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26 items

Shop Altrec.com for a broad selection of the popular and stylish Spy eyewear. True works of design excellence, these sunglasses stand at the cutting edge of fashion. But they're also built to last and, most importantly, built to provide clear, healthy vision.

Many Spy sunglass models, including the Spy Dynasty and the Spy Cooper sunglasses, are built around the optically true ARC® (Accurate Radius Curvature) lenses. Designed for Spy's high-wrap styles, they use the same technology as found on the helmet shields of fighter pilots and astronauts, offering distortion free vision in addition to 100% UV protection. Made of exceptionally strong and scratch resistant polycarbonate material, these high-tech lenses are built to withstand life's hard knocks.

Depending on the model of choice, Altrec.com offers Spy Optic sunglasses in single shade polycarbonate, polarized polycarbonate, polarized photochromatic, and richly tinted CR-39 material. This provides a greater degree of choice, allowing the end-user to pick the look that feels right for them and performance that's best for their environment. Altrec.com offers both the popular Spy McGrath and Cooper models in all three lens options.

Spy doesn't conclude their quest for impeccable quality with their optically correct lenses. They produce some of the finest frames available, frames that feel incredibly solid and easily withstand daily use. Of the many Spy sunglasses in Altrec.com's line-up, most models feature glossy propionate frames. This dense material feels smooth against the face and is a perfect match for the sturdy metal hinges used on all models. A fine example is the 8 barrel hinge on the Spy Griffin sunglass that moves smoothly, without the slightest hint of play; giving one the feeling that these functional and fashionable sunglasses will last much longer than a summer or two. Some models, including the Spy Mode and McGrath offer a wire core inside the propionate temples for a custom fit.

Of special interest to the sports enthusiast both the Spy Scoop® HS and Espada models feature Scoop® technology, small venting passages placed immediately to the outside of each lens. These tiny holes provide just enough air circulation between the lens and the eye to prevent annoying fog-up, without feeling like a chilly draft.

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