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Smartwool is headquartered in Steamboat Springs, Colorado not just because their employees want to live and work in an amazing place that looks like a postcard, but also because getting outside every day means they can test and enjoy their own products. When something works, they notice, if something doesn't work, they go back to the drawing board to improve their designs. This keeps Smartwool socks and clothing incredibly functional and always evolving.

New Zealand Merino Wool is a natural fiber that has been around for ages. Lucky for us, Smartwool can turn this renewable resource into versatile, deliciously soft pieces that feel amazing. Their style is bright, fun and flattering – letting you connect with them instantly and love them for years. Merino wool socks and clothing are soft, non-itchy, incredibly breathable, and moisture and temperature regulating. They make the perfect base layer, and depending on the thickness, are optimal for any conditions, from hot day hikes to trail runs to a multi-day ski tour.

Not just a sock company, Smartwool is doing innovative things in the clothing realm as well. Check out all they offer to keep you comfortable while playing outside:

If it's a trail run, day hike or a bike ride that occupies your weekend, then you'll want to be wearing Smartwool Sportswear. From a chilly morning bike ride up to the pass to a dusty day hike along the river trail, you can stay warm as your muscles wake up, and then be cool, dry, and sunburn-free when the day heats up. Their sportswear includes long sleeve tops, short sleeve T-shirts and tank tops. These are made in an array of fabric weights to use as a layering system. Smartwool lightweight tees are great for a base layer, with a midweight TML (Thermal Mid Layer) pulled on top. Body hugging with an athletic fit, these pieces can have addictive features like hoods, thumbholes, raglan shoulder seams and drop tail hems.

Smartwool Base Layers feel buttery soft when you first pull them on, and will keep you comfortable throughout the day. Including tee shirts, long underwear tops, tights, leggings, boxer briefs and bikini underwear, they come in three NTS (Next To Skin) weights:

Once you pull on a pair of Smartwool socks, your plastic synthetic socks will be demoted to second string status. While some folks like the cushy comfort of a Medium Weight Hiking Crew sock for a long day hike in leather boots, others prefer a snug, action-ready fit for running, hiking and biking. Smartwool PhD socks place thicker pads under your heel and forefoot, breathable panels on top of your foot, an elastic arch band to keep it in place, and they come in Micro, Mini and 3/4 Crew heights. They even make Toe Socks to wear with Vibram FiveFingers shoes. Why put all this high-tech design into a sock? Because it works -- and it feels awesome. You'll be able to focus on the adventure rather than constantly pulling up or adjusting your socks.

Life isn't just about PERFORMACE. When you wear your leather dress shoes to the office, or you pull on some tall boots and a skirt, you want socks that will look the part AND feel luxurious. The Smartwool Casual Sock collection fills that void in your sock drawer. Summer-ready bright colors and patterns, flowers, stripes and polka dots, traditional cable knit textures and even knee socks and tights – these lifestyle socks are all about having fun.

We've tried out merino wool socks and apparel from Icebreaker, Ibex and others, but we always find ourselves pulled back to the Smartwool brand; funny how the customer reviews tend to show a lot of love too.

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