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Smith Collective Sunglasses 122748 37% off Smith Collective Sunglasses $74.95 $119.00
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Smith Pavilion Sunglasses 85655 37% off Smith Pavilion Sunglasses $74.95 $119.00
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Smith Chemist Sunglasses 85476 37% off Smith Chemist Sunglasses $74.95 $119.00 2 Reviews Smith Tactic Sunglasses 158646 33% off Smith Tactic Sunglasses $79.95 - $118.95
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Smith Soundcheck Sunglasses 186987 30% off Smith Soundcheck Sunglasses $55.95 - $84.95
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Smith Chief Sunglasses 122746 30% off Smith Chief Sunglasses $167.27 $238.95
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Smith Men's Royale Sunglasses 208913 30% off Smith Men's Royale Sunglasses $97.95 $138.95 Smith Brooklyn Sunglasses 126348 29% off Smith Brooklyn Sunglasses $83.95 $119.00
Smith Stronghold Sunglasses 158645 30% off Smith Stronghold Sunglasses $97.95 $138.95
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Smith Gibson Sunglasses 122749 29% off Smith Gibson Sunglasses $83.95 $119.00 Smith Rambler Sunglasses 108954 29% off Smith Rambler Sunglasses $84.95 $118.95 Smith Maverick Sunglasses 42572 25% off Smith Maverick Sunglasses $149.21 $198.95 2 Reviews
Smith Tenet Sunglasses 108950 25% off Smith Tenet Sunglasses $149.21 - $179.21 1 Reviews
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Smith Terrace Sunglasses 158647 25% off Smith Terrace Sunglasses $89.21 $118.95 Smith Showdown Sunglasses 158643 25% off Smith Showdown Sunglasses $126.71 $168.95
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Smith Lineup Sunglasses 158639 25% off Smith Lineup Sunglasses $126.71 $168.95
Smith Women's Jetset Sunglasses 158638 25% off Smith Women's Jetset Sunglasses $89.21 $118.95
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Smith Women's Aura Sunglasses 122747 25% off Smith Women's Aura Sunglasses $134.21 $178.95 Smith Pivlock V90 Max Sunglasses 85666 20% off Smith Pivlock V90 Max Sunglasses $111.16 $138.95 2 Reviews Smith Forum Sunglasses 108953 15% off Smith Forum Sunglasses $101.11 $118.95
Smith Serpico Slim Sunglasses 126351 15% off Smith Serpico Slim Sunglasses $101.15 $119.00 Smith Serpico Sunglasses 42562 Smith Serpico Sunglasses $119.00 4 Reviews
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Smith Sunglasses Cleaning Kit 210701 Smith Sunglasses Cleaning Kit $6.95 Smith Dover Sunglasses 210700 Smith Dover Sunglasses $209.00
Smith Lowdown Sunglasses 210702 Smith Lowdown Sunglasses $70.00 - $100.00
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Smith Edgewood Sunglasses 210670 Smith Edgewood Sunglasses $70.00
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Smith Dolen Sunglasses 210664 Smith Dolen Sunglasses $209.00 Smith Approach Max Sunglasses 210698 Smith Approach Max Sunglasses $159.00
Smith Lowdown Slim Sunglasses 210696 Smith Lowdown Slim Sunglasses $70.00 Smith Pivlock Overdrive Sunglasses 210686 Smith Pivlock Overdrive Sunglasses $199.00 Smith Townsend Sunglasses 210650 Smith Townsend Sunglasses $70.00 Smith Women's Shorewood Sunglasses 186993 Smith Women's Shorewood Sunglasses $119.00
Smith Outlier Sunglasses 186988 Smith Outlier Sunglasses $80.00
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Smith Mastermind Sunglasses 186989 Smith Mastermind Sunglasses $80.00 - $119.00
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Smith Parallel Max Sunglasses 52712 Smith Parallel Max Sunglasses $129.00 3 Reviews Smith Parallel Sunglasses 52711 Smith Parallel Sunglasses $129.00 1 Reviews
Smith Pivlock V2 Max Sunglasses 158641 Smith Pivlock V2 Max Sunglasses $159.00 Smith Women's Rosewood Sunglasses 85660 Smith Women's Rosewood Sunglasses $118.95 1 Reviews
38 items

Buy quality sunglasses now and forever. After a long life of looking good in the sun, you'll be thankful you threw down for the right sunglasses time and again. What seems like a steep entry fee is actually a critical protection mechanism for one of your biggest assets - your eyes... all for the price of a pair of shoes.

Altrec carries a long list of sunglasses that will protect your eyes at every turn. Whether moving vertically up a wall, or horizontally down a beach, we have style and technology heavy brands at competitive prices.

Regardless of endeavor, the overlap in the sunglass category is massive: most brands, like Spy sunglasses and Smith and back-from-the-dead Ray Ban sunglasses, boast technology and style that works for athletes and backyard barbecuer's alike.

Top-tier brands like Oakley Sunglasses have developed incredible technology inspired by those that live extremely. Luckily for mere mortals, we benefit from that technology - all Oakley's are durable, lightweight and each is fitting with an optimized precision-based sunglasses lens.

The Oakley effect is omniscient: to get a seat at the sunglass table the technology must be deep and the style wide. We like that.

Looking for streamlined sports specific sunglasses? Check out men's sunglasses from Julbo, Native and Smith or choose women sunglasses from Fox or Arnette. But you don't have to look like Lance to get the goods. Case in point: The VonZipper Elmore is straight hipster style backed by protective technology: 100% UV protection and impact resistant polycarbonate lenses - all for a bill.

If the budget is tight, stretch that dollar with polarized sunglasses from Anarchy, Ryder and Suncloud. Cheap sunglasses we don't do, but many of our brands have inexpensive sunglass options loaded with upside.

And even those we didn't call out by name, all bundle style, technology and price:

We believe in good sunglasses and so should you. Buy quality sunglasses from Altrec and we will guarantee them for life. Take care of you eyes and we will take care of the shipping.

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