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camping equipment

The best and most memorable camping trips rely on great gear and reliable camping equipment. That's why offers an extensive supply of tents, chairs, lanterns and sleeping bags and pads for your camping vacation to destinations near and across the world.

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A key advantage camping has over hiking and backpacking is that you don't have to carry everything further than from your car to your campsite. Weight isn't a huge issue while camping, so opt for sturdy tents, functional stoves and comfortable foam sleeping pads. Depending on the size of your family and your site preferences, large multi-room camping tents with fabric room dividers are excellent for privacy and for those who prefer to read or tie fly-fishing flies late into the night. Paha Que specializes in big family tents with far more headroom than backpacking tents, although Sierra Designs also features an affordable six-person tent that's hard to beat for summer sleepovers.

Other important camping accessories include bright lanterns, comfortable sleeping bags and coolers for storing perishable food and other supplies. For longer stays in remote regions, consider a portable solar shower and even a camp toilet or portable outhouse. NRS offers an extensive selection of cots, tables, counters and chairs. Both Paha Que and Phillips Products offers complete toilet systems, although Phillips Products tends to specialize in creating products that service large groups.

Because weight and storage space are not limited to what you can carry on a backpack, consider buying a dedicated rectangular sleeping bag for camping like The North Face Allegheny Bx. If you do most of your camping in the summer months, thermal ratings and loft are not a concern and you can choose from a wide selection of affordable and even discounted camping sleeping bags on sale. Another key consideration is a foam sleeping pad. Both Exped and Therm-A-Rest offer an extensive selection of sleeping pads, although you don't have to limit yourself to the lightest designs for the trail. Consider big, plush foam mattresses and pads that can enhance the insulation beneath your sleeping bag and minimize cold and moisture from the ground.

Because camping requires fewer specialized skills and less stamina than backpacking and mountaineering trips, consider the possibility that you might be hosting a larger group of people for campsite dinners and breakfasts. One way to get food to the picnic table quicker is with a multi-burner Coleman camp stove or even an assortment of liquid fuel stoves paired with multiple camping pots and pans. Because your car or SUV is hauling the cooking gear off into the wilderness, you can opt for larger capacity serving dishes and even metal cutlery and utensils. Review camping recipes before you pack and make sure that you have all of the ingredients packed in your car with you. Outdoor Research has a wonderful and affordable Backcountry Kitchen system for keeping cooking spices and other ingredients organized and protected from moisture. MSR also offers an extensive selection of utensils and lightweight tableware for camping and backpacking.

Of all the assortment of camping equipment and gear, one of the most affordable and most overlooked is a reliable Petzl light with fresh batteries. Because campers spend most of their time enjoying the wilderness during the daytime, it's easy to forget this basic and important essential--and it's certainly no fun sitting in the dark while others take your only flashlight out to answer the call of nature. Pick up a couple of flashlights and don't buy the cheap batteries, use alkaline instead. No matter where you're headed, create a detailed camping list of essential gear and equipment for your trip before you go. The extra thought and preparation will make your camping trip more enjoyable for you and your guests.


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