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The Ruffwear Palisades Dog Pack is built for hard use in rugged conditions over multi-day backpacking trips when extra carrying capacity is needed. This pack carries canine essentials such as food, water, bowls, treats, first-aid supplies, and toys, and even has on-board water bladders for hydration in dry conditions.


  • Removable saddlebags
  • Web Master Harness frame
  • Two 1-liter collapsible hydration bottles
  • Load compression system
  • Easy-access stash pockets
  • Coated zippers
  • High-visibility reflective trim
  • External gear loops
  • Aluminum V-ring leash attachment
  • Load stability and weight distribution provided by the slip-free, 5-point adjustment straps
  • Balanced assistance handle helps dogs up and over obstacles
  • Dog's girth (measurement around widest part of rib cage): 22-27 in, 56-68 cm (size S); 27-32 in, 68-81 cm (size M); 32-42 in, 81-107 cm (size L/XL)
  • Pack volume: 610 cu in, 10 liters (size S); 793 cu in, 14 liters (size M); 1098 cu in, 19 liters (size L/XL)

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Review Summary

4.9 out of 5

44 Reviews

  • Ease of use: 8
  • Build quality: 7
  • Great design: 7
  • Performance: 5

  • Cost: 3
  • not enough colors: 1
  • somewhat abrasive on the sides: 1
Quality: 5 / 5
Durability: 4.9 / 5
Fit: 3.2 / 5

44 Ratings & Reviews

A well-fitted pack that doesn't leave sores on my dog!
October 19, 2009

I bought this pack as a (very expensive) replacement for one that left my dog with open sores where the harness rubbed him raw. The Palisades seems well designed and manufactured, and the pack has so far stayed in pristine condition after some light use - no rips, loose seams, broken buckles, etc. At this point my dog has used this pack on about a half-dozen day hikes and a 3-day backpacking trip. The harness works as advertised - once it's properly fitted it can simply stay on for the entire day, with the pack removed at breaks - and fits beautifully, leaving no hot spots on my dog even after three days with 10-12 pounds in the pack. Things I like: It rides high, so it doesn't flop very much. You can tighten the pockets quite a bit, so the pack's not so bulky on light-load hikes. You can easily remove the pack from the harness. You can use the water bladders to adjust the weight so that the pack rides evenly. Dislikes: Other than the steep price tag, I haven't found any major problems - it works as advertised, fits well and seems to be well-made.

Great pack, great delivery !
July 14, 2008

Ordered to Belgium, and the package came in top notch condition. The pack itself is very tough and well built. My dog love's it, we already made a few short hikes with it and are planning a long 3 day hike, which I expect to be no problem either. I'm going to order a second pack for my other dog! Highly recommended pack !

Nice fit- and Big!
January 18, 2010

The harness fits great. The pack itself is much bigger than I expected, so no need to order anything larger than what fits the dog. Very well built, and sturdy, but the dog can still move well while wearing it.

Great Pack! Rides well!!
May 20, 2010

Only reason for the four instead of five stars is I haven't seen how it will hold up over time.So far we have only put about ten miles in on the pack but it is working great. My labrador loves it. Just be sure to keep it balanced. No excessive rubbing, great design. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

Great pack for larger dogs!
October 04, 2009

It's hard to find a comfortable, well fitting pack (or really anything) for our Pyrenees mix - she's 105 lbs! We ordered this and love it. The harness fits her perfectly and has two straps to make sure it stays secure. Very convenient for rest stops if we want to remove the pack. It's lightweight and is able to carry everything she needs on a hike! Definitely a must if you and your dog like being outdoors.

Great Buy!!
August 23, 2010

Excellent buy, this gear is great, we love the built-in drinking containers. The bags can also be used to hold some cooling packs which help to keep our dog (Samojed) cool in the hot Japanese weather.

Durability: 4 / 5
Quality: 5 / 5
from Indianapolis, IN
25-34 yrs

Great pack for long runs
December 10, 2011

My dog is 70 pounds. I've done an eleven mile run and a four mile trial run with my dog so far. He got used to the pack quickly. The best part is that the pack is detachable from the harness! He did chafe under his armpit on one side, but some electrical tape on the strap remedied that abrasiveness. I would like to see more color choices though. The water bladders are good--they hold the water and don't leak, but they are hard to clean and dry (I used toilet paper to wick out the water). The cinching works well if the pack is filled with stuff, but if you are only using the water bladders, then it doesn't tighten down all the way on the dog. I would overall recommend it, especially if you're just hiking with your dog.

Pros: Build quality, sizing as described, good features, Cons: not enough colors, somewhat abrasive on the sides
Durability: 5 / 5
Quality: 5 / 5
FitClothes: 4 / 5
from Lincoln, NE
25-34 yrs

September 07, 2012

I just bought this pack a couple of weeks ago and it is great. I have an Alaskan Malamute and we go hiking with her all the time. We had boughten a cheaper pack before from a different store and it had gotten so beat up after one trip we couldn't use it anymore. So we decided to spend a little more money and I would can say it was worth the money. It is very durable and has plenty of space to carry anything. The water bags are also great because they save space while allowing my dog to carrier enough water for herself. The ability to also disconnect the bag from the harness makes it much more dog friendly for longer hikes and camping trips. The bag is a little large and may look a little awkward on smaller dogs even with the tightening stablizing straps on the sides. I also believe the measuring is off because when I measured my dogs chest size it was well within the size range for a medium but when she first tried it on, it was to small. We have returned it and gotten a large instead which fits perfect.

Pros: Build quality, Lasts forever, Performance, Ease of use, Cons: Cost

Top Notch!!
January 30, 2010

The Palisades pack is extremely well built, easy to get on/off, fits perfectly (based on provided size chart) and holds all the necessary items for short, medium and long hiking/backpacking excursions. Best of all, our pooch loves it!!


Great pack
July 25, 2011

The fit was true to the girth measurement guide. I have a 57 pound labradoodle and he fit the medium. The pack's construction looks durable. He was initially not too psyched to be wearing a pack, but got used to it quickly. We did a 12 mile backpacking trip through creeks and a lot of brush and the pack held up as hoped for. No chafing or sore spots. It was nice to be able to unbuckle the pack for rest stops and when he needed to jump through narrow spaces. I anticipate we'll have years of outdoor fun together with this pack. More expensive than a lot of packs out there, but it was notable that my friend's dog's less expensive pack was askew the entire time.

Durability: 5 / 5
Quality: 5 / 5
from washington
25-34 yrs

Dog pack
June 13, 2012

I have a Saint Bernard, she's about 110 lbs. this pack is great for her, easy to distribute weight evenly and doesn't seem to bother her at all. If your dog is any smaller, I would choose a large rather than xl

Durability: 4 / 5
Quality: 4 / 5
from Los Angeles
35-44 yrs

dog pack
March 21, 2013

My dog and I love this pack....fits snuggly and doesn't slide.Seems to balance well. Takes a couple minutes to fit the harness properly for the first time but then it is set and doubles as a great way to lift your dog up and over boulders and other obstacles. I have heard it's also great for an hyper-active,working breed dog to wear on local hikes and feel like they have a job ..seems to be the case.My dog sees it come out of the closet and gets excited Reflective strips are a nice touch and add visibility at dusk/night

Pros: Great design, Build quality, Performance, Ease of use

Great Pack
January 18, 2010

Bought this pack in medium for my 80 pound yellow lab. It fits him perfectly. We do a lot of hiking and backpacking, and this was, by far, the best pack available for him. I tried a couple of others, but none of them fit him right. I really like the integrated water bladders. They really help balance the load. Highly recommend. Best fitting pack out there for my hiking buddy.


Panza's favorite pack (mine too...)
June 03, 2010

If Panza the dog had thumbs, she'd give two thumbs up for her new pack. The martingale keeps it stable and water bladders allow you to adjust load as well as stay hydrated in nasty Texas summer. Great design, tough construction,and very comfortable.

Best Dog Pack EVER!
May 08, 2009

I have 2 other dog packs and they come no where near marching the quality and engineering of this pack. The space is amazing. The focus of comfort and ergonomics of the dog is un-beatable. The detachable saddle bags from the harness is convenient and well thought out. I would recommend it to everyone. Your dog will love it!

Packin the Palisades!
November 03, 2008

Second and last dog pack I will own. It pays dividends puting a little extra money into the quality of a pruchase. The pack is very well thought out and sits well on my dogs shoulders. We do some pretty long walks and hikes so I need all of the water we can carry so the water bladders are a great benefit. The fit is good and balancing the pack is not rocket science. One minor manufacturing flaw is the lead attachment ring on the harness is not accessible when the packs are attached but I do not use it anyway so the product is great.

Blizzard loves his pack!
October 04, 2009

I am on Ski Patrol and do a lot of rescue work. I needed a pack for my dog so I read the reviews and bought the Palisades Pack. I had it embroidered with his name and a cross and he is a hit. This pack fits nicely, carries a lot of water and supplies. It needs to be weighted so it does not slide to the side but I love it. He will get many hours of quality use out of this pack and he took to it right a way. We were evacuated last night at 3:30 am and he carried his own supplies of food and water, it worked out great! Thanks for the great products!

Great pack for small jaunts to extended backpacking
November 25, 2008

Great size for backpacking with the dog. I like being able to detach the packs from the harness which I do when putting the harness on the dog and at rest stops. The pack harness seems to be comfortable for my German Shepherd to wear. There were no rub or chafe marks on her after wearing. The pack is well made and held up to scrapes when passing through narrow and rocky passages. I have only found one little downside.If you attach the leash to the dog's regular collar and you let slack into the leash it can slip between the pack and the harness on the side because the bottom of the pack does not clip down onto the harness. I ended up using the clip that is attached on the harness. At times this made controlling the dog (who is strong and sometimes tries to run after small animals)more challenging.

Great quality
March 09, 2009

I have tryed other packs on my perrinesse and they just didn't compare. Finally a pack that you don't have to keep playing with it to stay on straight. And the metal D ring for the lead is perfect. I often put just the harrness from the pack on him to walk the neighborhood. It gives me perfect control on those rare occasions when I lose his attenion. But where it really excells is on the trail. Thanks Ruff Wear.

Great pack!
April 18, 2010

I have a husky and he's very energetic and loves to tug on his leash when he's not supposed to. I bought this bag to get him to burn more energy and it's GREAT! I also plan on going hiking with him and don't want to carry all his water, it gets heavy! The only thing I don't like is that the bladder bags are hard to fill without making a mess, if you fill it up too full, but that might be user error!

from florida

Great Buy
October 15, 2010

Amazing little backpack my 90 pound rott loves it she gets excited everytime she sees it. Very well made and comes with hydration pouch.. so your dog can carry all she needs for the trip.. which helps out alot..

So great I bought another one!
May 10, 2010

This pack is AMAZING! I have a husky and I just bought another one for a boxer, yet another working dog. The pack fits a lot of stuff, more than I thought. The water bladders are great and my husky is getting used to drinking from the tube.

May 16, 2008

This pack is great! I can load up the pups with everything they are going to need,( food, 2L of water, etc.) The way the pack unclips from the harness is very convienent when I want to give them a little break. The handle on the back makes tossing my little one over crevaces, and hauling her up steep rock sections a snap. The fit is secure and there are no pinch points. You and your four legged friend will love it.

from The Great Northeast

Great Product
April 19, 2011

I recently bought my beagle this pack and have used it several times. The harness and saddle bag are quality constructed of quality materials. The harness can be used independently of the pack and is the best harness I have ever owned. The saddle bag is designed distribute the load over the shoulders and seems to do just that. Unclipping and clipping the pack to the harness can be a little tricky, but I think that I just have not used the pack enough times to get the hang of it. This product is very expensive but you will not find a better harness/pack system than this one. You get what you pay for.

last dog pack you'll ever need!
October 13, 2003

this pack has it all for the outdoorsy back-packing dog!! every feature necessary for a good canine hiking experience is built into the palisades. do your measurements for fitting exactly according to the website reference directions and you will never have to buy another pack again for your companion. first of all, ample separated storage compartments abound. secondly, two large and well-protected water bladders ensure more than enough hydration for dry trail conditions and when used exclusively as your dog's water supply can eliminate any harmful giardia exposure from natural water supplies. thirdly, a vest-like harness system fits around each of the dog's front legs, across his back and under his belly and it can remain in place before and after the pack storage system is added or removed. this feature alone defines the palisades pack as the premiere pack of the dog backpack world: it greatly minimizes the amount of time and struggle necessary to put the pack on and off again by way of a simple three-point quick-release system which allows the dog's owner total control over the pack's contents - whether it be filling or emptying the water bladders, messing with the pack's contents or just giving the dog a break from his load. in addition, the design of the harness system and anchor points for the pack load will allow the owner to lift the side bags to free the dog from tight spaces that he cannot penetrate because of his low relative height and the presence of trees, boulders and other obstacles not friendly to "wide loads". try that with other packs, you just can't do it because of their belly strap systems which are inflexible!!! on a recent hike up the phelps trail to mt. marcy in the n.y. adirondacks, the upper part of the trail basically follows a creek bed with many boulders and tight spaces where he could get stuck... each time i just lifted one or the other saddle bag and scorch was able to move forward again. as for ascents, there is a handy grab handle on top to help lift 80 lbs. of dog over the very worst obstacles. lastly, there is a top-mounted harness leash loop for use in areas where your dog must be leashed (e.g., wilderness areas, fragile vegetation zones above treeline, campsites, endangered or protected wildlife and when meeting other unfamiliar trail dogs). so there is no need to latch onto his collar and risk neck injury when hiking or at rest. "scorch" and i could not be any happier. the pack fits well and does everything that it must do. his last pack (a good one) had the habit of sliding over his head on steep descents and would freak him out so he just chewed through the chest strap which had slumped forward from gravity. this damage can't even remotely happen with this pack when it is fitted properly!!!

Wow, wow, wow!
February 12, 2010

This is an incredible pack! It's obviously very well made, very sharp looking, and fits my 80lb perfectly. The pack detaches from the harness very easily and I anticipate that the bladders are just as easy to use (they're certainly very accessible). I can't wait to use this on the trail. I only wish this came in an XS for my Shelties!

from Moline, Illinois

Worked Great!
December 05, 2010

We purchased the Palisades Dog Pack for our trip to Colorado to hike around Summit County. It worked nicely with the pack on and off of the harness. It was a great way for our dog, Brinkley, do his part during our hikes. It fit well and provided a secure harness when the pack/hydration system was not in use. He was very comfortable in it. The pack is meant to fit snug so the pack does not shift, but evaluate your dog periodically for pressure points if you do not use a harness for regular use.

Its the best!
January 19, 2010

Looked at quite a few packs, and this one stands above all others. Constructed very well, and plenty of space. I was worried my Shepherd wouldn't like it, but it doesn't seem to bother her at all. The handle on the harness is great for holding her, or helping her over rough terrain or deep snow. Now she carries her own water and snacks.


May 29, 2009

We got this pack for our 9 month 24 pound border collie pup in a size small. She traveled very well in it, she wasn't able to use the water features, maybe when she's grown up a bit but right now it added to much weight for her to carry on a 50 mile hike. Fit well and easy to take on and off at rest points. Not one complaint! (I don't think the dog has one either)

Buddy Leads the way with his new Ruff Wear Plaisades Dog Pack
November 28, 2008

My Yellow Lab Buddy loves his new backpack. He leads the way on our hikes and it's almost like he feels he's contributing more(which he is) by hauling his food and water along. Glad I got the Medium instead of the Large. He's an average size (68 lbs) Lab and the Medium fits him well.

Worth Every Penny!
January 07, 2009

This pack is great. I did a lot of research and ended up with the Palisades Pack. High quality and looks great. I have a two year old 45lb female Siberian Husky and she fits well in the small. After calling Ruff Wear I was able to size correctly. Looking forward to hitting the trails soon!


Great, stable pack, lots of room
May 19, 2010

This pack sits securely on my dog and it's easy to attach/detach from the harness. My only gripe is that it's easy to use up more water on one side and throw the pack off balance, you just have to be aware that you use both hydration bladders equally. Other than that, high quality, seems durable and lots of room...a real winner


palisades pack best there is
February 03, 2011

i researched every dog pack i could find. i have 2 german shepherds & we needed to upgrade to packs for longer hikes and overnight trips. these are the best, hands down. plenty of cargo room& excellent hydration packs that remain in place and well-balanced. the cargo packs remove from the harness easily & fitting the harness is a snap. the quality of materials and workmanship is excellent. thanks ruff wear!

Wonderful workmanship
January 17, 2010

Dax my standard poodle is a therapy dog and wonderful in the home etc. but on walks wanted to surge ahead, tried everything, finally a pack was advised by a friend, I researched and wanted a good one not a cheap one that would chaff etc. This pack is great, can't see me replacing it for a long time fits beautifully and Dax loves it, and his walk now is wonderful, stays right next to me even when I loop the leash over the pack and walk free handed. Only 5-lb in pack but huge difference (he is 51 lbs.)

Love this pack!
January 12, 2010

I had an OllyDog pack prior to this, and it was OK to begin with, but when I got this one, I was blown away. The workmanship is great quality, and Blaze loves to carry it. It rides well on her, not sliding to either side, and the capacity is very accommodating for a four day winter hike. It adjusts well, and being able to take the saddlebags off while keeping the harness on allows me to keep Blaze leashed without having to switch back and forth between pack and harness.

from Western MA

Can't wait to use it
September 24, 2011

This harness didn't quite fit my dog - it was slightly small. As she is a hound, I think the girth measurement might not have been accurate for her deep chest. However, the product looked amazing and i am eagerly awaiting the next size up so she can carry her own water! :)

Outstanding pack!
February 24, 2009

The Palisades is a great pack! I got one for my 10 month old, 60 pound Pit Bull because he needs a job to do to help tire him out while on our walks. The trainer suggested it to help tire out our little bundle of energy. I expected that our dog would clown around with it once it was on his back but he didn't. he loves it! It makes him feel important and why shouldn't it? It's extremely well made and it fits perfectly. We bought him a medium. Our first walk with it was on a very rainy day. Although the outside of the pack was wet, nothing in the pack got wet! I stopped at the mail box and had loaded it up with mail, my cell phone, dog litter bags, dog treats (so he could fill more bags), you know, everything. He walked right alongside me and when we got to the park, he pranced around only like a proud Pit can. We walked/jogged for a little over an hour. The pack did help settle him down for the evening and he was not pulling as much on the walk. By the next day, he was ready to go again. I love this pack! It is WELL worth the money. This pack will last forever.


Dog can carry his own stuff!
October 13, 2010

The best thing about this dog pack is that you can easily unclip and remove both saddle bags without having to take the whole pack off the dog. It makes taking things out and putting it back so much easier. The hydration bladders are okay, but I find it easier to just use a couple water bottles (one on each side to keep proper balance). I also like the harness and often use it without the bags. As with most Ruff Wear stuff it's a bit on the expensive side, but it's definitely quality built. Now on our hikes the dog carries both our lunches!

Best pack available
May 09, 2009

We have tried several packs, including last year's Palisades II. This pack is the best: best fitting, best features, and best quality. Compared to even last year's pack, this one is leaps and bounds better. Ruff Wear has upgraded the mylar bladders to Camelbak style bags, and the fit to the dog is even more secure and accurate. We have a 50lb Bull Terrier that loves off-roading it into the bush...this pack shows no wear despite the prickers, branches, and even one encounter with barbed wire. You will not be disappointed with this pack.

Great pack
May 02, 2010

It's more expensive than others, but worth every penny. Adjustable and fits my lab perfect. I like that on night walks I can take the bags off and the harness has reflective material.

Happy trails with a happy dog
March 30, 2010

After one 5 mile hike, this pack has excellent features that I (my dog) can't wait to utilize this upcoming warm season! This pack fits wonderfully based upon the sizing chart for my hound. I think two of the best features are 1) the ability to remove the pack from the main harness like a saddle for rest stops, and 2) the water bladders compartments so my do can carry her own ample supply of water. Although we haven't tried the pack on long hikes yet, I think this will be an excellent pack for years to come. It seems well built and utilizes modern pack technologies that will be demanded for pleasurable overnight and multi-day adventures. Of course, it's important for my dog to be happy, and once on the trail she seems to be adjusting nicely and is happy to carry the we just gotta work on her balance and carrying capacity:)

Best Pack on the Market
April 28, 2008

Ruff Wear has always gotten great reviews with their packs. The concept of the Palisades is perfect for an actively outdoor dog. However, this review will support the new and re-designed features in the 2008 model over the older Palisades II pack. The most notable difference is that the pack itself has a smaller and sleeker profile keeping the weight closer to your dog. In the outer pocket, you'll find two straps that pull the excess slack out of the bag. Pull the yellow cord to release. The second improvement is that the bag now clips into the harness with plastic instead of velcro. There's still a velcro ring to keep each bag snug against your dog and prevent flapping around, but the four clips make for a quick removal and attachment of the bag from the harness. I also feel that the harness is better designed. Its a bit thicker than the old bag, but feels more comfortable as well as durable. The leash ring is a solid metal piece instead of plastic. This is a great bag and I recommend it for any dog taking a long day hike or a multi-day adventure. I'm certainly glad I waited for the new version.

Very well built pack!
May 06, 2008

Although I have not yet used these packs with the dogs, already I am very pleased with it. As soon as you pull it out of the box, it screams quality. I have researched and put my hands on many packs, but none compare. The fact that the pack is removable from the harness makes it very functional. You will not be disappointed with the amount of detail that went into making this pack. I am looking forward to hitting the trail soon with both dogs outfitted in these packs. Highly suggest purchasing this pack.

Excellent pack
August 03, 2009

We have a golden retriever that is just over a year old. She was hesitant to wear the pack at first but quickly changed to loving it. She now associates it with hikes and gets excited when she sees it. We love the convenience of removing the bags at rest stops but not having to remove the harness. The capacity is great, and we love the hydration system. We highly recommend it to anyone with a love for dogs and the outdoors.

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