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Teva made their name by pioneering the sport sandal market. Today, Teva shoes are a respected and full category in their own right. They offer a diverse line of men's and women's footwear to meet your lifestyle needs including:

Building on their rugged sports sandal program, Teva has moved into designing lightweight hiking shoes. Their line focuses on day hiking styles and comfortable walking shoes. They are lightweight all-purpose outdoor shoes that are as comfortable for a full day of walking around town as they are at home on the trail to your favorite waterfall. Teva uses the best materials available including:

Teva is working to redefine what you imagine when you think water shoe. Sure, they have sandal-like options that you may recognize, but they are also designing fully closed styles with what they call Drain Frame technology designed for wakeskating. Between these two styles, you will find the classic neoprene and rubber Sling King kayak shoe and the Churn, a do-it-all water shoe, for men and women. The Churn is best described as lightweight hiker meets water design. Teva merges tough synthetic leather and mesh with sticky rubber and water drainage channels. The result is a comfortable and functional sneaker that plays well, wet or dry.

You know you can trust the Teva name for quality and function footwear.'s customer service crew is here to help you get the right size and style.

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