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Not all long underwear is created equal. Patagonia long underwear or Capiline® as it is branded has helped set the standard for performance thermal underwear. Like everything Patagonia makes, their Capiline® is simple and functional. Developed in collaboration with Polartec®, Capline® is synthetic long underwear available in four different weights and designed for endurance sports. Its performance moisture wicking ability is one of the best available. Every weight now features Gladiodor® odor control to keep your tent mates happy. You will find Capiline® in many styles including:

Capiline® 1 or silkweight is the lightest weight available and moves moisture away from your body to ensure that you stay dry. It is perfect as a base layer in cold weather aerobic pursuits like nordic skiing or running, and it works great on a hot day as a lightweight layer that offers sun protection during your favorite workout. Whether you choose it as a cold weather layer or a warm weather top, Patagonia Capiline® moves sweat away from your body to help you regulate your temperature. The crewneck silkweight is one of the most versatile layers you can own. Whether you wear on its own or under your other layers, it will keep you dry and comfortable in a wide variety of conditions.

Capiline® 2 is Patagonia's lightweight weight base layer. It maintains incredible breathability and moisture wicking properties. Ideal for layering in cold weather, Patagonia Capiline® 2 is the standard go-to base layer for skiing and snowboarding. It also works great on its own when there is a slight bite the air for trail running or working outdoors. Put on a Capiline® Zip-T top and you will end up using for everything from backcountry skiing to casual wear. You will like it so much, you will need more than one.

Capiline® 3 was designed with cool and cold weather in mind. If you live or recreate where single digit temperatures are the norm, Patagonia's midweight Capiline® 3 is the base layer for you. It is sure to keep you warm on and off the chairlift, all day long. Like all Capiline® the 3 weight is has great stretch and durability. It should be a part of every skier and snowboarder's wardrobe.

Capiline® 4 is Patagonia's heavyweight or expedition weight long underwear. The interior is brushed for comfort and warmth, and it still has great wicking characteristics. Wear it as a base or middle layer. A full-zip Capiline® top is the ultimate in layering warmth. If you don't like to be cold, this heavyweight layer is for you. A pair of Capiline® bottoms under your ski pants will help keep you warm in the harshest conditions.

Patagonia sets a high standard in all of their clothing. Their entire Capiline® line is recyclable through their Common Threads Recycling Program and all styles utilize a level of recycled material in their construction. If you have a question about size or what style best suits your needs, check in with one of our customer service representatives. We are here to help you pick the best product for your next adventure.

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