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Passion. Youth. Culture.

Volcom was born out of passion. Passion for riding, passion for youth, and passion for selfexpression. Be it surfing, skating, snowboarding or just plain ripping, Volcom emerged in the 1990's as the ultimate street brand, and has never looked back. With the Volcom clothing line constantly growing to include Volcom jackets, Volcom pants, Volcom boardshorts, Volcom shoes and more, the brand continues to evolve as the ultimate in rideable wear.

With a huge demand for Volcom clothes and accessories that look as good as they feel, this company succeeds in tapping into the culture of surf, skate and snow. Since 1995, Volcom has commissioned aspiring artists to express themselves through a unique line of "Featured Artist" products. This line seamlessly blends style, art and youth culture into items such as Volcom hats, wallets and shirts, integrating their passion into product.

That's not all, Volcom strives to stay fully immersed in the culture they promote, and in doing so they inspire many young athletes to keep riding by championing free competitions for kids who don't have the resources or ability to be sponsored. In this way, Volcom gives back and creates new opportunities for kids to compete and grow their skills. For more information about Volcom's "Let the Kids Ride Free" program, visit Volcom Online.

Standing out as the brand that creates and inspires, Volcom is the source for clothing that does it right. Unique, creative, pretension free, Volcom sets the standard for inspiring self-expression through style and sport.

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