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Once upon a gorgeous day in Park City, Utah, Rick Alden, the founder of Skullcandy headphones, was riding a chairlift when he got a call on his cell phone. Somewhere between fumbling with his headphones, pausing his music and answering the call he was struck with a brilliant idea - why not put this all together? Already an accomplished entrepreneur in the snowboarding realm, he used his skills and connections to design, build and market the first Skullcandy product - the Skullcandy Portable - which he introduced to a hungry action sports community in 2003 to rave reviews. And thus Skullcandy was born, the team that provides the tunes to the surfers, skaters, snowboarders and now the DJs, ballers and city kids too.

Flash forward to today and you'll see Skullcandy headphones everywhere, from the snowboard park to the DJ booth to courtside at the NBA. If you want sweet sound, driving bass, eye-popping colors and urban-inspired design, then you'll love Skullcandy. Not only do they make in ear, on ear and over ear headphones, they offer a wide range of action-ready lifestyle products including:

Staying true to their original inspiration, Skullcandy partners with Apple to bring you iPhone compatible options. If your headphones include the Mic1 or Mic3, then they easily plug into your iPhone or iPad for hands-free talking with your playlist paused so you don't miss any music while you seal the deal. The collaboration means these will be the rockinest iPod headphones ever.

If you wear a helmet while you're snowboarding, skiing, skateboarding or biking, check out a pair of Skullcandy earbuds. Separated into two categories, the buds sit casually inside your ear allowing some outside noise to make its way in, while the in-ear headphones nestle deep inside your ear canal for a noise-blocking seal. Check out the Skullcandy Heavy Medal in-ears with their hardcore metal shell in colors like Gold, Chrome and Black. If you're looking for high quality sound, plug in the Skullcandy Titan earphones, they package hard-charging bass, lifelike vocals and crisp highs into a hard housing with an amazing fit. More awesome earbuds you'll want to check out include the Smokin Buds and the 50 50s.

Next up, on-ear headphones, perfect for snow riders who wear them over beanies or skaters wearing them over Skullcandy Long J caps - perfect for those of us who barely have enough cash to buy ramen let alone fancy accessories. The Skullcandy Icon 2 headphones are lightweight, simple, comfy and will happily pump out your park playlist. In colors like Rasta, White, Light Blue and Red, you can match 'em to your jacket or clash 'em. Whatever your style is, the unmistakable skull logo pops on the side. Or better yet, the Skullcandy Lowriders have street-bumping sound, a folding design and comfort for days.

For the serious audiophile, the Skullcandy over-ear headphones have high quality sound, feel super comfy on your head thanks to plush padded foam, and offer a big canvas for art and color that shows you have a taste for both modern design and performance. These full-size headphones encompass your entire ear, putting the pressure around it instead of crushing it, this helps isolate you from surrounding noise and reduces ear fatigue. Wrap the Skullcandy GI headphones around your head, their DJ articulation, soft leather ear pads and high quality stereo sound with driving bass will dominate any musical battlefield. Or step it up with the Skullcandy Aviator headphones for the ultimate audio experience.

While Skullcandy still lives by their motto, 'Every revolution needs a soundtrack,' they recently stepped up their game to appeal to headphone geeks who value sound quality over fashion sense. They doubled their engineering staff and spent half a million dollars on R&D. Will this new focus pay off when music lovers analyze the sound quality of Skullcandy vs Sony or Bose headphones? We think you'll be supremely stoked when you try them. These higher end models are not something you'll find at discount stores like Zumiez or Walmart, but once you drop a little extra cash, you can enjoy geek-approved sound without the highly engineered fugly Sonys on your head. has your back with their lifetime warranty (not yours, the reasonable lifetime of the product), and offers a world of colors and styles at low prices you can't beat - with or without the free shipping.

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