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RED Snowboard Helmets

Snowboard Helmets from RED are some of the best available in the industry. Professional snowboarders turn to RED for their trusted lightweight designs and durable protection. New for 2006 includes The Hi-Fi Audio helmet, Bluetooth enabled helmets that have support for MP3 and other music devices, and all new shell designs for improved fit and comfort.

Snowboard Helmet Construction
There are two basic ways RED builds helmets.

  1. In mold construction utilizes ultra-lightweight, aerospace-grade polycarbonate, a super strong composite material, to make the lightest weight snowboard helmets on earth. The polycarbonate shell (0.03" thick) uses heat and pressure to form its shape. This shell is then inserted into the EPS molding tools and the lightweight, energy-absorbing/ass-saving EPS is blown into the mold and onto the polycarbonate shell.
  2. The second option is an injection-molded construction, melding a durable ABS shell and a lightweight EPS liner into one. This method creates incredible durability.

Another new feature for RED Snowboard Helmets is the addition of Rider Controlled Venting. The Skycap model is equipped with their patented Rider Controlled Venting system. Utilizing four airflow intake/outtake vents to fine-tune your helmet's microclimate, you will always be in control on the slopes.

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