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Perform better and speed up your recovery time with SKINS compression apparel and accessories. SKINS began in 1996 with an Australian skier who hypothesized that improved blood circulation would supply more oxygen to the muscles, thereby helping muscles to work harder for longer and recover faster. Turns out, after much research, testing and development, he was right! Soon, pro athletes began wearing SKINS and now, all levels of athletes wear SKINS to train and perform at their best. SKINS Compression technology enhances performance by:

When your muscles get more oxygen, they are able to keep performing at their best for a longer period of time. SKINS engineered gradient compression increases circulation, maximizing the flow of blood and oxygen to your working muscles. It also helps your muscles flush out blood lactate, to keep your muscles working longer. In addition, muscle wrapping with SKINS compression clothing helps to focus the muscle, decrease the risk of muscle damage and reduce muscle soreness, allowing you to recover faster after a race or strenuous training workout.

SKINS uses a superior warp knit fabric to ensure perfectly controlled compression and optimal moisture management. This exceptionally durable fabric wicks moisture, fights odor to keep you fresh, regulates your body temperature by increasing your blood circulation, and shields you from the sun with 50+ UV protection.

When it comes to sizing, SKINS studied hundreds of athletes' bodies, the way they move and how they're shaped, in order to maximize the fit, and therefore the benefits, of SKINS compression apparel. The SKINS 400 series fit according to 400 key fitting points based on a 3D body scan. Yes, that's worth emphasizing again: 400 key fitting points! Wowza! 400 series garments also feature Memory MX technology for optimal control, elasticity and support, no matter your size, shape or ability level.

Explore the site and check out some of our favorite SKINS compression tights, shorts and accessories for your 2013 training:

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