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The perfect addition to any outdoor wardrobe. Breathable 3-layer material works to pull moisture away from your foot while preventing water from getting in. The moisture Vapor Transpiration (MVT) membrane is covered with durable Spandex® and lined with Coolmax® fabric for unbeatable comfort. The WaterBlockers sport an extended, calf-high cuff with a seal that prevents water from entering from the top.


  • 15" high
  • waterproof, breathable
  • waterproof at cuff

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Review Summary

4.5 out of 5

15 Reviews

  • Ease of use: 2
  • Build quality: 1
  • Great design: 1
  • Great value: 1

  • feet get really wet: 1
  • lets cold water in: 1
  • not water tight at top: 1
  • not waterproof: 1
Durability: 4.3 / 5
Quality: 4.3 / 5
Comfort: 4 / 5
Fit: 3 / 5

15 Ratings & Reviews

Love them
January 27, 2009

After trying the NRS version of these while kayaking, I purchased the Seal Skinz. I love the Seal Skinz! Big difference in comfort as the NRS socks are not waterproof. Your feet feel clammy all day in the NRS socks. With the Seal Skinz, my feet feel dry and comfortable. I highly recommend these.

Comfort: 5 / 5
Durability: 4 / 5
Quality: 4 / 5
FitClothes: 3 / 5
from Jacksonville, FL
45-54 yrs

Good but not great
May 25, 2011

Used kayaking in Florida rivers last two winters. First winter really cold water, only leaked a little when totally emersed. Still kept feet from freezing. Used water booties over them & stayed comfortable kayaking or wading.

Pros: Ease of use, Great value

They are ok
January 23, 2007

For the occasional getting in and out of a kayak, they work great. If you are in the water submerging the socks for any length of time more than a short while water will get in. Again thats ok once you learn the limitations. Other than that they will do what i need them to do. Will try them on a hike soon to test the occasional wet spots and i am expecting them to be just fine for that..

Great socks
December 19, 2004

My husband works outdoors all the time and was always complaining about his feet getting wet. Well these socks are great, they keep his feet dry. He just love these. They are worth the price you pay!!

Still need to test in COLD water.
September 08, 2010

In preparation for my yearly fall camping, hiking, kayaking and fishing trip to Moosehead Lake and the Maine North woods I tested my new Seal Skinz Liner Sock w/Water Blocker in three bodies of water. A local lake, in the Atlantic ocean off Point Judith, RI and at Quabbin Reservoir in central Ma. During my activities I used the socks with Teva Sling King and Keen Hood River boots. With the Sling Kinks water found its way into the socks. When using the Keen boots inside the socks stayed pretty dry. In all occasions my feet and legs were submerged in water for long periods of time. The socks are easy on/off when wet and dry quickly. Will find out how warm the sock keep my feet and lower legs when in Maine. Soon I will be trying the socks with my zoomer swim fins as I lap swim at the local YMCA. I'm sure my feet will thank me! I am happy with my purchase.

Comfort: 5 / 5
Durability: 5 / 5
Quality: 5 / 5
from Albuquerque, NM
35-44 yrs

November 18, 2010

These socks did the job. They are durable and dependable and served me well during a canyoneering trip. My only issue is how well they sealed (or didn't!) at the top. When they are completely submerged, water enters through the top cuff and then is sealed INSIDE the socks. Watch out for trench feet!

Pros: Great design, Build quality, Lasts forever, Performance, Ease of use, Cons: not water tight at top

Much Better Than Expected
January 04, 2008

I held off providing a review until I was able to use these socks in colder water. Well, that time has come. The water here in Florida has cooled of dramatically. These socks are fantastic. I primarily fish from a kayak. You can't fish from a yak without stepping in the water. These socks have kept my feet warm and dry in water temps down to 52 degrees. I realize this is not very cold compared to more northern states. In water below 70 degrees, I am a wimp. I love these socks. They make my winter fishing much more enjoyable, and I'm able to stay out longer than usual. As we all know, cold, wet feet and hands can ruin a day of fishing. With these socks, and a good pair of gloves, this is no longer a concern.

Perfect for cold weather
September 02, 2008

I purchased these to wear under neoprene boots for a 12 days of Kayaking in Greenland. They far exceeded my expectations keeping my feet dry and warm. I also wore them with my water sandels while crossing several icy streams. My feet stayed dry and toasty. One other plus.. the bugs and mosequitos can't bite through them so they are perfect for wearing with sandels in a bug infested area.

Are a great value for the money
January 05, 2010

Would recommend these socks, fit true to size

Great for touring kayaking
January 29, 2005

I bought a pair of the Seal Skinz socks to wear kayaking along the South Carolina coast in the winter. They have proven to be worth every dime they cost. I've used them on four occasions so far and even made a point of briefly standing in water above the top of the socks. They work perfectly. As the water evaporates from the outer layers my feet feel cool, but never cold. The water temperature in this area is around 50, so cold feet aren't normally an issue, especially if your feet stay dry. The socks are a bit pricey, but appear to be a good long term purchase. I liked them well enough to buy my wife a pair and recommend them to our kayak club.

Comfort: 2 / 5

Somewhat disappointed
February 19, 2011

I had read great things about these socks, but was a bit disappointed. I went for my first run with them yesterday, and there were some puddles due to melting snow. The first puddle i stepped in, water rushed into the socks, and by the time i came back from my run, I dumped over a cup of water out of each of the socks (no exaggeration - literally dumped this much water out in front of my apartment). My understanding was that the socks would "keep water out" and some other reviews talked about how they keep your feet dry. Mine did not even remotely keep my feet dry, even after just stepping in a small puddle. They seem to work more like a wetsuit - they let lots of water in, but then trap that water inside the sock and keep it from moving around too much, so that the really cold water warms up a bit as it gets trapped between the sock and your skin. I do not know if they are supposed to work like this, or I just got a defective pair.

Cons: not waterproof, feet get really wet, lets cold water in

they do exactly what i wanted them to do
July 10, 2010

i bought these to wear with my OTB boots. my feet stay dry no matter how long i have them underwater. i highly recommend these if you plan on doing anything near water during the winter months

Comfort: 4 / 5
Durability: 4 / 5
Quality: 4 / 5

great waterproof socks
September 07, 2011

My feet are warmer in these socks than my neoprene socks on cool floating days, which is exactly what i was looking for. They can let water in if you step into water that goes above the top of the sock, but not immediately. They are exactly what I was looking for!

wonderful product
December 23, 2009

I purchased the Seal Skinz to use for the outdoor since I am the soccer's referee and this season that the season just run deep into the winter. It's wet and cold but the Seal Skinz keep my feet dry. One suffestion, wear some light under sock when the temperature goes down under O.

April 27, 2005

I currently own the seal skinz and a friend has the seal blocker. He loves them. Keep feet dry.

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