way easy to pack, just plain super functional. Yea, it is pricey, but it is worth it. Pretty perfect outdoor hat. It is a little funny looking so buy it for function not fashion, you will not be disappointed.

July 14, 2004

This hat is great. Provides great rain protection, adjustable fit so it fits great & it looks good. Sorry I had not purchased one sooner.


May 20, 2006

Outdoor Research: Seattle Sombrero is very good looks and the best of all in any weather.

Best Hat Ever
June 15, 2005

In my opinion, one of the best hats you can buy - I use mine for fly fishing. Blocks the sun, completely waterproof, gortex lined for warmth, yet not hot on warm days, flaps come up on the sides for casting and a handy chin strap if it gets windy. Looks pretty good too.

wear glasses must have
January 06, 2005

If you wear glasses this is the hat to wear. We get 100 inches of rain in less than 5 months. It keeps you warm, dry and no rain drips on your glasses or on your neck. It's durable, packs small. It is perfect.

Top quality and function.
August 28, 2005

First time buying an Outdoor Research product. Very impressed with the quality.

Great Hat
January 03, 2007

I bought the Seattle Sumbrero Hat as a replacement gift for the OR hat my wife had lost years ago. The new one looks great on her. Nice shape to the crown.

Great Hat
September 25, 2006

The construction is great, and lightweight for all activities.


Great for spring skiing - hot for summer
April 29, 2006

Wide brim for shade, but no vent holes or flaps.

great looking hat on for women
January 18, 2006

I will be using the hat for an upcoming trip to Africa, the sizing chart accurate, fits perfect, looks great, well made, arrived 3 days after I ordered

Best RainHat Ever Made
August 30, 2004

Went Paddling in Northern Maine this summer and my wife and I got caught in a downpour. She always thought my Old Seattle Sombrero was funny looking until that day when I let her wear it. She hassled me to get her one until I got one for her. Now she wears it all the time.

Great hat
August 23, 2004

Nice hat, fits great. Agree with everything in previous reviews. Adjustable tab inside hat was a real pleasant surprise. Comfortable in the sun. The style was very nice too. My wife would keep it if it is not. Nice to have many avaiable colors. She was able to pick one that match her PFD.

Super prize winning hat!
February 11, 2006

The alcolades earned by this hat were deserved. Bought one for my daughter that was confiscated by my husband. Bought another for my daughter then one for my sister, one for myself. And I am about to buy one for another sister. These hats work well and look good on all generations. The flexible fit band is also helpful.

Awesome Hat
June 03, 2005

I love this hat! It's retains its shape after being packed away, sheds rain and show like a beast, and looks pretty good om my tomboy head. My friend liked mine so much that she took it over and I bought another one. Quality stitching and ya can't beat the GoreTex. A+

Great Product!
November 27, 2006

Bought the hat for hubby, he said it is the best he has ever had. Rain this year has been the worst ever and when he wears it to work outside on our 20 acres he says it keeps him dry even in the heaviest rain.

Great Hat
March 22, 2006

I love the adjustable headband and the fact it is waterproof. Excellent product for the great outdoors.

Glad I Bought This One!
April 04, 2006

I have trouble finding hats that are small enough for me. I ordered the Seattle Sombrero in a small and it fits perfectly. Not only does it keep the rain out, it looks great. When I wore it to work for the first time, I got comments about how cute it looks. I love this hat!

Great hat, pricey but worth it!
May 15, 2005

I spend a lot of time in the field camping, hiking, etc. I purchased this hat mainly for sun protection but it also works great for when you do not want to use your rain jacket hood.

what a way to get out of the rain
January 03, 2007

In Arkansas the men wear bill caps and when it rains the red necks get wet. I took a chance and ordered the Sumbrero Hat to go with the oilskin duster. What a hit. Now he can work on the boat and not get water down his back. Don't tell him, but I think he really looks handsome in this great hat.

March 15, 2007

This hat keeps me dry so long~also waterproof.

Great Cover Sports Fans
August 05, 2006

Love the cover as we say in the army. Just back from a long hike no overexposure to report. I applaud your company, your employees and your service to date. Without qusetion two things 1 I will purchase from you again anf 2 I will and have highly recommended your company to my collegues.

New and Improved
January 15, 2006

This is my second OR Sombrero. To my surprise there is now an internal velcro band. This allows the owner to make the fit perfect. Ordinarily I would give the hat 5 stars but the new hat has a cosmetic flaw. The hat is black but has what looks like white specks around the stitching. On closer inspection it appears the white specks are the materials actual color showing throguh where the needle stitched. A noticeable flaw but does not appear to be a functional issue.

Great hat but stitching quality was below average
September 08, 2006

I just took this hat on a week long elk hunt and it performed excellently during 5 days of periodic rainfall. My only gripe is that the stitching on the hat was less than average when I received it; I had to cut some loose threads and tuck some others back into the seam from fear of the stitching coming loose. Overall, it's a great hat though and I would highly recommend it.

Keep Dry
December 31, 2005

My husband has had a Seattle Sombrero for many years. The one that he had previously was basically falling apart he used it so much over the course of about 14 years. He asked for one thing for Christmas and that was a NEW Seattle Sombrero so thats what he got and he still didn't retire the 'old' hat. Definately worth the money and then some!!!!

Excellent for the outdoor person
July 11, 2004

If you spend time outdoors in the rain, this hat is for you. I fly fish all year round, and this hat is one of the most indispensible items I own. Breaths well, and keeps the rain out. Highly recommended.

September 13, 2006

Purchased this has 5 years ago - is still like new and has been used often. Rear of hat is designed like a fireman's hat - a bit longer to keep the rain off your neck. I love this hat and just bought another one for my father's 60th birthday!

Great Hat as advertised and gets the looks!
November 13, 2004

As advertised, does its job with a look thats half Indiana Jones and half Choinard.

great hat
June 05, 2006

I love it, it stays on in the wind, andkeeps the rain off my head, plus i look cool in it.

Hands free
December 21, 2004

I like the two Seattle Sombrero hats I bought because I can go anywhere without worrying about packing an unbrella. I keep one in each of the cars. They keep your hands free and you don't have to juggle parcels. They are very substantial and will probably last for many years. These a must have for hat fans and for those who dislike umbrellas.

Great hat; wish it were cooler.
March 24, 2005

I have an OR Seattle Sombrero, in yellow/black. I give this hat an 8 out of 10 rating. I also have OR gaiters, and a Sahara Sombrero for summer paddling. The hat is good for cold weather, great for rain, and has been folded in a pack, sat on, and squished in other ways... *I like the OR logo on the front. It shows you have a first class item to be proud of...e.g. you are a techno gear geek! I have a big head. It could be a bit wider for us wide-faced folks. I wish it was a bit cooler. I sweat a lot in mine. Other than that, I really like it, particularly the velcro adjusted fit.

The wet coast
November 01, 2004

I hike in the Fraser Valley, British Columbia where visitors are greated with "Welcome to the wet coast!" The hat is excellent out on the trails, the only problem is having to make the effort to look up for hanging branches. I lent it to my girlfriend on a hike - I sure miss the hat!

Essential paddling gear at sea
May 09, 2005

A fantastic piece of headgear. I bought it specifically for sea kayaking in Tasmania, and it proved to be an essential item for the temperate conditions there.

Great Hat
October 22, 2005

I have bought Hats from this maker before and have never been unhappy with the quality or performance!

Looks silly, works great!
April 01, 2005

Arizona offers a variety of environments to explore within a half day of driving from my home in Phoenix. From lowland Sonoran Desert hikes, climbs in the "sky islands," to snow storms in the White Mountains, you have to be prepared for just about anything. I like hiking our sourthern border with Mexico--it tends to weed out the bluffers. The Seattle Sombrero might just as easily have been called the Sonoran Sombrero; in fact, it would make more sense. I haven't had much chance to use the Sombrero, but I already love the damn thing. It works: protects you from the sun, rain, and the wind, and it stays on your head. I especially like those velcro tabs that allow you to streamline the brim when you're going through brush. Sure, it looks a little dorky, but where I go along the Mexican border you must carry a sidearm, and not because of the rattlesnakes either (nobody in their right mind shoots a rattlesnake anymore). A lot of people in the border country tend to evaluate you by what you're wearing on your belt, not on your head. Of course, the people I like judge you by what's under your sombrero.

Great Hat, even makes me look good!
January 16, 2007

This is a good quality hat that feels great on and performs well when needed. You put this hat on and you feel like you should be involved is some adventure...I plan on it.

January 09, 2006

Great Hat keeps me dry even in the heaviest rain

Wortj every penny--great for rain and sun
November 08, 2005

I picked up my sombrero for a Grand Canyon rafting trip a couple years ago and it's been with me ever since. It's a great hat in rain (you can put a jacket hood over it and the flaps keep the hood off you face), does just as well no the hot sun, and when wet can catch enough air in the brim to inflate like a flying saucer, amusing everyone you're with. The last part may not sound fun, but is sure was fun for the rest of the raft.

I own 3! What does that tell you?
July 10, 2004

This is the best, most comfortable, most effective all around hat there is. Period. I have worn it on countless backpacking, fishing, hiking, and trekking adventures. Once I wore it in a sail boat race in a gale, where the top of my head was the only dry place on anyone on board. I refer to my hat lovingly as my "VUH" (Very Ugly Hat). I would only love it more if OR would embroider "VUH" on the front!

Good Hat
January 07, 2006

I like all outdoor research products that I have. This hat has an excellent fit, good looks, and most of all, it is waterproof. I bought it for kayaking.


The legendary Sombrero
May 16, 2006

The legendary soggy climate of the Pacific Northwest prompted us to develop this hat for use in a wide assortment of activities. It's great for active wet-weather pursuits such as sea kayaking, backpacking in the rainforest, or swinging a polaski on a rainy trailwork project.

Terrific Hat
February 01, 2006

As usual, outdoor research really pays attention to detail. Not only is this hat waterproof, but it has an adjustable band to customize the fit, velcro tabs to hold the side-flaps in place (Aussie look), and the chin strap with cord lock will keep the head-gear in place in the strongest of gales. In addition, the quality of workmanship and styling in exceptional.


the best
March 02, 2007

excellent hat, great all weather attire, as I was hoping totally water proof!

Great hat for golf too!
May 21, 2006

I used this in Rainy seattle and in Rainier Vancouver and in the Rain, Mist and wind in Ireland and Scotland. Makes a great golf hat!

September 18, 2006

I purchased this hat for use on duty as I am a K9 Deputy Sheriff and I frequently stand out in the rain on car accidents. Since I received the hat, I have used it several times in heavy downpours on I95 and it has worked GREAT!. The fit is snug, the brim withstands a heavy rain and keeps the rain off your face (similar to a boonie hat, but this one does not get soaked and cave in), and most important is that it is breathable. The hat also comes in many different colors and I was able to choose one to exactly match my uniform. I am real happy with the hat and would highly recommend it. The price was the best I could find online also. The first wreck I worked in the pouring raiin, I was glad I spent the $48. Trust me.

This product lives up to its rating!!
November 29, 2006

I"ve intentionally gone for a walk in the rain up here in Washington, and this is the most lightweight and waterproof hat that I have owned.It"s also very compact and folds up into a small bundle.

Awesome headware
July 12, 2005

I purchased this for a hiking trip up Tuckerman's Ravine to the summit of Mt Washington in New Hampshire. It was misting at the beginning and it continued for most of the ascent. With winds in excess of 40 mph the drawstring kept it in place and it kept my head warm and dry. It also did an outstanding job of keeping the sun off my neck and face. It kept its shape very well. I would recomment the Seattle Sombero to any one.

Great place to shop
December 21, 2005

Good selection and great pages to shop from. Very good e-mail response and very swift delivery in a spacious container.

Great Hat!
March 16, 2005

The hat does the job it's suppose to in the rain. The adjustable headband allows you to wear extra layers in cooler weather and ensures a great fit. Highly recommended.

November 30, 2004

I like the fact that I can snug it up so it fits perfectly. Also I like the fact that the brim is wider in the back. This will really help to keep the rain off of the back of my neck. It will be perfect for hiking, or for just sitting around the campfire when it's raining. I would recommend this hat to anyone who spends any time out in the rain.

The legendary Sombrero
May 16, 2006

The legendary soggy climate of the Pacific Northwest prompted us to develop this hat for use in a wide assortment of activities. It's great for active wet-weather pursuits such as sea kayaking, backpacking in the rainforest, or swinging a polaski on a rainy trailwork project.

best rain hat ever!
November 13, 2005

I am a letter carrier in washington state and I have used this hat extensively the past 15 years, Yes 15 years! That says alot about its durability. It is light wieght. The pithe helmet the post office issues its carriers is very heavy in contrast to the sombrero. Plus it cleans up very nicely. I could not imagine delivering my route on one of our all day rains without it.

I love it !
January 05, 2006

Purchased to accompany me to the Peruvian Amazon in April. Appears to be perfect for the task. Will send pics and comments on return.

Couldn't be without it
May 05, 2006

I bought a black Seattle Sombrero ten years ago for a trip to Australia. Loved it and fitted right in with the locals. Then I got a blue & black SS that looked a bit less severe. That went with me travelling world-wide. The rim is just right to keep rain drops from my glasses. Great for small camera photography in the rain. And it disappeared, somewhere in the Caribbean. Couldn't be without it, bought another blue/black one (different shade of blue), and we just booked a second trip to Australia

A great hat even for Southern California
March 22, 2004

Warm, waterproof, fits great, looks great and packs easy -- what else do you need?

Very Good
November 03, 2004

Might elevate to excellent after this hunting season. But first extended bowhunting efforts were conducted last weekend with a lot of rainy weather and the hat has performed flawlessly thus far. Very comfortable too.

Why Did I Wait So Long to Buy It!!
May 08, 2005

This hat is a must have if you spend a lot of time in the rain. It's real comfortable, looks nice, and works exceptionally at keeping water off your head.

Best Hat Ever!
April 28, 2005

This hat is the best thing to come along since the baseball cap. I wear it for anything outdoors, kayaking, hiking, camping, etc. and it has never failed to keep my head and most of my upper body dry. Repels rain, and directs perspiration away from your head into the brim to evaporate. Keeps the sun off your head and neck... great product!

Good hat for the rain
December 21, 2006

Purchased awhile back. Used it when I went kayaking in the rain. The hat held up well and is lightweight. It is pricey but I have not found another hat that is comparable in quality, function, and appearance.

I own 3! What does that tell you?
July 10, 2004

This is the best, most comfortable, most effective all around hat there is. Period. I have worn it on countless backpacking, fishing, hiking, and trekking adventures. Once I wore it in a sail boat race in a gale, where the top of my head was the only dry place on anyone on board. I refer to my hat lovingly as my "VUH" (Very Ugly Hat). I would only love it more if OR would embroider "VUH" on the front!

it works
October 28, 2004

it's a nice hat but i just wish it had a wider brim in front since when it is blowing and rainy here it isn't quite as much protection as my old black diamond rain hat which recently died.

Excellent !
October 02, 2006

Puchased the hat for hiking in bad weather and ended up using it for the first time in a golf tournament in the rain. Very comfortable and I stayed dry the whole time.

Great hat
April 14, 2005

Excellent hat, use for hiking in the northwest and has kept me dry and happy. Look good to.

Best single piece of out door equipment I own
May 15, 2006

This is my 4th OR Seattle Sombrero and it will not be my last.

OR Seattle Sombrero
June 21, 2006

I have had mine for years and recently bought one for my girlfriend who just loves it. It's a great hat and very versatile!

Awesome hat
May 31, 2005

Amazing hat. Used it on the grand canyon on a dory trip and was awesome. Great hat for water adventures. Highly, highly recommend it.


Great hat
April 05, 2007

This hat has an excellent fit, keeps you dry for a long time and is also waterproof!

Super rainy weather hat!
January 08, 2005

I have used this hat on a fishing trip in Canada. Together with my rain suit, this hat kept me very dry during a very heavy downpour.

Great product
July 18, 2006

This hat met all expectations. Completely water proof, light weight and very comfortable. Field tested on a Canadian Fishing trip where heavy downpours are common. I wore this hat the entire week and am very pleased with it

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