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4 items

When you find the best snowboard binding you’ll know it after one run. It will be more of a sensation of what isn’t there than what is. You should feel a flawless connection to your board without any shifting, pinching or squeezing. You should be able to depend on your binding to hold it together when you’re 3 miles into the backcountry and stomping a landing off a huge kicker in the middle of the most epic pow run of your life. Union Binding Company snowboard bindings have been building a strong following for the past eight years. The history of Union Binding Company is a strong one, beginning with their very first elite binding that was completely bombproof. That first model produced zero returns for warranty issues. And so it began, they had the perfect base to build on. From there they’ve been improving, modernizing and lightening up their bindings each season.

Union snowboard binding reviews reveal trust and passion for the brand, along with enthusiasm for their vivid styles and designs. Union bindings are designed for minimal board contact, reducing the deadening effect bindings can have on your board. They also come with Universal Mounting Discs so you can mount them on any board with a traditional 4x4 mounting system, the 3-Hole system, and even on Burton snowboards with The Channel.

Union does not have a huge catalog, they only make a few bindings and they make them REALLY well. Altrec is stoked to be an Official Online Union Snowboard Binding Dealer, and our buyers have picked out a nice selection of bindings to have your needs completely covered.

Check out a few of our favorite Men’s Union Snowboard Bindings:

If you’re a lady shredder and want to experience the best Women's Union Snowboard Bindings, take one of these beauties out on the mountain this season:

Need to figure out which size to buy, or if your snowboard boots will fit in Union bindings? Take a look at our Union Snowboard Bindings Size Chart:

S/M (Contact Pro Bindings and Contact Bindings): US Women 3-6; US Unisex 2.5-5.5
S/M: US Women 5.5-9; US Unisex 5-8.5
M/L: US Women 8.5-11; US Unisex 8-11
L/XL: US Women 11+; US Unisex 10.5-14

S: US Women 3-6; US Unisex 2.5-5.5
M: US Women 5.5-9; US Unisex 5.5-8.5

Y: US Women 3-6; US Unisex 2.5-5.5

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