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Spyder Jackets - A Favorite Choice Among Ski Families
European ski alpine jacket designers have a good reason to be arachnophobic this ski season. After thirty years of expansion and consecutive years of record-breaking sales for ski clothing and outerwear, Spyder was recently sold to Apax Partners to help meet the increasing demands of skiers and mountain sport enthusiasts. Considering that Spyder is or has been the official jacket and race suit supplier for the US Ski Team, the Canadian Ski Team and the Austrian Ski Team over seventeen years, it's easy to understand why a mix of recreational and racing skiers consider their jackets and ski pants to be the best in the outerwear industry.

Spyder Jackets are not made to fill fashion niche demands in the outerwear market. Founder Dave Jacobs is an accomplished international skier and former Canadian Downhill Ski Champion. Most importantly, he was a father of two racing youngsters when he realized that he could make a better skiing sweater than any skiwear currently available. Dave Jacob's attention to excellence and ski functionality continued as he applied the same approach to ski pant and later ski jacket designs.

Despite Spyder's role as a supplier for international ski teams and a proprietor of groundbreaking SpeedWyre men's and women's racing suit technology (so effective that it's now banned by the FIS), this outerwear company remains a favorite choice among ski families who race and vacation together in the mountains. One of the key reasons that tech-savvy kids prefer Spyder jackets over other outerwear is that many of the jacket designs feature exactly the same ski and mountain components found on the adult ski jackets. If there's any difference in design, it's in the amount of ski jacket insulation (most kid's ski jackets offer more insulation than men's and women's ski jackets because a child's body core mass and thermal profile is smaller and potentially more vulnerable to cold conditions). Spyder Jacket designs like the Kyd's Rival, Leader and Challenger offer the same removable hoods, goggle compartments, music player pockets and other cool components found on full-sized ski jacket designs. Kids will also tell you that Spyder ski jackets look way cooler than most mainstream ski outerwear on the slopes. Judging by sales and record-setting demand, they're right.

See for yourself in our collection of kid's and adult's Spyder jackets today.

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