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We are used to seeing big, long Volkl’s in the hands of European podium denizens at the World Cup and the Olympics every four years. Volkl has been at the front of the ski racing pack for years. Volkl made its first skis in 1923, but jumped into the racing scene head first in the 70’s. Their technologies, materials and pursuit of perfection shot them to the top where they have stood ever since. We can thank Volkl for applying that winning technology to the rest of their product line, including carving, free ride and telemark skis and snowboards. Performance is not a privilege just for professionals.

Volkl’s engineering and materials sets them apart from the rest´┐Ż

Engineering & Innovation: Motion System: Volkl and Marker introduced the Motion System to allow skis and bindings to become a functional unity and will give your ski boots greater direct contact with the skis. This allows for direct transfer of energy from the skier, through the bindings and into the ski. When the skis and binding become one entity, the full flex of the ski and elasticity of the binding area are not compromised (as is the case with traditional systems). The result – better edging + better stability < better skiing.

Gripping Technology: to link turns harmoniously will often hinge on your ski’s ability to transfer your energy over the entire edge length. And this ain’t easy. Volkl uses the Double Grip principle 2 they double the height by adding a second wood core that sits on top of the edges and stretches the entire length of your ski. Double the height, double the leverage, double the edge grip. This design makes for an unshakable ski, at any speed.

Materials: In a Volkl world, what the ski is made from is just as essential as the technology. That’s why every Volkl skis has held to the tried and true — WOOD CORE. Wood is adaptable, flexible, responsive and stable. No other active material will feel as good under foot, we guarantee it. Volkl uses different sizes, lengths, widths and types of wood to create skis for various conditions. Carving at high speed, bouncing through the bumps or linking turns off piste, the wood core is specific to ski type. They’ve been tested, again and again, year after year – nothing beats Mother Nature.

At Altrec.com, we carry a bevy of Volkl products. From skis to jackets to luggage, you will find the best of Volkl. We carry advanced, intermediate and free ride Volkl skis. Read in depth product descriptions and customer reviews that will get your briefed quickly so you can get on your way. We guarantee every Volkl product we carry. If you are not satisfied with your Volk purchase, send it back to us for a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

Volkl: coming soon - Summer 2014

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