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Snowboarding Gear

Our men's and women's snowboard shop is your preflight check for the best in Burton snowboarding equipment, boot and binding innovations from Ride, Salomon, and many more. We also stock a full selection of snowboard jackets, pants, boots, gloves, coats, bags and safety gear including helmets and impact shorts. Did we forget to mention snowboard bindings... nope, we got those too! Also be sure to look at our Oakley goggles for the best in eye protection on those bright sunny days, and Dakine backpacks for hauling your gear safely on the slopes.

Top snowboards for this season include the Burton Custom x Snowboard and the Burton Custom Flying V Snowboard. There is also a K2 WWW Rocker Snowboard you might also want to take a look at. All of our snowboard pages offer user reviews from previous buyers, and if you're one of them, we invite you to leave a snowboard review of your own. These can be helpful for determining your sizing and the type of board you need, whether that's an all mountain, freestyle or freeride snowboard. Everyone who leaves a snowboard review will also be notified of future sales and events before they happen.

How to Pick a Snowboard Type

We're not gonna lie. You could ride any board in any snow in any terrain, you're just sliding down the mountain after all. But once you ride a fat rocker in bottomless pow, or a shorter, popier board in the park, you'll see how awesome it is to ride a board that's made for the specific riding you're doing.

All Mountain Snowboards
If you like to ride the whole mountain, from powdery tree runs, to side country booters to packed groomers to laps in the park, and you don't want to spring for 5 different specialty boards, then an all mountain snowboard is for you. These versatile boards are made for anything and they're perfect for riders who are just getting started and aren't exactly sure what their favorite riding style is yet. With an all mountain snowboard you'll get a mix of both rocker and traditional camber for the perfect combo of powder-mashing glide and precision arcing on groomers. This is where you'll find Burton's Flying V Snowboard, The Arbor Element CX Snowboard, and the K2 Turbo Dream Wide Snowboard.

Freestyle Snowboards
Perfect for the terrain park, freestyle snowboards are usually on the shorter side making them better for rails, jibs, boxes, tree trunks, railings and riding switch. These boards usually have a true twin shape and are crafted with technology and materials that give them a certain playful springiness that feels awesome on take-offs and landings. While many freestyle boards have traditional camber, others combine rocker and camber together so you can spread some butter too. In the Freestyle category you'll find the Burton Clash Snowboard, the Salomon Villain Snowboard, and the K2 Happy Hour Snowboard.

Freeride Snowboards
If you crave the freedom of deliciously untracked off-piste terrain, freeride snowboards are designed for riders that spend most of their time off the groomers. Perfect for the backcountry, from mellow tree runs to big mountain descents, these boards have a stiffer flex and can be ridden in longer lengths. Many freeride boards have a directional shape for top performance in one direction. A couple favorites are the Jones Flagship Snowboard and the Burton Barracuda Snowboard.

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