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3 items

Quicksilver is liquid metal. Anyone that has learned how to surf knows that waves too act like liquid metal. Inexperienced surfers often find themselves in the impact zone, where the lip of a wave meets the surface of the ocean. Depending on the size and speed of the wave, boards and bones are broken here. The trick is to paddle hard and not miss that all important duck dive to get past the approaching wave. Solid surf apparel and gear also helps.

The well known surf company, Quicksilver, knows how waves can tear rookies and clothing apart. It takes the idea of sturdy clothing to the ocean with its complete line of Men's and Woman's surf clothing and beach clothing. Double seamed wetsuits and swimsuits are just the beginning. Quiksilver boardshorts, worn by many experienced surfers, are known for not sticking to your thighs when you make that essential pop-up maneuver when catching a wave. That split second between when you begin planing down the face of a wave and actually surfing on your feet is essential. The slightest hiccup, one caused by the fabric of your shorts sticking to the top of your thighs, is enough to send you flying into the impact zone.

The company's high quality extends to beach apparel too. Whether you're sitting on the dunes waiting for the swell to arrive, or simply out for a wave hunting expedition on flat days, these clothes are sure to keep you comfortable and cool, even if you are just a rookie looking to avoid liquid metal.
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