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Ruffwear Bark'n Boots GripTrex Footwear for Dogs Reviews Page 2

Review Summary

4.3 out of 5

177 Reviews

  • Build quality: 9
  • Great design: 8
  • Great value: 8
  • Ease of use: 7

  • Cost: 8
  • Bad design: 4
  • sizing: 2
  • Low performance: 1
Quality: 4.6 / 5
Durability: 4.5 / 5
Fit: 3.6 / 5

177 Ratings & Reviews

The best boots for your pup!
January 26, 2010

My dogs had no problems adjusting to these boots, just make sure you get the proper size. They tend to run large. The soles are tough and are easily hosed off when your dog steps in something nasty. Great Boots!!

December 04, 2009

My order arrived early. The shoes went on my dog so easy. It's been a month of hard wear they have been washed several times, and they still look like new. These are by far the best shoes my dog has owned. They have sturdy rubber souls and don't turn on the foot.

Perfect bootie
August 31, 2008

I have a 5 months old puppy. I didn't really want to get this at first because of the price. However, I have no regret after purchasing a pair for my puppy. It was a perfect fit. It never came off even when he was running and jumping. I can now enjoy walking with him knowing that his paws are safe.

Bark'n Boots Grip Trex Footwear For Dogs
September 15, 2008

They are great, they stay on when properly fastened. My dog at first didn't like them but after I put the leash on her she started walking and seen how easily she could walk in them. These will be great in the winter time when the temperatures is very cold and ice on the ground. My little Princess's paws will never hurt again.

Great construction, fits like a glove!
August 20, 2009

I've tried two other manufacturers for shoes for my lab and the fit was not good enough for them to stay on his feet and not trip him. The molded rubber bottom cups the foot, providing solid foot placement. The breathable fabric on top is soft and does not crease and cut into the top of his paw and the cinch straps complete the secure fit. He doesn't mind walking and running in these boots, in fact he has more bounce in his gait with them on and doesn't mind walking over gravel walkways.

Great product.
June 14, 2009

These boots are great. I have hunting dogs that often hunt in rough terrain. These boots will prevent sore or damaged pads, and allow them to run all day.

Dog outsmarted the shoes
May 26, 2009

Well built except for the plastic part of the fastener. My aussie licks her feet compulsively and many foot coverings don't work well with wood floors. She broke the plastic part to free her feet. A 25 dollar dry cleaner run and they put metal ones in that seem to be much better.

Good Boots
November 03, 2009

Best dog boots around, but make sure they fit. The large size fit my labs front paws, but they were two big for his rear paws. If the don't fit right they will spin around on paws so the bottom ends up on top. Got mediums for rear paws and now they work great. They sell the boots individually so you don't have to buy two full sets.

Get two sets!
June 28, 2009

Great boots. I tried 3 other brands before trying these and was very pleasantly surprised. Our Golden loves these on hikes and is bolder than usual with them on. They're also great when he's on the tennis court and prevent his pads from wearing out. Get two pairs so when one gets muddy you can still take him out to play and just throw both pairs in the wash later!

great boots
May 12, 2009

fit my 85 lb pit bull well. correct size is important.

Boots I was looking for
December 08, 2008

I finally found good quality paw-wear for my dog. They stay on and do not turn upside down. I usually buy medium size shoes for my Cocker Spaniel, but these ran big, and I had to go with the size smaller.

great construction, not a custom fit
February 17, 2010

These boots are constructed better than any others. However, there's nothing about them that adjusts to provide some element of a custom fit. Therefore, if your dogs' hind feet are long and narrow like my dog's, they will slip. I've also had problems with them rubbing the feet raw at pressure points. Good boots, but need some improvement to make them really great.

awesome product
May 12, 2009

measure carefully. I ordered an XXL for my 100 lb lab and they were too big. I've exchanged for an XL

The look is great, ...
December 15, 2009

but, the boots won't stay on my 7 month young puppy, Golden Retriever. Maybe she hasn't stepped in enough cacti for her to earn these, but I think she has. I live in NM, and there are a lot of cacti, plus it snows and I just want her to have the paws for all the adventures she will have - but the problem is, they won't stay on. Based on that, I give them a "3" star rating. Tell me how to keep them on, and the rating will go up, I'm sure.

Best-in-class. Protective, comfortable, stylish and stay on.
February 07, 2010

Our dog Fritz thinks he's a sled dog competing in the Iditarod even though he's a minischnauzer and will probably never get to Alaska. The RuffWear bark'n boots grip trex footwear is by far the best in class winter boot available (and we have tried many). The durable rubber-soled boots protect his paws during wintry walks and allow him to explore the snow covered paths without worrying about cold or ice related injury to his paws. Make sure you get the right size so they can be tightened securely without slipping off.

Great shoe for my best friend
February 15, 2009

I am very particular about the shoes I put on my feet, so I went looking for the best made when I needed a set for my best friend. I ordered a large with socks and they are very well made and fit the front feet great. I wish I were able to order a smaller size for his rear but may just buy a full set in the next size down for his rear paws. $$ but they are worth the money, It’s a mans best friend were taking care of right?. The sizing chart was true to size for a large 110-pound mastiff.

good boots but size is critical
May 29, 2009

I bought these because my dog's feet (50# brittany/lab mix size small) are tender after running a long time on the asphalt when I take him with my bike or rollerblades. They seem to fit good and he doesn't mind them at all but I ordered the wrong size for my sister's dog who is a 80# shepherd (size L)because they kept slipping to the side or upside down so size is very important! He's the one who needs them the most because he runs so hard on the payment and has a history of chaffing his pads. I'm considering ordering the medium with socks!

Worked well and will buy again
March 27, 2009

I bought these for my German Shorthair that we recently adopted. He had never run on asphalt and after only two miles he had a bloody paw. However he is a special case because of an accident when he was 2 he really only uses one of his rear legs. So far the boots are working well, although they sometimes turn over, but only on his bad foot. His foot is atrophied and doesn't strike correctly which I'm sure is causing the boot to roll. The boots are showing slight wear after about 20 road miles. Hopefully they'll hold up well and I'll get a few more months out of them. All in all a very good product.

Great product with Good Looks!
July 16, 2009

I bought these boots to be used by my 3 year old black lab. On an average weekend she will run with me around 20-25 miles on dirt and packed gravel. Her paws hold up OK on this surface, but I thought these Boots would be a good addition for the asphalt runs. These boots would protect her paws so they don't get cut up. The boots are of high quality, but only time will tell as to if they will last on asphalt. I had to re-order these boots to a size smaller because of my dogs smaller back feet, so be sure to order as close to the proper width of the dogs average feet measurement. My dog got used to the boots quickly, and didn't look awkward walking very long. These boots also look really good with my dog's matching red collar.

Teriffic Boots for dogs, espcially who are injured!
May 22, 2009

Very teriffic! We are rebilitating a dog who broke his neck and so we are using them a lot. Two improvements: extend the rubber padding on the front toe up a little bit because of the foot that drags. Also, around the inside of the top of the boot the inside needs a removable padding strip because it can rub the top of the ankle for animals who wears them a lot.


Great in cold and snowy weather
January 01, 2010

Kept the ice balls from forming in my 2 Golden Retrievers paws and stayed on perfectly on my last 7 mile x-country ski. The only drawback is that one must put on tight and make sure the velcro is pressed really tight to stay on. I wish there was a more boom proof attachment.

Boot Review ReBarks
July 02, 2009

I live in hot Dallas and own a very active Boykin Spaniel. Dylan is a home companion, walking companion and my hunting dog. This is my second purchase of Bark'n boots. The first set is about 9 months old and is still serviceable. Easy to put on and Dylan has experienced no chafing, rubbing etc. Because we have hardwood floors, Dylan wears the boots daily for up to 12 hours. He likes the boots and we like our scratch free floors. We have experienced no problems. He only wears the boots outside when we go on walks to protect his pads from the hot pavement. I wash them in the washing machine weekly and have not had any failures. For hunting they are just okay. Unless they are cinched very tightly they have a tendency to pull free in tall grass or heavy brush. They are are too hard to find and too expensive too lose.

Best commercial boot for outdoor use we have found
May 26, 2009

Sizing can be a bit tricky. Our dog's front paw measured exactly 2", with slightly smaller rear paws. Per Ruff Wear, that is an XXS. We ordered the XXS and an XS, because 2" is the maximum width for an XXS. The XXS looks too small, but it does seem to just fit. The XS looks too big, but also fits. We've kept both because we use them often, and one set is red and one black, so the wife gets to dress the dog. We use the smaller size for milder walks. On rougher terrain, particularly uphills, the XXS have more of a tendency to slip off. The strap on the larger size sits a bit higher on the leg, which allows a more secure fit. In areas with sand or gravel, it also helps keep the stuff out of the boots. The downside to the larger size is that the dog is more likely to catch a toe and end up plowing her face into the ground or hurt the leg - remember when you played "wheelbarrow" on the playground? She has slowly gotten used to this and is much better about picking up her feet. If your dog's foot width falls into the middle of one of the size ranges, you should be set. If the width is right at the limit of a size, I might suggest the larger instead of the smaller size. Caveat - if you need boots on all four feet, the larger size may not work as the hind feet are generally slightly smaller than the front. Another reason we kept both sizes - we generally only need them on the front feet, so XXS or XS both work. Her rear feet are only 1.75", and the XS is too large. So, when we are on really rough terrain and need front and rear boots, we use XS on the front and XXS on the rear. The only other knock is that they are made in red China, and also have some typical small manufacturing flaws. A bit of shoe goo works to seal those up. Those issues aside, they have done wonders for our girl's sore paws, and we are very happy to have them.

Awesome boots
April 24, 2009

Size Large works perfect for my Male Golden Retriever. In the winter time, his paws and pads fill up with ice in the deep snow. These keep his paws free so he no longer lifts his paw for me to clean the ice out!

I don't recommend
August 21, 2009

The Bark'n Boots looked good but continually came off. within the first 2 miles the boots came of 9 times. At the end of our normal 5 mile walk he had blisters on top his left rear paw and on top of his left front paw. The hair is completely rubbed off on these sores. I can't really find a defect in the product but it must irritate a lot of dogs. They are obviously worn now so I can't return them. Please consider this if you plan on buying these. I feel really bad since I'm responsible for my dogs health.

The dog is not so sure but I think they will help his paws!
October 29, 2008

It has taken a little while for him to get used to them and for me to get them to stay on but they have helped while hiking and we look forward to using them in the snow!

Nice Product
April 14, 2009

Overall I like the boots. My 4 month old White Shepherd took to these very easily. I bought them because she tore her pads on a previous bike ride and I wanted to be able to protect her and exercise her at the same time. She's been running with them for a week and have zero issues. I would like to have the option of buying separately as her back paws are smaller than the front. The velcro strap ran right across only one of her dew claws-not a design flaw, just something to keep an eye on. I would recommend them to anyone.

Worth the price
May 12, 2009

I wish I would have purchased these earlier. I hesitated because of the price, then my dog cut his foot open while playing at the park and had to get stiches. They also work well to protect hardwood floors during inside play time!Well made, easy to put on, but sizing is a bit tricky.

Helped our Lab keep his pads healthy
July 09, 2008

Our chocolate lab loves playing in the lake at my parents house, the only problem was that he goes and goes until his pads get ripped up and bleed. We strapped on these boots and he played as long as he wanted for 3 days straight!!! (of course we have to keep a close eye on him and check his boots regularly to make sure they stay strapped on tightly!) We are ordering a second pair so we will have backups in case he loses one!!

Barkn boots average......
February 23, 2010

The tread needs to be stronger by the tip and sides of the foot area.My dog runs in the desert and the material busts away from the sides of the rubber.A tube of sho glou will mend it together.

Excellent boots
December 21, 2009

These boots have the best tread I've found and keep my dog from slipping on both wet and dry surfaces.

If you have a small dog best to get the other type of boot
January 09, 2010

Very well made, but heavy for small dogs. Best get the other boot for smaller dogs

stay on well.
January 07, 2009

protect my old dog's dragging feet from pavement and cold snow. he got used to them very quickly.

great product
September 01, 2009

I have a 90pound yellow lab/ golden retriever cross that is my guide dog. I use these to protect his feet in the summer heat. The asphalt gets sooo hot by midday. I don't feel guilty dragging him out during the dog days of summer any longer. He has great traction, his paws won't burn, and he is always complemented on his good sense of style.

Great Dog Booties
December 01, 2009

These are great on my Golden Retriever and he has been using these ever since his surgery. I cant say how much these have helped us over the years.

Durable, solid product
May 11, 2009

Just received the boots for my sheitie. After getting used to wearing the boots, I noticed that she is more sure-footed and not slipping when bouncing here and there. The boots didn't drop off despite her running around.

Product is great, but customer service isn't.
April 11, 2009

I ordered 2 sets of boot liners and 2 sets (4 each) of the boots. One size was incorrect so I returned them for a large, but when I received them they were xlarge. I called, they sounded nice and said they would email a form to send them back free shipping. Wrong. I paid and I reordered the correct size. I received the boot -shipping free, but their mistake cost me the shipping and handling. Shame on you.

Adorable, protective, and tough
October 16, 2008

My puppy wasn't very excited about these the first time I put these on, but he loves them now because he knows that when we get these out, he gets to PLAY!! They keep his paws from getting cut on sharp rocks when we got to the lake and protect them from the hot pavement when we're just out on the weekend! Super cute too!

Great even on road!!
December 10, 2009

Although these Bark'n Boots are normally used for field dogs, I have found with my older Great Dane, Zeus, that these boots are excellent when he starts to drag his feet when going for his nightly walk. We may wear out the boots in time,but at least his feet stay unscathed

Fantastic Product!!
August 11, 2009

We got these for our English Bull Terrier who kept wearing down his nails running around and diving in the pool. They were a little slick at first but he quickly adjusted. I honestly think he loves them!!!!

Boots work very well - size them small
October 28, 2009

My dog tore an entire pad off recently. I had to use "another" boot in the interim to getting these boots, and the that boot just didn't cut it. These boots are MUCH MUCH better. They actually stay on, and the soles make it so she doesn't slip nearly as much on slick rock. Make sure you measure your pup's paws accurately, otherwise you'll be exchanging for a different size. When in doubt, lean towards the smaller size.

best in the market
February 11, 2010

They are a bit "tall" for my english bulldog, but once he got used to them they are part of him. Great for outdoors, and indoors. We use them mostly salty sidewalks in the snow

Great danes Do these boots Well
February 08, 2010

My great dane does wonderful in these boots....160 pounds rocks make his feet sore...with these boots he can go every day. AWESOME BOOTS

Great Boots!
February 16, 2010

These boots stay put and keep my Wirehaired Pointing Griffon's paws from getting frozen. She got used to them right away and we use them while ice fishing and out in the snow. They keep her feet pretty dry but most importantly they keep ice from forming in her pads.

Good and durable
February 08, 2009

These boots fit better, are easier to put on and fasten better than any other I have uses or considered using for my Great Dane. Very durable and will last for many winters.

Great boots for an older dog
February 02, 2009

We have a 17 year old Australian shepherd who needed a traction boost. He is only wearing the back boots but they seem to help him get up off the tile floor without slipping. We may order one size smaller because he is able to kick these off fairly easily.

Great shoe but make sure to get correct fit
April 25, 2009

Great shoes but you do have to make sure you have the correct size for them to work. If you get them too big they will slip around on the foot. These shoes are easy to put. My dog does not like his feet touched but had no issue with me putting them on or wearing them. I will be ordering a 2nd smaller size to fit my dogs back feet which are a little smaller then his front.

January 11, 2010

I'm giving the boots a 2 star rating only because I feel they are not made for tiny paws. These boots are very well made but they did not work for my boston terrior......I think they are better suited for the larger dogs.

Very Functional!
June 28, 2008

I was initially skeptical that I ordered the right size. They looked too small for her, but they fit her perfectly. It took a little while for Hershey to get use to them, but they really helped her when she went to the river that was lined with jagged rock. Not once did they come off her paws. I can now enjoy myself knowing that she is safely enjoying her time in the water. Great product!

Best of its kind... but could use improvement
January 05, 2009

Of all the dog boots I have used and seen these are by far the best. Definitely order one size larger. I measured my dog's feet with a digital micrometer and ordered one size larger than recommended. They fit great. Only problem is the hook and loop material is terrible. It works fine in the city but in the field it is worthless. Especially in the mud and snow. They stay attached for about 10min in deep snow, just until the hook and loop starts to peel off. The Vibram outsoles are awesome almost everywhere (still slippy on ice though). The general construction is very good too, like most Ruff Wear products. I may try and find some heavy duty hook and loop to replace the stuff they come with. Because, other than that, they really are a great product and do a very good job protecting the dog's feet.

January 28, 2010

Really, I don't normally comment on products but my two large SPCA rescue dogs run the mountains like crazy in these boots, chasing rabbits at light speed and THEY STAY ON PERFECTLY! I think they even get better traction with them to go even faster. I am quite impressed! (and the pictures are adorable too...)

April 08, 2009

I work on the Mexican / US border and bought these shoes for my narcotic detector dog. With the pavement being so hot from the extreme heat, these shoes protect her feet. I also purchased the socks that go with the shoes for added protection. My dog is comfortable having these shoes on for a full 8 hour shift. I would highly recommend this product.

December 11, 2009

I have a tender-footed large breed dog prone to nail & pad problems. Problems solved. Excellent product. Lighting fast shipping. I will be a repeat customer.

Great option for us
November 02, 2009

This has been a great option for my Australian Cattle Dogs. The ranch we live on has more than it's fair share of prickly pear cactus and sand burs. The pups quickly took them and I have had no problem with them twisting or staying on. My male dog has tried to pull them off and I am wondering if it is a comfort issue so I am ordering the liners that go with them. I am very happy with these boots.

Don't stay on.
August 18, 2009

Don't stay on. The boots are much too short. They need some kind of sleeve or cuff to keep them on. Worthless as you will lose them quickly.

Not for use in deep snow!
June 28, 2009

If you live up in snow country (Minnesota), snow gets between the velcro of the closure strap which results in the boot slipping off in deep snow and is lost. They need a better closure system. I would not buy these boots again.


Great Doggy Boots
April 10, 2009

Got my dog a pair cause he likes to chase the 4-wheeler and his poor feet get really chewed up. He walked funny for about the first 10 mins and after that its like there not even on his feet. Great for hiking. Thanks Altrec for saving my dog feet, no more blood!!!

Decent but not perfect
September 22, 2009

Maybe this fits on some dogs differently, but I tried this on my 4 labs, and they fall off within a mile or so hiking. They seem like such a great idea, but the restraint system needs to be improved. When the dogs had them on, they got used to them fairly quickly.

Great Boots...For a Great Dane!
November 17, 2009

Living in The city, with little grass makes it very rough on our Danes paws. Long runs are a struggle with urban debris. Ruff wear boots are perfect for protecting his paws, and providing confidence to new ground. ...Also Keeps dirty paw prints from clean floors!

great boots
November 27, 2009

they actually look very cute as well as functional. my dog runs like the wind through the woods and always manages to injure her feet, which take weeks to heal so these protective boots have been helpful.

Great Hiking Boots
October 26, 2009

I bought these boots for a dog who is missing all the toes on her front left paw. We have other boots, but she doesn't find them that comfortable. These boots allow her to walk around without any discomfort. She runs & jumps and plays like normal. After one month of everyday use, they are still like brand new & they've been used in mud, rain & snow. As long as I make the strap tight, they stay on her foot & don't slide down or off. These are wonderful boots & I would recommend them to anyone looking for hiking boots for their dog.

Lost in the snow
January 10, 2010

I strapped the boots as tightly as they could go around Elvis' paws, and still lost one in deep snow. I had previously emailed Customer Service to inquire whether the company had advice about the boot rotating so that the tread would end up on top of the dog's paw -- e.g. Did that mean the boot might be too big? Reflect some weird gait thing about my dog? -- and got no response. So while the boots look great and really work while they are on -- Elvis didn't have to stop to dig ice balls out of his paws that kept their boots -- the design is not strong enough to keep the boots on in Cleveland snow...Anybody have single boots on sale on eBay?? Good luck with these...

These are fabulous boots. You get what you pay for!
February 09, 2009

I originally ordered XXL for my American Bulldog (90Lbs, foot was 3.35") but they were way too big so I called Ruffwear and they helped me figure out the correct size and even took a look at the photos of his feet. We decided on XL and they came really fast from Altrec (best price!) and they are awesome. We just went walking in the slushy salty crud out there and he did great, no whining to go home. Boots stayed on even in the deep snow. Feet were dry when we got home and no black salt to wash off! I can't say enough good. Try them, you will love them!

THE Dog Boot
December 21, 2009

Excellent quality/construction. Very durable. I'm ordering another pair right now! My 150 lb Bullmastiff has severe paw issues so I took the chance on these working for him---they are awesome.

These boots are perfect
June 30, 2008

We live in Qatar where summer temps reach 125-135 making all surfaces extremely hot. Also, the terrain is very ruff. These boots have been a life saver. We have tried different boots, but these stay on the best in all activities. We are buying more pairs in all colors!

Nice kicks for handicapped dogs.
February 19, 2010

My best friend Big Moose is a 10 year old German Shepherd Dog that was diagnosed about 8 months ago with a neurological disease called degenerative myelopathy. He has a disconnect between his doggy brain and his lower spinal region, rendering his hind quarters relatively useless. Luckily, he feels no pain, but his very intelligent brain does tell him that things are very different than they used to be. I am happy to endorse these Ruff Wear Bark'n Boots and any Ruff Wear product for that matter. (He is a Large in all of the Ruff Wear products.) These shoes have been great for him. They help him get a better grip on slick surfaces and most importantly they keep his feet free of scrapes, raspberries or grinding his nails to the quick from the dragging and knuckling. While in his Walkin' Wheels doggy wheelchair he paddles his back paws along and the boots give him that extra grip and protection that he needs. We do however, go through quite a few of these boots because the toe is not as reenforced as I would like them to be. But for the money, the comfort and the safety that they provide to my old friend are well worth the price tag. Also, Moose really seems to like them. He happily allows me to slip them onto his paws and they do seem to give him confidence when faced with the old hardwood floor obstacle. If you have a disabled dog and you want to make their golden years less RUFF then by all means Bark'n Boots and the Double Back Harness will help make life easier for everyone involved. Best Regards, Big Moose's Best Friend To The Very End

Great Dog Boot!
December 11, 2009

This is the second set I have purchased and I couldn't be happier with the quality.

Great Product
January 25, 2010

I have a black lab and we live in San Francisco. There are a lot of homeless and because of that a lot of broken glass, etc. These boots are such a Godsend because they protect his paws. Also, I get stopped about 2-3 times daily because people just think it's the cutest thing in the world that my dog has shoes. I've used these for 2 years now and my dog is great with them.


Easy To Put On And Work Very well
May 12, 2009

These boots are so easy to put on, and my dog got used to them very quickly. I got them for my dog so she would not have to walk in the road salt during our walks in the winter time here in the Northeast. One note of caution is that you have to get the right size, or the boot will rotate around. That happened to my dog's rear boots. I compensated by buying dog socks to get a tighter fit.

These are great!
January 16, 2010

Our 13 year-old Old English Sheepdog has hind leg issues, and had trouble getting any traction on our tile floor. These boots provide the traction he needs - what a difference! They're easy to get on and off, as well. I wish I had found these earlier! Highly recommend!

Best boot I have found for a golden with spinal problems
July 22, 2008

Old golden with degenerative spinal disease..has difficult managing his back legs. I am on my fourth pair of boots and without them my old friend couldn't walk. I had to take the boots to a cobbler who added a tougher synthetic rubber toe shield since he drags his toes. With the addition of this shield, this is the perfect boot for this old guy. All other boots either did not stay on or chaffed his feet too much. I use children's socks with the toes cut out and some medicated gold bond to protect his feet under the boot. The toe shield protects the boot from concrete chaffing and the boot protects his paws from the effects of toe dragging and gives him traction on all surfaces.


My senior doggie loves these boots
December 30, 2008

I have a 13 1/2 year old weimaraner and she hates the snow and ice. Going outside is a struggle. These booties were a little bit of a challenge at first, but once she figured out that she could still jog along (and then sprint home after doing her business) she was sold. You just have to remember to really get the Velcro tight so that the booties stay on.

Tops on Small size need to come up higher on the dogs leg
July 26, 2008

I have German Shorthair Pointers and the female needed Medium for the front paws and Small size boots for the rear paws. A rear boot came off not too long after being put on due to the top of the boot not being high enough on the small size to reach the smaller part of the dog's rear leg so it can be cinch down securely. I will be wrapping the dog's rear leg with flex tape and securing the boots with duct tape in the future. The large and medium size boots work fine.

Fantastic boots!
January 15, 2010

I have tried cheaper boots and my dog wouldn't tolerate them. When I put these on him he didn't try to take them off and we were off and running. I have a King Charles Cavalier that weighs about 23 lbs. A size xs was perfect for him. I'm recommending them to everyone!

No regrets!!
December 29, 2008

What a great buy!! We got these for our 8-year old goldie together with the boot liners. She was pensive initially but after 10 minutes of distracting her with a ball, she was all comfortable and practically racing around in them. They hold up well on our regular runs through gravel trails. We were so glad we had them on to protect her paws from the ice, salt, broken glass, and all the wintry mess in New York city during our recent vacation as well.

dont fit great
November 25, 2009

needs more durability in toe area

Fantastic! Paw savers!
December 29, 2009

Our 80 lb. female lab loves to run in the snow and ice and we continuously had to nurse her cut paws with ointment. We have her in Medium (she measured a large, but they were too big). She loves them when she is outside. inside the house she becomes traumatized with them on and won't move, but forgets the second she is out the door. Highly Recommend!

Best ones your going to find
December 27, 2008

I bought some cheaper boots at Sportsmen's Warehouse and they sucked, They were hard to put on and they would not say on, so I ordered the bark'n boots and they are awesome. The dog was so funny walking around in them the first time, but he got used to them after the 4th time wearing them. I also bought the sock that are made by Ruff Wear too. The dog is even more comfortable with them on. These might seem kind of expensive at first, but they are the best you can buy, so they are worth it.

They are a wonderful product !!!!
February 20, 2010

My Lab cross Roxanne was having a problem with her front pads.I looked at many boots and the Bark'n boots grip tex caught my eye. I already bought a Ruff Wear back pack for her and was Very pleased. I ordered the boots and was helped via live chat with the sizing of the boots. I am VERY pleased with the boots and they fit GREAT. They even passed the chase the ball challenge. Roxanne ran and jumped ,did sliding stops and they stayed on perfectly. They are also very easy to take on and off. Roxanne thanks you and so do I more bloody paws!!!! :)

Great boots!
October 15, 2009

I tried three other brands before finding ruff-wear--woof woof what a difference! These boots are awesome at protecting my golden's pads on rocky trails and actually stay on! Thanks ruff-wear!

A Must Buy!!!
September 23, 2008

I have two German Shepherd that I run with 6 days out of the week, they both use these Bark'n Boots for runs, hikes, an days at the beach. First time I used them when we got home there was a piece of glass stuck on the bottom, since then every time we go out side the yard my dogs have the boots on. Some words of cation for the buyer maker sure your dogs paws are about as big as they are going to get my boys old shoes got kicked down to my puppy girl had to go with xxl, next make sure the first few times you use the boots make sure your doing something that is fun for your dog cause it is new an its going to make a good impression on your dog that they mean fun not awkwardness( my dogs know when I have my keys that I'm going some where but when i get the keys and their shoes they know they are coming along) lastly sizing is key just as with any shoe for your self.

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