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Which way did it go! Bouncing this way and that - left, right, up, and down, the TurnUp Dog Toy from Ruffwear is endless fun in a nearly round, stretchy, bouncy material. Virtually indestructible, it could turn up anywhere!


  • Material: Made from natural latex rubber, a renewable and sustainable source
  • Stretchy, bouncy material is durable, resilient, and virtually indestructible
  • Sized to fit dogs' mouths and compatible with ball throwers
  • Textured divots stimulate healthy gums and teeth

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Review Summary

4.9 out of 5

23 Reviews

  • Great design: 4
  • Ease of use: 3
  • Build quality: 2
  • Lasts forever: 2

  • Wears quickly: 1
Quality: 4.8 / 5
Durability: 4.5 / 5

23 Ratings & Reviews

Solid and durable
March 28, 2008

The turn-up dog toy inevitably finds it's way into the car, on the sofa, and more often than not it's the favorite toy for greeting me, that my canine carries in her mouth. It's tough, durable and hasn't been demolished by my dog who should be called the "Queen of ruining dog toys".

Voted the Best Toy by my 3 dogs!
November 15, 2008

Favorite toy of my three dogs (2 Welshies & 1 Jack Russell Terrier). Had the toy 2 weeks, still the favorite & has stood up to chewing by all three dogs. The green is the favorite over the red. Don't know why.

May 27, 2008

The labs enjoy this toy because the unpredictable bounce keeps them interested.

Durability: 5 / 5
Quality: 5 / 5

from Portland, OR

My crazy mutts love this toy!
May 16, 2012

Most of the toys that I find that have any measure of durability at all, well... my dogs don't have much interest in something they can't shred, I guess. This TurnUp toy is the exception! They love the thing! They chase it around (the shape causes the toy to take off in unexpected directions, which the pups go wild about), they gnaw on it a bit, they toss it around, I toss it to them... good times! This toy is such a hit in our household, we just might have to order another so they can both play with one at the same time! Excellent product by Ruffwear.

Pros: Great design, Build quality, Ease of use, Lasts forever

Great toy!
November 26, 2007

My pitbull loves this toy. So far she has not managed to destroy it.

Durability: 3 / 5
Quality: 5 / 5
from Michigan
25-34 yrs

February 02, 2012

This is a cool toy. It also smells minty which I didn't realize until I got it in the mail. Throw this and if you dog doesn't catch it, it bounces in different directios. It really neat to watch you dog with a new challenge. I got a medium for my doberman puppy. I think he may chew thru it quickly though.

Pros: Great design, Performance, Ease of use, Cons: Wears quickly
Shane Johnson

Phenomenal Toy!
January 13, 2009

Throws very well and I'm still trying to figure out whether the crazy bounces are more entertaining to watch for me, or for my dog! The softness of this toy seems to be very appealing yet it still holds up to heavy chewing. Overall another wonderful product from Ruff Wear!

Bebe loves it!
June 11, 2008

The TurnUp is the favorite toy of Bebe, one of our big, black shelter dogs. She chews it, she chases it, she sleeps with it. It's extremely durable with a bounce that keeps her guessing! I've already ordered another one in case this one gets lost.

Awesome toy
May 25, 2010

We got this when our black lab puppy was about 6 months old .It is still going strong a year later and he is a big chewer .He loves this.

March 17, 2009

Easy to carry, easy to throw and appears that it will last a long time. My dog loves it.

Bounces randomly due to the shape like a football
June 22, 2008

Our two English bulls, Lily and Oscar, love running after it and it's stood up to their intense chewing.

November 07, 2009

The TurnUp toy was a hit from the start with our big dog with his big mouth. It makes indoor ball tossing more fun - except the other night when I accidentally threw it out the open window - well it somewhat changed direction on its own!Husband could not find it but fortunately I found it in the gutter down the street the next morning. At this moment I don't know where it is - but it'll come up & more fun will be had. He seems to like the texture as well. A good buy, just make sure to not to throw it too hard indoors because it has a lot of bounce.

Great ball
December 26, 2009

My dog loves this ball, and it has quickly become her favorite toy. She's hard on things frequently destroys toys in short order. This ball doesn't show any sign of wear, and I anticipate we'll have it around for some time.

Indestructible.... so far!
February 26, 2008

My canine friend, Venus Fly, greets me at the door with her TurnUp and rarely does it leave her mouth. Shaped and sized very similar to a tennis ball, the TurnUp is even better because of the added bonus of the "treat factor" that you can provide.

Indestructible, a favorite of mine and dog.
September 29, 2008

As an amateur photographer I take a ton of photos. Mostly of our labradoodle. 75% of them have this favorite toy in his mouth or nearby in the photo, usually catching. Tennis balls last about 5 minutes. I am not sure if it's indestructible or he would just not think of destroying it because he loves it so much, but for a dog that has a habit of destruction of toys, this is a blessing!!! And lots of fun too.


One of Ruffwear's BEST Dog Toy's
June 23, 2010

This is one of MY Favorite dog toys because, it is still intact even after my credit card bill arrived. Most toys do not last that long in this house-so it has become important to know the quality of the item before I order them. Dealing with the Ruffwear products is great-don't have to worry about the workmanship they are the BEST. I will continue to purchase our pet products from this company in the future because, they have proved to be very good. My Corgi dog Libby, really LOVES this ball-she is our only dog and most of the toys from Ruffwear Co. make it so the dog can play alone with their products. Please keep it coming on your great products.

Problem 1 toy 3 dogs
May 13, 2010

This has been a problem, you see we have 3 dogs and 1 toy they all love it.


useful dog toy
July 11, 2011

This has been a great toy for our great dane! He loves it because it isn't a complete sphere shape and he can bight into it and it bounces back to shape. It is very durable and flexible. We put peanut butter in the ends sometimes for a yummy snack and our dog loves it. He can play with it for hours. Only draw back is that because the outer holes are a bit small the peanut butter gets stuck inside the turnip. To solve that problem I have just soaked it in hot water. Our great dane has really enjoyed the turnip!

Dogs love its random, football-like bounces
July 02, 2008

Very durable as well, stands up to our english bulldogs' powerful jaws and obsessive chewing.

fun toy even for large-mouthed dog.
August 22, 2009

It may be small but it's a fun toy, even for my large-mouthed 65-pound dog. She likes to carry it around. It's a great toy for play inside the home. The unpredictable bouncing makes it more fun, even for us humans, than most dog toys--it's fun to watch how my dog adjusts her movements to the unpredictable bounce.

Durability: 5 / 5
Quality: 5 / 5

November 07, 2011

my dog loved the kong for its durabilty and the eradic bouncing. This toys is just as durable but has a hypnotic way of bouncing and the eucalyptus scent in the rubber is great when she shoves it in my face.

Pros: Great design, Build quality, Lasts forever, Performance, Ease of use, Great value

My Dog loves this toy
April 19, 2009

My dog chews on this more than any of his other toys. The material that this toy is made from is a fairly soft rubber and I thought he would have it in pieces within a few minutes, but so far so good, and it's been over a month. I wish it were a bit larger though, or offered in more sizes. It's hard to tell from the images, but this toy is actually slightly smaller than a tennis ball. Still and all, it's a 5 star toy in my book! Thanks Ruff Wear and Altrec!

from Boston, MA

December 07, 2010

I got this for my pittie/pointer mix who is a major chewer of toys - while this is very well made she has little interest in it unless I stuff it with food or a few pieces of cheese.

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