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Coming from humble 1966 California roots, which began with the inauspicious sale and custom production of Vans classic shoes for 12 customers, today Vans sets the standard as the premier manufacturer of shoes and clothing for the young and active Core Sports consumer. Specifically designed for today's extreme sports culture, Vans snowboard boots and skate shoes are the footwear of choice among elite athletes around the world. VANS-sponsored athletes, who are some of the most talented and colorful personalities in snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing, and BMX endorse and help design Vans products; providing a bond with the consumer that is strengthened by credibility and authenticity.

Riding the 1970s skateboard craze and 1976 BMX movement, in the 1982 hit film Fast Times at Ridgemont High, which featured the California surfer dude Jeff Spicoli played by Sean Penn wearing a pair of Vans checkerboard classic slip on shoes, Vans skyrocketed on a culture trend. The film made a star of Penn and launched Vans nationwide, bringing Vans authentic shoes to department stores and independent retailers everywhere. Spawning a variety of licensing agreements, the Vans slip-on craze took on sunglasses and notebooks, and then came to embrace specialty sports footwear; developing baseball, football, umpiring, basketball, soccer, wrestling, boxing, and skydiving shoes.

Through event sponsorships, like the Vans Triple Crown at Sunset Beach, Hawaii that features Vans Surf Team riders John Florence, Pat, Tanner and Dane Gudauskas tackling 15-20ft+ surf at the O'Neill World Cup, and a chain of dedicated Vans skateboarding parks (launched in 1998), Vans continues to forged a unique niche in the booming youth sportswear market. For over 40 years Vans footwear has been at the heart of core board scene. From the classic Vans canvas shoes to their technical skate shoes, Vans footwear defines individual style while still pushing the limits of the culture world. With Vans diversified clothing and shoes product line, unwavering commitment to the latest trends, highly publicized event sponsorships, and popular skateboarding facilities, Vans continues to be in the thick of things into the 21st century. Stay true to the culture and step into a pair of Vans.

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