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If you still associate Roxy clothing exclusively with surf and swim wear, you're missing out on some of the best functional and fashionable women's casual and snow apparel available today. While Roxy remains a leader in girl's swimming suit and surf-oriented sportswear, the lifestyle brand mixes feminine styling with cutting-edge athletic innovations for other activities like skating, traveling, snowboarding or just hanging out with like-minded friends.

Roxy began as a female-specific line of swimsuits, boardshorts and rashguards, a counterbalance to Quiksilver's success in the men's surf clothing market. What makes Roxy distinct from other surf-oriented apparel is how the company gives girls and women a wide range of clothing choices that range from highly technical sportswear to definitively feminine and exceptionally comfortable clothing. When other companies copy this approach, they look like they're chasing the pie charts and percentages of a proposed demographic--Roxy keeps it real for their dedicated and growing customer base.

Today Roxy offers some of the most popular shoes, watches, purses and casual accessories found in stores thousands of miles from an ocean beach, but some of this continued success can be attributed to Roxy's success in ski and snowboard outerwear clothing. Like the early boardshort designs, Roxy applied the right balance of technical innovation and style in a range of distinct colors and designs to their winter apparel. They created durable and breathable snowboard pants and shells loaded with the same watertight vents, MP3 music pockets and other technical features found on the best men's designs--without the bland unisex compromises. Unlike some outdoor clothing companies that dedicate a portion of their budget to men's clothing and spends the rest on similar clothing cut or tweaked for girls, Roxy is all about designs exclusively for women. That's why Roxy clothing feels more than comfortable--it feels true to your spirit of fun and adventure.

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