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Zeal Optics was borne out of a frustration with the current optics market. As professional athletes, founders Michael and Wink Jackson simply couldn't find eyewear good enough to meet their performance demands. Ten years and running, the Zeal Optics team has brought home numerous awards for innovation, intelligent design and outstanding durability. Case in point: Outside Magazine handed Zeal a Gear of the Year award in 2006. True to their name, the folks at Zeal bring a little something extra to the game.

Enough of the sunshine, lets look at what puts Zeal at the front of the pack.

Materials: Zeal is the only company that uses only PPX Polarized & Photochromatic lenses. Umm, that means you get a mutli-layered lens that actually changes from dark to light depending on changing conditions. Translation; you spend more time riding and less time dealing with your goggles. And they're burly - Zeal backs up their goggles with a lifetime warranty and Crash Replacement Program.

Function: 'No-Fog' lenses. Seriously. Zeal infuses an anti-fog agent into the inner lens material during the production process. It won't wipe off or degrade over time. It's what you get when you choose Zeal. Again, more time to ride, less time to deal.

More Function: They use a pliable, lightweight Technothane™ goggle frame that will mold to your face, no adjustments necessary.

Form: Slick, streamlined goggles with attitude - nothing more to say.

At, we recognize what Zeal brings to the table. Their zealous approach to making performance eyewear is inspired to say the least. They design everything in-house in Moab Utah; a nice little testing ground. We carry Zeal's top-shelf goggles in a variety of sizes and lens types.

The PPX Link Snow Goggle has a polarized and photochromatic lens which transitions seamlessly from low light to sunny conditions. Tunnel vision ceases to hassle with the wide vision lens. It is helmet compatible and comes with a protective case gratis.

The Aspect Goggle is new for 2008 and boasts a polarized lens with a tint that reduces glare and enhances overall vision. With the Aspect, changing conditions won't phase your vision. Zeal will throw in an extra yellow lens and protective carrying case 'ta boot. '

Zeal Optics strives to build the best goggles in the industry and at, we strive to bring you the best in the industry. Get you hands on a pair before we sell out. Remember our guarantee, and we will even ship them to you with FREE Standard Shipping available on most orders shipped within the lower 48 U.S. .

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