Women's 10 Running Shoes

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Today's running shoes offer a long list of features and characteristics to address your running needs. Choosing the best running shoe begins with a few questions to define your needs. What type of running do you do? Do your feet have special needs? Does your style require special characteristics in a shoe? Armed with these answers you can begin to narrow down your choices.

A good choice for an all-around, dedicated running shoe is one designed for high mileage. Often referred to as training shoes, a good high mileage running shoe offers every-day comfort and long-term durability. These are perfect for beginner runners and seasoned trainers alike. Training shoes are not the lightest shoes available, but they make excellent go-to shoes for weekly or daily running regimens. Pearl Izumi, New Balance and Saucony all make dedicated high mileage running shoes. If you are new to running, start with a high mileage shoe with good stability characteristics.

If you have specific needs to address like pronation or arch support, find a shoe that addresses your specific need. Nike running shoes are well known for their pronation control designs, while some Ecco running shoes use carbon fiber arch supports. You will find shoes that offer mild, moderate and severe pronation control. Choose the one that best fits your needs.

Another characteristic to consider in selecting the best running shoe is stability. If you run on varied terrain or feel you could benefit from extra support, look for a shoe that offers extra stability or added heel strike shock absorption.

For all-weather performance, consider a waterproof running shoe or one that features a Gore-Tex™ membrane to improve its wet weather performance.

If fast and light is more your style, look for a lightweight running shoe designed for fast, experienced runners. Breathable mesh uppers and dual-density midsoles help keep shoes lightweight. Ecco, Pearl Izumi and Nike all make long distance shoes designed for experienced runners. A fast and light shoe will not offer the same high-mileage durability of a training a shoe, but it is well suited to competitive runners.

When heading for a run in the woods is your idea of fun, look to the trailrunning category to find running shoes designed with trails in mind. Trailrunning shoes offer increased stability and traction for all-terrain use.

Experienced runners know that running shoes do not last forever. Keeping your feet healthy is an important part of any training program. Making sure your shoes offer adequate cushioning for your running mileage is important to healthy feet. A fresh pair of running shoes is a great way to ensure you take good care of your feet.

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